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What Is The Secret Of Kabbalah?

laitman_216.03Question: If today Kabbalah is open for everyone, then what is its secret?

Answer: There are no secrets in Kabbalah and never have been. The entire problem is only in society’s  possibility of correctly accepting it, adapting to it, tasting it, and using it correctly for its development. There is nothing else.

For example, it is written in The Book of Zohar that of the great Kabbalist Rabbi Shimon’s ten disciples, only Rabbi Aba could correctly expound upon it so that it would be accessible, smooth, correct, and at the same time hidden.

And the measure of concealment must be so special that when you read the Kabbalistic text, it reveals itself to you, and maybe not to your neighbor.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 11/12/17

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Susceptibility To Spirituality

laitman_214Question: Since 1995, Kabbalah has begun its disclosure to the masses. Does this mean that children born after 1995 are at a higher spiritual level than we are, and that they are more susceptible to spirituality? Or are they more egoistic, which makes it more difficult for them to correct themselves?

Answer: It does not matter what egoism they bear, whether it is bigger, smaller, or whatever kind it is. However, each forthcoming generation is more susceptible to abstract concepts than its previous one.

Lower and lower souls constantly descend into our world. But on the other hand, by working on themselves, they reach even greater peaks.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 10/22/17

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The Period Of Concealment In The History Of Kabbalah

Laitman_138Question: If Kabbalah is the method to discover the Creator, why was it concealed for two thousand years, preventing people from using it?

Answer: It was a latent period in the history of Kabbalah, like the Middle Ages.

To us, it seems like nothing happened during the Middle Ages. Development in Europe appeared to freeze, but this was not so. Experts will tell you it was a period of rapid development, but it was internal, hidden. It prepared Europe for all the subsequent progress. Without this preparation, there would have been no cultural or industrial revolution. no Renaissance, nothing.

Question: If our development were not technological, what would it be?

Answer: Our development had to be technological because it was the result of our egoistic development.

Today, this period is coming to an end. The next stage will be spiritual development. We are gradually entering it now. Our recognition of the evil of our current development will lead us to it.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/23/17

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Adam And His Book The Angel Raziel

Laitman_137Question: Scientists believe that in the time of Adam, writing had not yet been invented. Is there proof that the book The Angel Raziel was written by him?

Answer: The book The Angel Raziel was written by Adam in the form of tablets and was passed down from generation to generation. Over the years it has been discovered that Egyptian hieroglyphics were created from the ancient Hebrew alphabet that existed even in the days of Adam.

You can buy the book today, and on its first page it is indicated that according to tradition it was written by Adam HaRishon (the first man), meaning the first person who attained the Creator, not the first man on the face of the Earth.

Remark: As far as I know, only Kabbalists say this since religious people believe that the world began from Adam and atheists don’t believe in anything.

My Comment: Belief in the Creator appeared around 2,000 years ago and atheists appeared only recently. It is necessary to understand where everything comes from and to look at history as it has existed and operated throughout the generations.

If we open books that were written in the 11th century by Kabbalists in Europe, like Maimonides (Rambam) or Rashi, there is confirmed documentation stating that these books were theirs.

The Talmud, which was written in the fourth century, tells about its authors and was written in an understandable language, which we read and speak today. The Torah appeared 1,500 years before the Talmud. Earlier, 3,700 years ago, the Sefer Yetzira (Book of Creation) was written by Abraham in ancient Babylon, and in the year 1600 BCE the “Great Commentary” was written. This information is widely documented and certified and was passed down from generation to generation.

Remark: But there are two types of people that exist in the world, those who don’t believe in anything, and those who believe that Adam HaRishon is the same Adam HaRishon created by the Creator. But they claim that “Adam” was the first person to attain spirituality, is claimed only by the Kabbalists.

My Comment: Kabbalah counts the time of the creation of Adam differently than what is customarily accepted. The creation of Adam is the appearance of the feeling of the Creator within us, and only when we attain the next higher level of our existence can we be called Adam. Before that, we exist on the animate level.

Human beings were in the world tens of thousands of years before the birth of Adam, who also had parents and relatives, but he was the first to attain the hidden forces of nature, and since he discovered his roots, he was called “Adam,” resembling (Domeh) the Creator, because attainment of the Creator made it possible to resemble Him to a certain extent.

Question: I read Adam’s book and did not understand anything. What does the book The Angel Raziel by Adam describe?

Answer: It is necessary to learn the wisdom of Kabbalah to understand what is written in the book. This is not a simple book; its language is complicated to understand, even though we speak this language today. It does not change because it only has spiritual roots in its foundation. Also, since the spiritual forces that manage our world have not changed for thousands of years, the language and laws of its grammar remain the same.

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Why Are There So Few Kabbalists In The World?

laitman_750.03Question: Why are there so few Kabbalists in the world?

Answer: To discover the upper world, a Kabbalist or two are enough, and after that a few dozen more, and others must adhere to them. Everything descends and moves downward in a pyramid.

Today, those who methodically study the wisdom of Kabbalah in our world community are enough to be ready to bring the upper Light into our world. What remains is only for the rest of the world to join us somehow.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/3/17

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Instructors For A Future Society

laitman_939.02Question: In the social doctrine Baal HaSulam wrote over 70 years ago, it says that a small part of humanity must raise the moral level and create a society in which there will be one religion, a religion of bestowal. These people will disseminate it to the whole world and all the rest will be considered as culture.

Can you give a prediction about when this small society of a few thousand or some tens of thousands of people will be created?

