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The Situation In Israel: Balancing Two Forces

laitman_232_06Question: Today many people accept the fact that only the good connection between us will save us from all our troubles. But at the same time, they realize that man is naturally against connection and unity with others. How can we solve this problem?

Answer: There is a method that Abraham developed. He didn’t invent it, but simply studied nature and saw that there is a negative force in it that constantly grows between us and in each of us, our ego; however, at the same time, there is also a positive force in nature that counteracts it.

We need to summon the influence of the positive force to us so that it will balance the negative force and thus enable us to be in a balanced state.

It is impossible to manage the negative force, get rid of it, destroy it, or subdue it, except by adding the positive force to our world. This is the method that Abraham discovered.

Since then, the people of Israel have been using it. Indeed there were good times in our history when we could use the positive force to balance the negative force within us and bring ourselves to a balanced, good, and peaceful life.

But this wasn’t always the case throughout our history. It hasn’t been since 2,000 years ago when we didn’t manage to keep the balance between the two forces; the negative force, our ego, grew which led to the destruction of the Temple.

Today, we are in the same situation. The laws of nature haven’t changed. We need to learn how to draw the positive force in order to balance the negative force. We wouldn’t be able to survive without the negative force because, after all, the entire world exists as a result of opposites: plus and minus, hot and cold, pressure and vacuum,etc.

There are always two opposite forces, and perfection depends on the balance between them. The problem of humanity is that we operate by the negative force only, while the positive force can be attained only through the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method Abraham discovered. We, his descendants, can spur this positive force to balance the negative force and thus bring peace, tranquility, prosperity, goodness, perfection, and wholeness to the entire world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/18/15

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On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 10 “How To Awaken The Stiff-Necked People?“

Laitman_002Question: You call for people to unite, but I see that no one is interested. What can be done if no one wants to hear about it? How can we wake people up?

Answer: It is not for nothing that the people of Israel are called a “stiff necked people” (Exodus 33:3) in the Torah. But there is no choice, we need to continue because if we don’t unite voluntarily, then we will be pushed through suffering. And we don’t want to invite more suffering to obligate us to open our ears and hearts.

Let’s try to persuade people to listen before then. The science of Kabbalah says that unity is the foundation of the formation of our people, the secret of nature and its primary law. Every time that we hear about another terrorist attack, we need to think that it is specifically we who aroused it and caused it through the separation between us.

Kabbalah teaches, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) and “What is hateful to you, do not [do] to your neighbor” (Shabbat 31a), and “All of Israel are friends” (Talmud Yerushalmi Hagigah 3:6), and these are not just nice words.

It is difficult for us to carry them out because separation, distance, and mutual revulsion reign between us. But specifically because of this we must work on it, correct it in ourselves and the entire world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/11/15

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How Can We Change The Situation In Israel: A Universal Problem

laitman_254_03Question: I look at what is happening around me and see that people are in a quiet hysteria, not understanding what to do. How can we convey the essence of what is happening to an ordinary person?

Answer: The explanation must be practical: what can we do to eradicate the root of this problem because it is growing, becoming more elusive, and we cannot deal with it. It may disappear for a time, and then flare up again, but at another level.

Question: It is important that a person understand that everything that happens is global, not a local Israeli problem.

Answer: Indeed, this is a worldwide, universal problem. So, we need to solve it on the level of higher management. And it says everything is in our hands.

If we take the Kabbalistic sources, it is stated very clearly in them the people of Israel are the cause for all the suffering in the world. This is written in The Book of Zohar. It is impossible to argue with it. Over the years, the world is becoming more anti-Semitic.

The Book of Zohar was written thousands of years ago, and it said very simply that all of the troubles come into the world specifically because of Israel! Israel is to blame for the suffering of the world.

Here, it is very important to clarify that, if the greatest and most sacred book speaks this way about our people, it seems we need to clarify this, especially in this troubled time.
To be continued.
From KabTV’s “The Current Emergency Situation In Israel” 10/14/15

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On The Threshold Of A Third Intifada – Part 9 “A Fortified Wall“

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I don’t understand what I can do now personally to stop the terrorism?

Answer: We need to come and study. It isn’t possible to explain the entire wisdom of Kabbalah in a few words. But the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks only about carrying out the general and essential law of nature called, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18). In other words, it explains that all parts of nature are connected together through good and fine relationships that complement each other  and it is specifically the people of Israel who are responsible for this connection.

Question: Suppose I start studying today, will the attacks in Israel continue and will people continue to be killed?

Answer: We have no other means for stopping the attacks other than learning how to love others. Nothing else will help us and the situation will only continue to become more severe. They won’t even let us oppose the terrorism in any way, since the whole world will be against us.

Next time, this wave of terrorism will be much worse. I don’t want to frighten you, but you need to understand that the situation will not change for the better. There is no reason to hope that leaders of the various nations will change and our situation will improve. This will not help, because everything depends only on us, as it is written, “The hearts of princes and kings are in the hands of the Creator” (Proverbs 21:1). So we should examine how we, meaning you and I, can manage the world.

