A Sharp Turning Point In History

Laitman_006We live in a rapidly changing world in which a wave of tsunamis, earthquakes, ecological disasters, extreme heat, refugee migration are moving through it.

Today hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East are closing in on Europe, and tomorrow there will be an earthquake somewhere in India and waves of millions of people will surge towards the north from there.

We see that the situation can change very rapidly. Previously it seemed to us that the migration of a mass of people from place to place like this requires long and careful planning. And suddenly we have become witness to how tens and hundreds of thousands of people are rising like a tsunami wave coming from the ocean towards the beach.

Our world is changing before our eyes. We are found within an intensely powerful stream, a stream that drags all of humanity after it and draws it further and further downward relative to the former standard of living that existed, but along with this it is building and giving birth to some kind of new level.

As a result, we are feeling how we are falling into an abyss and the whole world that we are used to is being demolished, the previous life destroyed. However, with this, a new life is being born.

It is necessary to uncover these two trends to understand by what means this drama of the century can be expressed: The destruction and death of the old world and the birth within it of the new world.

That is what always happens in nature and it cannot be otherwise. As long as the previous generation hasn’t died, the new generation will not be born. That is how the seasons also change. There are some who consider what is happening to be death but I see new life. Let’s not think about what was and has died, but about the new that is about to be born.

Humanity is now in the process of labor; this is how it is emerging from the birth canal, through the narrowest passage that is crushing us from all directions. Labor is pushing us from behind and drawing us from the front, obligating us to move incessantly. We are present for the birth of a new level, a new state of humanity.

Through the course of history there were many critical and difficult periods that were really periods of birth. So I look at the future with hope and happiness, even though this is terribly difficult. The new world will not be born as long as half of the old world hasn’t died. We see that inanimate nature is destroyed, various kinds of animals and plants are becoming extinct, and people are dying.

It is not known what will happen to us in conditions of extreme climatic changes and disasters. But this is making the birth of a new kind of life possible.

We are leaving the old era, the old generation, the entire history through which humanity has passed, and we are being born into a new world. So we feel pressure, labor; we are losing all the knowledge that we have gathered, the taste, the culture, the education, the traditions. Even science will be renewed. Humanity apparently will be reborn, all material will seem new.

Love, the system of relationships of couples and the relations between parents and children, everything will be changed beyond recognition. We don’t know towards what kind of world we are heading, but it is possible to guess and predict what kind of a world it will be: How will families look in the future; will we want to give birth to children; will the children remain at home or will they live completely differently?

How will we perceive the world; what atmosphere will there be in society; what kind of culture, education, system of relationships, standards of beauty, what songs? Everything is experiencing a real revolution.

It is still impossible to imagine precisely the picture of the future world, but we can be sure that the world will change completely and it is not in our power to stop this.

The change is derived from nature and draws us into itself, without asking for our permission. The new world must soon be born, so let’s help ourselves to be born in the new world; effort can be made to break out.
From KabTV’s “Discovering Yourself” 9/18/15

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