The Secret Of Success

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur main mission is to unite between ourselves. We need to understand that this is our destiny. This is what has brought us to a science that investigates the nature of the world, the management of the world—to the science of Kabbalah.

As you know, the first book on this subject was written 5772 years ago by Adam. Today, it is up to us to disseminate this knowledge as quickly as possible to all of Europe, and certainly to the whole world. We must show that everyone passes through this process. We began a little earlier; we study it and understand what is taking place. And without learning and understanding, in spite of it all, the entire world is sharing in this.

We have already had the chance to be convinced about this: We are speaking about it today, and in another few years the world begins to approach our ideas and understanding; people here and there suddenly are beginning to say the same things. Although, in fact, nobody used to speak about connection and the requirement for human change and connection between people, today many speak about this. On the Internet network, there is already an enormous amount of material and writing; conventions and conferences have been held on this subject. This message is gradually penetrating humanity, and we are like the “brain” from which this influence comes, spreading signals and waves. These seem to spread below the surface, acting upon everyone.

However, we need to strive to do this much more rapidly, effectively, and consistently. This is our mission. And therefore we, who are found here, and all of our friends all over the world, including those who are not present here and yet are found in this convention together with us, must understand that it was specifically for this that we were led to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

At the time when I came to my teacher Rabash, I found myself around old men. Rabash was more than forty years older than me, and all the rest were around his age. There was nobody there less than 65, and I was 30 years old. I asked him.

– “Exactly what do I need in order to advance?”

– Rabash answered, “You need a group.”

I began to give lectures and to teach; I brought new people, and a group was formed.

– “And what else?”

– “Continue.”

I continued. I wrote books, organized lectures; I was always concerned about expanding the range of people. And so when Rabash saw that I was occupied with this, he transmitted the method of spiritual development to me. I saw this really clearly. Baal HaSulam also writes about what a person needs to do. It was very clear to me that the secret of all of my success in the wisdom of Kabbalah is to be found solely and only in dissemination.

It is impossible to reach discovery of the upper world alone since it is discovered through the right cooperation between people. Even though I am an egoist, an individualist in my manner, a scientist, closed in his own room (I am like this even today, my manner has not changed), in spite of all this, I must work with people. Since otherwise, if I had not actually been involved in dissemination, in expansion, in bringing people in, I would not have attained anything, I would not have discovered anything.

You know from all the Kabbalistic sources that nothing is discovered in one person; rather, it is only through his connection with others. This was once a small group. Today, since the world is completely different, an entirely different relationship towards it is required of us: We must be concerned about it; we must disseminate. For us realization of our connection through the method of Kabbalah is the inner work. And we need to disseminate that method in its external form—the method of integral education.

So, our mission is to help Europe to be integral, connected in a mutual form, unified. And our elevation depends on how much we invest in this dissemination, in this education.
From the European Convention in Germany 3/22/13, Lesson 1

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