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At The Bottom Of An Upside Down Pyramid

laitman_220The uncertainty regarding the future is becoming increasingly more prominent in our world. We have developed the most advanced technologies, psychological methods of changing people and society, and tools for managing and confusing the masses, yet with science and all the knowledge of how to manage people, we don’t control ourselves.

After all, we never know what the next day will be, and this is our main problem—man doesn’t control his future and not even the near future, the next moment.

Perhaps we don’t feel the need for this control so much because we have already gotten used to living from one day to the next not knowing what that day may be, but it is actually a great tragedy. After all, if we knew for sure and were certain about how to relate to our future, it could save us all the mistakes we make regarding ourselves and nature. It would raise us to the next level of our evolution.

The question is whether we are capable of it. After all, knowing the future means being certain about life and death, about the way we should educate our children, about what profession we should choose and the family we should create. Knowing the future will enable me to know whether I should get out of bed today or not.

Feeling and foreseeing the future could save us a lot of trouble. We wouldn’t be involved in endless futile and even harmful actions. On the contrary, we would dedicate our time to something useful.

This means that our only problem is regarding the future. We are miserable because we don’t know how to approach this issue. Despite a person’s desire to know the future, subconsciously he holds on to the current moment like an animal. The incompatibility between the feeling that I want to understand and that I cannot humiliates a person and turns him into an even more miserable creature than a simple animal.

A simple animal lives and dies when the time comes. It doesn’t think about life or death, acting instinctively. Simple people also relate to life that way and don’t ask about the future or self-fulfillment. But a person who rises a bit above his daily routine and begins to think about his fate, make plans, and has expectations for the future sees that it is all beyond his control.

Many things a person engages in are about the aspiration of revealing the future a little, of predicting certain phenomena, at least the weather. Psychology, philosophy, economics, and political economics deal with this issue. But eventually all the economic predictions and the infinite graphs are far from reality.

Many unexpected factors suddenly come up: wars and relations between states and people that were impossible to predict in advance. Human history, the basis on which we seem to grow wiser and gain experience, doesn’t help us in any way when it comes to the future. This is even more frustrating and makes the future seem dark and unknown.

We gradually understand how small and miserable we are. Advanced nanotechnologies offer us unprecedented opportunities and the ability to create molecules of everything including food. At the same time, this control is given to us only according to what we already have. The question about the future remains in the dark: Why and for what reason? Even if we can extend our life by 200 or 500 years, our future will remain just as scary as it is today.

When we were kids we used to ask: What is life and death? What is today and tomorrow? But when we grow up we forget these questions; we give them up because of our hormones, studies, and career. It makes no difference how long our life is. The fact that there is something uncertain about it and that the next moment cannot be predicted nullifies my human essence.

This is how we discover that there is a force that is beyond the human force that manages us, human society, and our evolution. Of course we don’t make our own history, as people like to say. There is a program of human evolution that spins more more intensively second by second compared to the evolution of the inanimate, vegetative, and animal nature.

With regard to this plan of evolution, we are as dominated as animals. We simply fulfill all the thoughts and desires that emerge in us at any given moment. We discover them in us according to some upper plan that we are obliged to fulfill.

It turns out that there is some hidden plan in nature that operates on the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and also on all of humanity. At the same time, the plan regarding man is different from the plan that operates on the other parts of nature, and as a result of our evolution, we arrive at the question: “What are we living for?” And animals have no such question.

The question: “What is the point of our life?” is troubling us more and more. I think that this question is already the major question of human society and subconsciously constantly occupies a person with the hope of finding out what he lives for. Or at least a person tries to erase this question from his sight to ignore it and keep on living as he did the day before and perhaps even tomorrow without thinking and torturing his life with the fact that he has no answer.

Our evolution, especially in the last few years, is meant to clarify this question. Humanity is increasingly more attracted to it, and if he doesn’t, man will gradually deteriorate and antidepressants and drugs will become more common, families will continue to break-up, people will lose hope regarding the future and will not want to have children. If there is no clear answer about what tomorrow will be; today isn’t worth anything either! This is the reason that a person will try to spend the day suffering as little as possible, which means that he will take a pill, fall asleep, and end his life that way.

This means that the question about the meaning of life is awakening increasingly more widely among people and demands an answer. After all, in the 70’s, about 50 years ago, humanity developed to such a level that it could theoretically provide all of the individual’s needs. A person could have stopped worrying about his daily bread. If there was a shortage of food somewhere, it was because of the lack of organization. In fact, humanity produces enough food to feed the whole world.

Never in history has this been the case. People always lived like animals, constantly worrying about tomorrow’s bread. If there is a food shortage anywhere today, it is only because we lack the organization, mutual help, and right connections between us. We can actually provide all of a person’s needs, but it is actually in the most developed countries that we see the greatest problems related to people’s lack of desire to be developed.

Everything is in decline: our culture, education, science; there is no renovation in any area. There is no aspiration forward, no motivation. The young generation is a truly miserable generation. After all, we don’t need to fight in order to survive and provide the needs for our corporeal body, but at the same time, we cannot give the human part in us the answer about what the future holds and what we are living for. As a result, the corporeal body isn’t hungry, but the human part has no answer to his question and will not have one. Consequently we descend to the animal level and live somehow. People don’t want to study or work and settle for a small allowance in order to survive.

