Why Is Kabbalah Revealed?

214Question: In the Jewish tradition, it was believed that it is forbidden for an unprepared person to read The Book of the Zohar. Is there any danger in this?

Answer: It is forbidden not because The Book of Zohar is dangerous and can harm a person, but because people were still undeveloped. After all, a person and all of humanity evolve over time.

There was a period when humanity had not yet come to the state when it developed a need to enter the sensation of the upper world.

Today this is the case. We exist in a world that we do not know and do not understand. It is this lack of understanding of the world that oppresses us today and leads us to who knows where. We have to reveal the upper world. Therefore, Kabbalah is revealed.

Question: Does a person find a book or does a book find a person?

Answer: Basically, man is an absolutely controlled being. We just cannot know what will happen in the next moment of our existence, but in fact, it is determined. In order to see this in advance, Kabbalah exists.
From KabTV’s “Questions about Kabbalistic Books” 10/22/19

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