Answer: To create a correct society that will manage itself and the others, a person must be on a spiritual level. I still don’t see people like these. They are gradually being educated today, but they are still not ready for this.

Question: So you cannot concretely name the year of the appearance of that society?

Answer: In the coming year, mentors will still not be ready, even if everyone wanted to unite.

Question: Are your students not guides who are ready to build the new society?

Answer: At the present time they are guides who are only suitable for developing new groups, conducting workshops and the like, but to create communes and societies in which we can work together, complement each other, and exist above the general egoistic rules, we still don’t have guides or a mass that can be organized in this manner for these communities.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17

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When The Generation Is Unworthy

Laitman_051Remark: Baal HaSulam wrote that the desires of people would begin to develop toward spirituality during the period he lived in.

My Comment: If they told me twenty years ago that I would give lectures all over the world, I would certainly not have believed it.

Question: Would it have been possible to see this according to its spiritual roots?

Answer: It would not have been possible to such an extent.

Question: Can you see what will happen in another 20 years? For example, instead of 120 groups, will you have 220 groups?

Answer: This doesn’t depend on me. Baal HaSulam also wanted to do everything quickly; but he did not succeed. They even forbade him to publicize his books. But he still hoped he would be able to print and publish them.

Remark: It is amazing that Baal HaSulam, such a high-level Kabbalist, believed that his generation was unworthy of these books.

Answer: He understood that the generation was unworthy because they forbade him to publish his books. And we are progressing in spite of everything and we even have another level of dissemination. We can advertise in newspapers, we have our own voice on social networks and so forth. But still this is not enough.
From the Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 12/24/2017

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Who Reveals The Secrets Of The Universe?

laitman_548.02Question: Man has been endowed with a mind in order to think abstractly. When he starts studying the spiritual worlds, he can either materialize all of this or hover in the clouds. How can you take students who are unprepared and explain the secrets of the universe to them?

Answer: First, your statement is not entirely accurate. What do you mean by “students who are unprepared”? Newcomers are always unprepared and need to be educated.

Secondly, what secrets of the universe can I reveal to them if they don’t understand anything about that? If, for example, I were to take a tenth grader and sketch the structure of a nuclear bomb for him, would he be able to build one? Millions of people have worked on this for many years. We see how difficult it is for any nation to produce such a bomb, although the principle is well known.

Question: Suppose we study the “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” which has sketches and the structure of the spiritual worlds?

Answer: But this needs to be explained gradually. There is nothing mysterious in Kabbalah. The “Preface” talks about the interaction of forces—the force of bestowal and the force of reception—and the connection between them. Generally speaking, the method is very simple to study and understand. It is difficult for a person to perceive and implement. That takes years.

Question: So if a newcomer comes and listens to the “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” including sketches of the worlds and Partzufim, is this normal?

Answer: It does not matter. It is intended for everyone, with no exception. Nothing is concealed. It’s just that for now, the person does not understand Kabbalah because he still hasn’t reached these truths. There is a specific internal threshold within which it interests him, and outside which it doesn’t. And to the extent it interests the person, he understands everything.

There are people who study with us, say, for ten years, and only after ten years do things fall into place all of a sudden and he starts thinking and perceiving differently. Then a few years later they fall into place again. He seems to be hearing the same things, but the channel of perception opens up.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 9/24/17

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Wishes For My Students For The New Year

laitman_539Before us is a wonderful year—a year of further human awakening. I ask you to prepare yourselves to be its teachers. It depends on you.

You will look ahead, you will learn how to approach people correctly, how to properly explain to them what nature is leading us to, what we must do take advantage of this moment, this situation correctly, to rise to the next higher and eternal level of nature.

By leaving the framework of material life, we will begin to feel an eternal and perfect life and exist on a spiritual plane where our lives are no longer evaluated according to the state our body feels.

We must reach this state and explain to all people that the wisdom of Kabbalah is leading us to this state. Let us reach this state together. We do not need to change anything or limit ourselves in any way. We need only one thing—to establish the right connections between us and then within them, precisely in the spaces between us, we will begin to discover the higher state.

I wish you health and tremendous mutual love between you so that we will spread our warmth throughout the world, and the whole world will come together around us, and all of us will rise together, like on a magic carpet, to the next level.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/24/17

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The Development Of Kabbalah Along The Axis Of Time

laitman_573.01Question: How did the language and methodology of Kabbalah change depending on the stage of development of humanity? Kabbalists wrote in a language that cannot be comprehended.

Answer: Actually, for centuries Kabbalists wrote only for people like themselves. No one was engaged in popularizing Kabbalah.

If we look at the developmental process along the axis of time beginning with Adam until the end of all development, a very interesting structure forms from the year zero to the year 6000.

During this period there was growth of egoism. First, Adam revealed the spiritual methodology, after him, Abraham and Moses did. Then, the First and the Second Temples were built and destroyed.

And now begins the rise toward the Third Temple.

Until we come to the point of ascent (“We” in the drawing), all development was automatic, according to the initial command. There was nothing unpredictable.

Only from the point where “We” are begins the correction. And all the time prior to that was the period of shattering and preparation. That is why, all that occurred prior to our time was known to absolutely all Kabbalists, without any surprises.

And only starting from our time does freewill emerge and the dissemination of Kabbalah begin for all of humanity. People start to become enlivened and to connect themselves and their future with the methodology of correction.

From the current state of the world, it becomes apparent that the world’s correction is possible only by strengthening the connections between people. It turns out that the methodology that gives us the opportunity to create this connection is now being revealed.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 7/23/2017

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