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A Spiritual Person

laitman_214Question: In our world, the term “spiritual” points to a wide variety of human characteristics, from a subtle and delicate understanding of art to all kinds of possible altruistic activities. From your point of view, who truly can be called a spiritual person?

Answer: A spiritual person is someone who possesses knowledge of the system of management of our world.

The upper world, or the spiritual world, is a system that influences us and totally holds us within its network. We can discover it, but only in tangible conditions. If a person carries out particular actions upon himself, acquiring particular characteristics, then he begins to feel the system of the higher forces and becomes a spiritual person.

Spirituality is a field that is involved with the arrangement of the higher forces that manage our world. It seems to us that this is found somewhere far away, but in fact, it is here next to us, but we simply don’t feel it.

The wisdom of Kabbalah exists to reveal this system to a person. It makes it possible for us to really feel the higher forces such that a person doesn’t merely feel this system, but through it, he begins to manage our world. To the degree that he becomes spiritual, he blends with the system of upper forces so that he can become integrated within the management of creation.

In this manner, the wisdom of Kabbalah is aimed at bringing all of humanity to the possibility of managing our world, our destiny, changing this world, but only through the system of the upper world. So, today we are finding that we cannot do anything with ourselves, with our world, with our lives.

We are in terrible situations. We don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow: Families are falling apart; children are leaving their parents; all the regular trends of society are crumbling; science and culture are at an impasse. Everything is disappearing somewhere, seeping through the fingers into oblivion. People are deteriorating into violence and useless aggression, emptiness, drugs, and meaningless lives.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains this situation of the world to us. On the one hand, it is global, and, on the other hand, negative, nihilistic, and from this, a person will be able to understand that no other escape is left for him to improve his life, to understand what he is living for, to attain the meaning of life, but only through the wisdom of Kabbalah.

So, it is being discovered specifically in our time, whereas for thousands of years it was concealed and was called the hidden wisdom.

Specifically through revealing this wisdom, a person becomes ready to see the world through a system of higher forces of management, becoming ready to be integrated into this system.

When he rises above everything, he attains a feeling of eternity and wholeness. In other words, a spiritual person is someone who manages the forces found beyond the limits of the physical world, even beyond his fate.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/15

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Return Or Die?

laitman_747_01The Torah, “Numbers,” 16:12 – 16:14: And Moses sent to call Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab; and they said: “We will not come up. Is it a small thing that thou hast brought us up out of a land flowing with milk and honey, to kill us in the wilderness, but thou must needs make thyself also a prince over us?”

“Moreover thou hast not brought us into a land flowing with milk and honey, nor given us inheritance of fields and vineyards; wilt thou put out the eyes of these men? We will not come up.”

None of a person’s attributes in his current form are ready to ascend to the level of the land of Israel, to complete love and bestowal. How can the people relate to Moses after the Creator says that those who work that way will die, regardless of the level they are on?!

This is the reason that the children of Israel are angry and complain: “Why have you brought us to this state? You are leading us forward, which means that you are responsible for everything.”

Now they know only one thing: when a certain day in the year called the Ninth of Av arrives, everyone digs himself a grave and lies in it and spends the whole day in it. No one knows in advance who is going to die, but every year 15,000 people die this way.

Thus there is an accurate demand here: I have to ascend above myself, to hold on to the next level where I will already be different and dead in my current attributes, and take on a different attribute, a new one, the attribute of bestowal.

The dead are those who cannot detach themselves from their previous state and therefore when the ascent begins, some are left behind and others rise, cover the graves, and keep on going. This means that they are not egoistic enough, and have not reached the level on which they can die and need to develop onward.

Comment: Does this mean that they will also die eventually?

Answer: They must! It is predetermined. They know they are doomed because it is impossible to live with these attributes, but the next generation will enter the attribute of complete bestowal and unity with the Creator.

The next generation is the transformation of the current generation, its next life. And so they live for it, and grow in it.

Question: Dathan and Abiram say: “We have come out of Egypt, which is a land flowing with milk and honey and we should have come to another land, which is also flowing with milk and honey,” what are these levels?

Answer: The children of Israel come out of Egypt not because they suffered there physically. Corporeal Egypt offered them everything, which means that the ego provided them with absolutely everything.

Now, however, they are in the desert, in the attribute of bestowal, and they receive the manna (MAN) from Heaven. This means that they live only on raising their prayers in order to be corrected and to be only in thoughts about bestowing unto others and caring about them. It is in such thoughts that the people feel the force of vitality and can breathe and advance.

Question: But still, they find Egypt attractive, what bribes them?

Answer: Goshen is the best land in Egypt, so why should they go ahead. It is better to go back! Pharaoh will receive them with open arms and embraces and will give them back this land that is also a land flowing with milk and honey. Pharaoh never shuts the door behind him, and this attracts them back.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/20/15

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Who Can Be A Student?

Laitman_001_01Question: Can I become your student? I became familiar with the wisdom of Kabbalah this year.

I read books, watch your video recordings, and have registered to the virtual course, but I would really like to know how you determine whether a person is ready to become your student. Is it because you can see the person’s level of readiness to serve the Creator?

Answer: A person determines that by himself according to the calling of his heart. If he has a real desire to discover the meaning of life, he has to develop it by his connection with people who study in our courses. Good luck!