This trend affects modern culture and modern education. Therefore, if we ask ourselves about man’s place in nature, it seems worse and more miserable than that of the still and vegetative nature and the animals. Man is on the lowest level of all as a result of our evolution.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 2/23/14

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Sukkot: On The Fifteenth Day Of The Seventh Month

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus,” 23:39: But on the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when you gather in the produce of the land, you shall celebrate the festival of the Lord for a seven day period; the first day shall be a rest day, and the eighth day shall be a rest day.

On the tenth of the seventh month we celebrate Yom Kippur and Sukkot begins five days later.

“Leviticus,” 23:40 – 23:42: And you shall take for yourselves on the first day, the fruit of the hadar tree, date palm fronds, a branch of a braided tree, and willows of the brook, and you shall rejoice before the Lord your God for a seven day period. And you shall celebrate it as a festival to the Lord for seven days in the year. [It is] an eternal statute throughout your generations [that] you celebrate it in the seventh month. For a seven day period you shall live in booths. Every resident among the Israelites shall live in booths…

All of the plants that are specified in the verse symbolize special characteristics that a person must attain to fully assemble his spiritual Kli to discover the Creator on the last day of the Sukkot holiday. The spiritual Kli is composed of seven parts: Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malchut. Each one of them matches a particular type of plant: Hesed, Gevura and Tifferet are three branches of myrtle; Netzach and Hod are two willow branches, Yesod is a Lulav (palm frond) and Malchut is an Etrog (citron). When we unite all of these plants together, they embody the corrected states of the seven parts of our soul. So we keep them throughout the festival in a Sukkah, symbolizing the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light) which corrects us.

In other words, if a person gathers all of these characteristics within himself and can already ask for their complete correction and raise the blessings, then the Ohr Makif bestows to him. Certainly this is the result of his inner work and not the physical work. In this manner, throughout the seven days, seven purified Lights enter into him in order, correcting and preparing him for the eighth last day when he leaves the Sukkah. Then the Torah holiday begins, happiness and joy for the soul with the help of the Light called “Torah” finally receives its corrected state.

Generally during the holidays people perform specific mechanical actions. But they all have profound inner meanings and we must at least try to somehow get closer to this understanding.

All of the external symptoms in our world are a result of the actions of powerful spiritual. Anyone can invite them into himself and with their help rise from our world to the upper world, as an automatically rising platform. It commands all the properties we see, hear, and feel in this world.

We live within the beastly physical body; through it we feel ourselves and see only the physical world. But the Torah tells us how to move out of this state that limits us into an image called Adam (Man) and live within it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/18/15

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New Values

laitman_538In any conflict of interests, conflict in different values, offered by one society or another, it is necessary to search for something reasonable that advances humanity. But, if previously there were some scientific, cultural, and religious values for nations, now all of this is gradually disappearing.

The institution of the family has disappeared. What in Europe had been a foundation: parents, children, the older and younger generations, rolling along as a heritage according to the principle “My home – my castle” doesn’t exist any more.

Question: But couldn’t all of this be revived, renewed somehow?

Answer: No, there is no longer anything to do about it; this is a dialectical development. All the previous values have disappeared and it is impossible to renew them or to create them artificially. Certainly both politicians and sociologists understand this.

The one thing that an be done is to awaken in people a question about the meaning of life. But unfortunately, today they are in a transitional level of development so that doesn’t concern them either. They are simply thinking about how to survive.

This is what we see in Russia. In general what to do doesn’t interest people, the main thing is to live safely. But the struggle for a good life is gradually fading. People don’t have the strength to fight for their place under the sun; they are becoming passive. So drugs are gradually dominating humanity.

All of this will continue until a new desire appears in them that will gradually awaken them from their slumber to question the meaning of life.

History knows many such periods, like the Middle Ages when it was necessary for a new form to emerge and lasted too long. This period will not last long now because the preconditions are already appearing for something new. But we must go through this transitional phase from old values to new ones.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/19/15

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We Begin With An Upward Ascent

laitman_938_04 We have reached the beginning of the way upward, toward the completion of correction. We have learned what the chain is from above to below, from Olam Ein Sof through all the worlds, meaning the Ha’alamot (Concealments), intensifying more and more until we have reached this world.

Gradually, all of the Light of Ein Sof and its perfect eternal life is concealed from us, and all of this is so that from here, from below, we begin to rise again, and in this way we discover the upper force, the higher spiritual life.

The Book of Zohar is at our disposal, and only with it did all the Kabbalists connect their hopes for correction, for the good future for us and for the entire world. In The Book of Zohar there is a power to elevate us from feeling the mortal physical life in this world to feel the eternal existence in Olam Ein Sof. The keys for happiness are in one book. The unique power of The Book of Zohar is capable of removing all the obstacles, all the problems, and ward off all human misery.

