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When Desires Disappear

laitman_565.01Question: What differentiates freedom in the spiritual world and the corporeal one?

Answer: Freedom in the corporeal world is freedom from all our egoistic necessities: food, sex, family, knowledge, power, and wealth. We see that more and more, man wishes to be free from these things.

Question: Is that possible? Can a person be free from the desire for sex, for food?

Answer: Food, sex, and family are three types of animate desires of the physical body. I see that today man is trying to free himself from them. Young people aren’t particularly interested in gourmet dishes, they’re satisfied with a quick hot-dog on the go and that’s all.

Sex is a relative notion for them. According to polls, many people don’t even want to burden themselves with it. Family has long ceased to be a necessity, something that society needs, and society even encourages this attitude.

The animate desires are followed by the human desires: wealth, power, fame, and knowledge. Young people are losing the desire for these things too, relatively speaking. Wealth comes and goes. And not only wealth, everything goes somewhere. Now we are undergoing a period of transition that will soon end, and a completely different value system will be presented to us.

Fame and power always go together, but they have long ceased to be the same thing that they once were with the great rulers. Regarding knowledge, science does not feel by any means that it is the summit of humanity’s ideals, of attainment.

Question: Then what remains?

Answer: Nothing. Values are being reassessed such that nothing from the past remains. The next stage is a search: Is there anything of value in our lives?

Our development unfolds at a rate and in a direction such that all the desires are starting to appear empty to us.

From our new level of development, we see that they are not important, that they do not fulfill us, there are no special qualities in them. Suppose I have a great meal and spend the night with someone. With whom? Anyone at all. All of this is losing meaning very quickly.

Remark: Many people think this way, “I want it, I just can’t get it…”

Answer: A person can get anything. But youth today do not want to waste their time attaining it; whereas, in the past, young people would give up their whole lives for it! Decades of hard work, studies, employment, savings, and everything else, for what?! Now they understand that there isn’t anything that is “worth it.”

Why should I study, work, get married, have kids, and create a family? In order to pass it all onto my children, and they will live the same way? And then what? There is no point to any of these actions. Today people are becoming convinced of that.

Question: Then what is the choice, how do I know that I am on the right path?

Answer: Kabbalah says that a person has to rise above these types of desires, the egoistic animate ones (food, sex, and family), and the human desires, which exist in us in addition to our animate degree (wealth, power, fame, and knowledge). When no desires remain and a person gradually becomes convinced that this is not what matters to him, he is faced with the question: What, then, is the meaning of life? What is it for? I do not want to be forced to be in these desires. Then why should I exist?

That’s when he faces the question about the next form of desire: Is there something higher than this? Is there an ideal that makes living worthwhile?
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/2/17

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“My Lesson Will Drip Like Rain”

laitman_746.02Torah, Deuteronomy 32:02: My lesson will drip like rain; my word will flow like dew; like storm winds on vegetation and like raindrops on grass.

The rain pours from above downward and the dew rises from below upward; in other words, the Direct Light (Ohr Yashar) and the Reflected Light (Ohr Hozer) act so that heaven and earth (the quality of reception and the quality of bestowal) unite and bear fruit.

Fruits are the next stage; the vegetative level begins to manifest after the inanimate matter.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/30/17

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How Can We Verify The Influence Of The Book Of Zohar?

Laitman_137Question: How can we verify that reading The Book of Zohar restores my spiritual connection with the force of the upper governance?

Answer: You can feel it based on the changes in your qualities and attitudes toward others. During all this, you go through a multitude of confused states. You experience a change in various conceptual notions, attitude toward scrutiny, toward revelation, toward understanding, analysis, and synthesis.

I remember going through it myself and I see it in my students: how people become unfocused, they do not have clear perception, understanding, internalization, and hearing. These states signify changes that occur in a person. Kabbalists are aware of these changes and welcome them.

However, a person gradually starts to control such states, he rejoices in them because they signify changes in his level of awareness.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/4/17

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There Is No Homeland

515.02Question: The government of Catalonia wants to gain independence from Spain. What makes them want to break off and divide into small kingdoms?

Answer: This is natural! Today there are, say, 200 nations in the world. If this keeps going, then in the next few decades this number will reach 250 or even 300. I have no doubt about it.

Remark: Futurists say that, on the contrary, people will unite into larger cities.

Response: No, there won’t be any unification! Like in the past, there will be fortresses, city-states surrounded by enclosed fortifications.

There contradictions to unity will be in every country: the north versus the south, the west versus the east. They will divide into clans or any other type of division.

Why does this happen? Egoism grows and demands a separate space for itself. This is why we will revert back to family unity. Moreover, everyone will have their own apartment, a fortress with bulletproof glass. I will sit in my home, open a window, and drones will fly inside delivering me pizza with Coca-Cola and then fly away.

Meanwhile, I will sit at my computer, not wanting to know anything. Leave me alone, this is my turf, this is my kingdom. I depict the most perfect picture there can be, where I am the parliament, I am the governor, I am everything.

Question: So everything has lost its value. There is only me and my egoism, and that’s it? I don’t believe anyone, I don’t want to be around them, I hate them.

Answer: This is the best form of governance!

Question: Is this a real picture?

Answer: In principle, yes. But we won’t reach it, nature won’t allow us to; it has its own plans.

Question: In other words, people will divide, but what will happen next?

Answer: Before this happens, there will be a collapse. If humanity learned from its mistakes, this would go on forever. But nature has a plan that it is always presenting to us, putting pressure on us from its end. Therefore, we won’t be able to annihilate each other.

Question: What will happen then?

Answer: We will be forced to unite! Forced toward happiness with a rod!

If there was no goal of creation, where we practically are already, and if the reverse processes were not coming to us from there, which we perceive as suffering, then there would be chaos. The things that scientists, philosophers and psychologists envision today are all products of their lack of understanding of the goal and the program set by nature.

Thus, even if Catalonia separates now, it won’t do any good. Later all the borders will be annulled anyway. The government of Catalonia will have no one to govern because the people of Catalonia will be completely indifferent to the government and to everything else.

On the other hand, we see the process that is unfolding; people don’t care where they live.

Question: So the concept of a homeland is disappearing, being erased?

Answer: What homeland!? Who or what can be considered a home? The land? But there’s other land everywhere. The people? Same thing. The culture? It is common to all.

Question: From the standpoint of the upper providence, is it correct to get rid of these notions, such as my place, my homeland, I will live here, I will die here, and so on?

Answer: All the nationalities, nations, and governments will be leveled; everything will wither away.

Question: What will I call home?

Answer: A good environment. And that’s all.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 9/7/17

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Spiritual Meaning Of Mitzvot

281.01Question: There is a Mitzva of washing one’s hands. What is this action from the spiritual point of view?

Answer: This action symbolizes the cleansing of a person’s egoistic hands with which he tries to grab everything for himself. By washing them, he as if corrects his egoistic intentions and does not use them anymore. This is called “washing one’s hands.”

Question: That is, if I perform this action in spirituality, it corrects me. What about corporeality?

Answer: In the corporeal world, it is a reminder to a person that he must abandon the egoistic use of his desires.

Question: If a person washes hands with this intention, does this give anything to him?

Answer: Nothing! People should not get confused. As it is written: “You shall not make for yourself a graven image” in absolutely everything.

You can do whatever you want: eat, drink, behave as you please, as long as this is good for people, and then you will come closer to the upper world. The only condition is the rule “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 7/9/17

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