The Spread Of Kabbalah

254.02Question from Facebook: Why is Kabbalah openly accessible only now? What is so terrible about it that it was forbidden to do it before?

Answer: When I was a child, we had a large library at home—an entire room lined with bookshelves. As I was growing up, I could get to the higher shelves, take books, and read them. The most inaccessible books to me were my mother’s books on gynecology—they were on the highest shelves. Of course, I wanted to get them, but I could not.

Now you understand that a person must reach only the level that will properly educate him. We start with children’s books, then read junior books, then classics, and so on.

It is a similar process with the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is revealed to a person when he is ready for it. And we reached this only in the early 20th century.

The modern author of the wisdom of Kabbalah is the great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam. We mainly study his works, and we base everything on them and the implementation of his method.

The wisdom of Kabbalah was not waiting for the person who would reveal it, but for the whole generation in which it can unfold. We are that generation.

Question: That is, the “lower bookshelves” can be called the history of humanity?

Answer: Yes. There we developed science, art, politics, war, technology, and mainly religion. And now all of this must undergo a complete overhaul.

Only real, spiritual, altruistic values can be higher than us and give us the opportunity, the strength, and the direction to aim for them.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/17

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