But it doesn’t work like all kinds of blessings, amulets,mystical miracles and actions. It doesn’t change the surrounding world; it changes me. I am changed in such a way that I see and feel the Olam Ein Sof in the same reality that previously seemed like this world.

It becomes clear to me that the people that I saw before as strangers are parts of my soul and are connected together into one soul. That is how I see them now! We are connected as one soul and are filled with the same Light, eternity, wholeness, attainment and understanding. I don’t even find the solution to the previous problems, but rather, the power to rise to another dimension of life. All of this is thanks to The Book of Zohar.

To push us toward this, the Light that influences us from above is revealed more and more. The informational genes, the Reshimot, according to which we are developed and changed, are discovered in us more strongly as a result of the increasing influence of the Light. Accordingly, we feel worse and worse. After all, the opposition between the Light and the broken desires, the Reshimot, produce in us the feeling of being broken.

Here, we need to precede the blows with a remedy, and we are given the remedy. After all, we came to the wisdom of Kabbalah not to avoid troubles, but because of spiritual suffering; we didn’t feel spiritual fulfillment in our lives. So, we were drawn to the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is not as it is with all of the rest of the world that feels no connection to the meaning of life, neither negatively nor positively. The question about the meaning of life is hidden in everyone, but, externally, the person simply feels that it is bad for him.

So, we must respond to this invitation, the call directed toward us, and make a correction on the spiritual level, on the height of that elevated state that we must attain. We must reach a state where the evil doesn’t push us from behind through blows. Rather, we ourselves elevate the good, the greatness of the goal, the upper force, the upper world, the elevated state, that is ready for us. We must ascend and appreciate it, and we have all the means necessary for this.

We have many friends and groups in all parts of the world, an international organization, a well-organized connection between us. We only need to play this game of life as if all of our lives have spiritual characteristics, with bestowal that is the opposite of our natural ego, as if your lives are sanctified by love that is the opposite of hatred. If we play like this, we grow.

Nothing impossible is required of us: we don’t need to be good. It is known that a person is not able to correct himself. We just must want to be good. This is called our “half-shekel.” The Light adds the second half and completes the correction instead of us. The Light does everything according to the rule that I labored and found, as it is written, “If you labored and did not find, do not believe.”

So, our goal is to invest effort, to want to connect, to play with oneness, and to take all the necessary actions like children who play at being adults and attract the Light that Reforms that causes them to grow. We also want to be big in a qualitatively different sense, correcting our relationship with each other, with the group, and, through the group, our relationship to the Creator.

I must measure the stages of my development. Have I truly begun to feel that the friends matter to me, even egoistically so that I will feel internally that I depend on them and my entire future is with them, that I am connected to them and must be within the group, immerse myself, and dissolve into it?

If I feel that I am approaching this state and begin to feel that I am more and more dependent on the group, then I advance. This is a very gratifying sign that testifies that the Light truly influences me.

After this, when I feel my dependence on the group, I must check as to whether my pleasant feeling is connected to my wanting to give contentment to the Creator. Try it! Does the thought that I want to make the Creator happy awaken warmth and pleasure in me? If this feeling exists in me, then I am aiming correctly through the group to the Creator. That is how the Upper Light begins to build the way upward within me.
From lesson 2 of the World Zohar Convention, Day One 2/5/14

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Cursing And DNA Death

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (forum):In a recent experiment it was discovered that the seeds of plants that were sworn and cursed at didn’t succeed in sprouting. They examined what happened to the seeds from a biological aspect and discovered that cursing and swearing damaged the genetic mechanism of the plant, bringing about immediate death.

“Words can be delivered in the form of electromagnetic frequencies that directly affect the properties and structure of the DNA molecules. These molecules are responsible for human inheritance. So the content of human speech directly affects the human genome. If a person constantly uses profane language, his chromosomes begin to actively transform their structure, and a negative program is created within the DNA molecules. These distortions gradually change the structure of the DNA, and this is transmitted to the descendants of the organism. The accumulation of negative characteristics can also be called a ‘self-destruct program.’  

“Cursing stimulates a genetic mutation effect, similar in intensity to the radioactivity of 1.000 X-Ray films. So a word is a double-edged sword, and the DNA grasps the word and its meaning. With the help of word, speech and thought (speech being the result of thought), the person sculpts his genetic mechanism like a statue. So from generation to generation, destructive processes increase like a snowball, becoming ingrained in the human genome through speech. Along with this, it is meaningless to the DNA whether the speech participant is a living person or a television character.”

My Comment: Everything that exists, not only what we feel, penetrates through infinite lines of connection and dependencies that completely fill the void between all objects. We detect an insignificant fraction of existence and, to an even smaller extent, the connections between its parts. Moreover, we discover an imaginary world that doesn’t exist at all, or more precisely exists only in our imagination. But the essential thing that we must clarify is that all of our thoughts and actions have an immense influence on all the worlds!

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains this to us precisely and so it teaches us in what manner we should behave. This behavior is not according to what we feel, because we feel the imaginary world, but according to what truly exists. So the general rules (bestowal and love), which the wisdom of Kabbalah calls to be implemented, seem imaginary to us.

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