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Freedom And Ascent In Spirituality

Laitman_508_2Question: If our brain receives all the orders and thus operates our body, it means that I also receive thoughts about freewill and the wisdom of Kabbalah.

So what does it mean to be a free man if we don’t control our thoughts and our actions? How can a person ascend if he doesn’t receive such orders?

Answer: A person receives everything from the Upper Light and from there his path depends on his connection with the environment and to what extent this connection resembles the structure of the upper level. If it resembles it, he discovers it, etc.

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Doubts Are A Place For Advancement

Laitman_003.jpgComment: If we look at the Torah superficially, it seems that it is only talking about murders, suffering, and struggle between good and evil, and I hear that you are constantly justifying all the rebels: Miriam with Aaron, Korach with Israel.

Answer: These characteristics are constantly rising up within us. On the way towards correction, the discovery of all kinds of egoistic characteristics happens to a greater or lesser degree.

But still they are in conflict between them to awaken a greater resemblance and equivalence with the Creator, to attract greater desires and greater intensity of ascent.

After all, ascent happens both according to the characteristic of the egoistic desire, the “left line,” and according to the altruistic characteristic, the “right line.” So it is necessary to clarify how to ascend in the “middle line” so that we attract the most from the two lines with a connection between them.

Where is this right connection between them found? There are a lot of subtleties here. We study this in the book The Tree of Life by the Ari and, in part, in the book Talmud Eser Sefirot (The Study of the Ten Sefirot) by Baal HaSulam.

But in general, this is a very complex multilevel system, and so there is room for constant doubts. They appear in us intentionally because specifically at the time of these doubts, we have a need to ascend even further above the characteristic to receive to the characteristic of bestowal.

Every doubt makes it possible for a person to resolve it with the help of an ascent above it. So, all of the characters of the Torah are with contradictions and clarifications, since only in this manner is it possible to rise to the level of the Creator.

The entire system consists of ascending above the doubts: I don’t know how to behave, what to do. I ask my egoistic desires, my intellect, my feelings, all of my experience, to weigh all the “pros” and “cons.” Everything is seemingly played out on the stage of a theater. Ultimately, escape happens through an ascent above myself. And this is the advancement.

So we must unite by shutting our eyes; only in this way is it possible to survive and advance forward.

Of course this is not felt immediately because when desires like these arise in me, like Korach and his faction, then I am in a very great internal fragmentation.

It seems to me that I am right. And so only the tiniest characteristic that is left in me, which I discover at a critical moment and can use, raises me to a greater height.

Comment: It is interesting that it is specifically the great Tzadikim (righteous) that commit “sins,” but in the good sense of the word. An example of this is the leaders of the twelve tribes who entered into the land of Israel and saw giants there.

Answer: Only the highest characteristics give us complex situations like these. And after that the ground swallows them or they are stoned or burned; what and how is not important.

This is talking only about the correction of egoism. After all, there are four levels of density of the ego, accordingly there are four methods of its “execution.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/20/15

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The Sin Of Adam Is The Cause Of All Of Our Troubles

laitman_929Question: Why in these days, from the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, is a completely unique atmosphere felt?

Answer: These are days of judgment, and we see this when we look at the events that are happening in Europe and Israel. The world requires our correct participation.

In the days of judgment we need to judge ourselves, our behavior, our deeds, to clarify the cause for all of the failures and the unfavorable fate.

It is always necessary to examine ourselves in relation to the origin, and our origin is Adam HaRishon (the First Man). The sin of Adam HaRishon is the reason for everything that happened after it.

Twenty generations after Adam, one of the great sages of ancient Babylon Abraham began the correction of the sin of Adam HaRishon; he called for all the Babylonians to unite and rise above the mutual hatred, which is called the Tower of Babel that led to a crisis.

Some of the Babylonians heard the call of Abraham and joined him. Abraham taught his students “to love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18), so that love will cover all crimes, over all hatred. So Abraham gathered a group that later evolved into the people of Israel.

These events are directly related to what is happening today. After so many events we have experienced throughout history, we are still in the same situation of Adam HaRishon; we must correct his sin.

The people of Israel were chosen from among all the other peoples for this purpose because they had the desire for unity, spirituality.

These are a unique people possessing a unique desire, a special readiness of mind and soul that can achieve such a unity between them by which the whole world is then united. The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam wrote about this in the article, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar.”

The sin of Adam is the basis of the breakup of humanity, all of its suffering and troubles. All of our problems come from this sin because of which one great desire, one soul, was shattered into a multitude of fragments. In each one of us there is a tiny fragment of the collective soul.

If eight billion people are living in the world today, there is a part of the soul of Adam HaRishon, of Adam in each one of them. So we need to connect with each other so that all of these parts will merge together.

But the realization of this function isn’t imposed upon eight billion but upon the people of Israel. If the people of Israel will correct themselves and unify according to the conditions of “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” then all the nations of the world will automatically be integrated within it.

This is specifically what Abraham taught the ancient Babylonians who joined him and created the people of Israel. They were selected from all of the humanity that existed then, when for the first time the shattering, the first crisis after the shattering of Adam was discovered.

Abraham gathered around him all those who wanted to correct the primordial sin. These were unique people who yearned for the goal of creation, the attainment of the meaning of life, and Abraham taught them the method of connection and unity.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 9/20/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.15.15

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