How Can We Change The Situation In Israel: Clarifying And Understanding The Laws Of Nature

Laitman_083Question: This isn’t the first time that the Arab population in Israel is rebelling against us. What should we do? Should we expel them or integrate them in our society, so that they become Israelis?

Answer: Neither. It is only internally that we can change the world so that it will be arranged correctly in the connection between us and the peoples of the world. But we are not doing that. All the anti-Semites in the world are accusing us of that. The problem is that we don’t want to hear them.

They accuse us of being the harmful factor in the world. And we have to understand why this is happening, take note, and sort things out. This is the central point of our problem: we don’t want to listen to the fact that we are the ones creating the problems in this world,  the Jews here in Israel.

We have to understand the laws of the world and how the general system that manages nature works. After all, we are all managed. Nature is constantly leading us forward obliging us to evolve as we transcend from one state to another without even realizing it.

As we are developing new attributes and new perspectives and new mutual relations between us, we change! We think we are changing the world, but actually it isn’t so.

The cart isn’t moving before the horse; the horse is running in front of it. That is, different thoughts, desires, and urges appear in us, and then we change our social relations. This is how it is revealed everywhere.

Therefore, we need to understand what the system that governs us is., then what we have to do will be clear. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the wisdom of managing the world and it tells us how to correct what is happening in it because everything that happens in the world is the result of our incorrect behavior.

To be continued…
From KabTV’s “The Current Emergency Situation In Israel” 10/14/15

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