Question: It is interesting that year after year new politicians appear who promise to solve this problem through different methods. But in the end, in the best of circumstances, everything stays as it was, and most of the time it only gets worse. But are you saying that only studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, meaning the method of connection and unity, can help?

Answer: That is how we compel all the rest of the peoples of the world to relate well to the people of Israel. This will influence our neighbors, without explanations and negotiations, and this will appease the mood in every Arab village or in Afula, Nazareth, Jaffa, and Jerusalem.

If we want them to calm down and even more that this, become our helpers and friends, we can do it: we only need to begin to study the wisdom of Kabbalah.

In the book, Shem MiShmuel by Rabbi Shmuel Bornstein from Sochatchov, it is written that” if Israel returns to unity, then hostile forces will have no possibility of harming them, for when they become one person with one heart, they are like a fortified wall before all the forces of evil.”

And this is not just the force of egoistic unity, which we see in this world, as in the Mafia. This unity makes us like the upper force of nature, and thus we gain the ability to influence the whole world.

Thus we assure that all unite and connect. By achieving unity between all the Jews, without any words, we enter into the natural order that also obligates everyone to unite.

Baal HaSulam writes that the people of Israel were created as a link, and to the degree that it corrects itself, it transfers its power to all the other peoples of the world, without a word. It is enough for us to unite amongst ourselves in order to influence the entire world in a good way. And we get a negative response from the world when our people remain separated and haven’t united them.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 10/11/15

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How Can We Change The Situation In Israel: Clarifying And Understanding The Laws Of Nature

Laitman_083Question: This isn’t the first time that the Arab population in Israel is rebelling against us. What should we do? Should we expel them or integrate them in our society, so that they become Israelis?

Answer: Neither. It is only internally that we can change the world so that it will be arranged correctly in the connection between us and the peoples of the world. But we are not doing that. All the anti-Semites in the world are accusing us of that. The problem is that we don’t want to hear them.

They accuse us of being the harmful factor in the world. And we have to understand why this is happening, take note, and sort things out. This is the central point of our problem: we don’t want to listen to the fact that we are the ones creating the problems in this world,  the Jews here in Israel.

We have to understand the laws of the world and how the general system that manages nature works. After all, we are all managed. Nature is constantly leading us forward obliging us to evolve as we transcend from one state to another without even realizing it.

As we are developing new attributes and new perspectives and new mutual relations between us, we change! We think we are changing the world, but actually it isn’t so.

The cart isn’t moving before the horse; the horse is running in front of it. That is, different thoughts, desires, and urges appear in us, and then we change our social relations. This is how it is revealed everywhere.

Therefore, we need to understand what the system that governs us is., then what we have to do will be clear. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of managing the world and it tells us how to correct what is happening in it because everything that happens in the world is the result of our incorrect behavior.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “The Current Emergency Situation In Israel” 10/14/15

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As The People, So Is Their Leader

laitman_281_02Question: In spirituality, Moses is the head and the people are the body. Why is the role of Moses to join the people to him. And if we are talking about a true leader, this is hard work, full of pain, blood and tears.

Answer: In an egoistic world, everything happens completely differently. A leader prefers control and money. And the movement toward the goal seems different.

Read the Book of Psalms by King David in which he praises the Creator or writes about his own insignificance. This is an absolutely different approach.

King David was engaged morning to evening only with the correction of his people and pulling them closer to bestowal and love. He was the central organizer of the people as a unified altruistic whole. His role was to consolidate the entire mass into a single family.

This is a job for all ministers of all government systems, the concern for how to manage an immense mass of the people so they eventually would become closer and feel themselves as one complete whole.

He had the responsibility of facing the upper force, the Creator. What inner tension, what intense internal discipline, to dedicate every moment in life to this without letting go?! It is incredible. This was very demanding, serious work on himself.

After all, here it is necessary to take account of everything: how you sleep, eat, dress, speak, what you do, and where your mind is at every moment. And it should all be only in a constant state of ascent, like a clock ticking, another second, more and more, and it must be ticking always.

If we were ask a person from our world if he would be ready to be a leader like this, he would answer, “No, this is such a lofty duty. I could not even get close to it.”

So, in the past, the leaders in Israel or a prophet were appointed by the Creator; i.e., they were at a level where nothing belonged to them.

But today everything is turned upside down: corruption and greed, just to build a villa or get some island for yourself. In this way, the Creator is showing the people that everything is over; we need to work on ourselves because the leaders who sprout up from the masses today cannot be otherwise.

It follows that the public are the ones who must take on a serious obligation of moral transformation. Otherwise, there will be no results, and the future leaders will be much worse than the present ones.

Remembering the leaders of fifty years ago, we would say they were idealists. To us, that is how it seems it was then. But in fact, they held the same egoistic ideals. But then, the principle, “It is good to die for our country,” prevailed, whereas today only calculations prevail and the rest doesn’t matter.

Now people are beginning to gradually understand that they are in an ideological dead end and they must do something. Even though we have changed who the puppets in government, the police, and the judicial system are , they always will always be the most egoistic and corrupt.

So, the people must change themselves. This  is the only way we can the whole environment that is completely outdated.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/27/15

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.26.15

Writings of Rabash, “Rungs of the Ladder,” “Love of Friends” 

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