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The Question About Life And The Answer

laitman_214Our sages said: “The study of the sacred Zohar nullifies all kinds of disasters.” In the book, Sha’arei Yisrael it states: “The words and speech of the sacred Zohar themselves connect the person to the Ein Sof, be He blessed.”

And Rav Yitzhak Safrin of Komarno wrote this: “If my people would hear me during the footsteps of the Messiah when evil and heresy increase, they would strive all their days to study The Book of Zohar and the amendments from the letters of Rabbi Nachman and would nullify all the evil decrees and would attract abundance and Light.”

How could it be that one book could rid humanity of all its problems and every individual of his personal problems related to health, family, children, money, culture, and behavior, and relationships between people, countries, and nations?

This arouses lots of questions. How can The Book of Zohar solve all of our environmental problems with inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, i.e., environmental disasters and climate change that we are beginning to feel more and more now?

The Kabbalists from all generations specifically point to The Book of Zohar as having the power to organize the whole world, to restore harmony and peace, to transform us into absolutely different people who relate to each other benevolently, to deliver us from all evil, all wars. It is able to make peace between people and also within a person himself, within his family, within the nation, between rival parties, and to resolve all internal and international conflicts, and also to fix the climate.

It can give an answer about a person’s questions like: “What is the reason for my life?” “What am I alive for?” Apparently this is a subtle problem and we don’t want to acknowledge that these questions nag us. But in fact, specifically all of the problems of modern society are derived from that, both personal and societal problems. It is not clear to us what we are alive for and what we need to achieve in life. We are searching and pursuing something all the time, using one another as an example, but basically nobody knows what to do.

This happens to everyone. There are those who still don’t understand this, but they also encounter the same problem. Subconsciously this question “nibbles at our brain and drops us to the ground.” So we oppose it and do stupid things. We simply try to run away from this question somehow until we “succeed in flowing in the streams of life like yesterday.”

This means that we want to continue with everything without changes, today like yesterday and tomorrow like today, the main thing being not to think that our entire life goes by for nothing and in vain and nothing happens besides ordinary life. Life itself is filled with occupations that don’t bring any benefit and only cause harm to one another.

After thousands of years of the development of humanity, of society, and civilization, we finally reach a unique process, a unique milestone. Humanity is beginning to discover the question, “Why am I here?” This question begins to be awakened in every person and in every society. It is impossible to hide it any more. We must discover it and answer it because we still are not able to escape from it.

So we are destined to contend with great challenges. After all, according to our nature, we still want to run away from this question, pretend it doesn’t exist, and continue living as before. Nevertheless, this question is aroused in every person, “embittering his life,” and subconsciously he tries to do everything not to feel it. The crisis that we are beginning to feel in our time is designed specifically to prevent us from running away from this question and to seek an answer to it.

But humanity will not be able to find the answer to the question by itself. It will discover that the answer is found within us, within those who study the wisdom of Kabbalah and it will come to us with demands. Humanity will come to us with all their bitter and empty feelings and they will demand a solution from us. In other words, they will submit an account to us, will claim that they are suffering because of us, and that we are to blame that things are bad for them!

Together with the awakening of the question about the purpose of life, people will feel that specifically we have an answer and we seem to hide it from them, that is, we are preventing them from reaching a good, happy, and complete life. And in truth, it is our obligation to reveal the answer to them and to be the leaders of this process. We have received the desire to discover the question of life and the answer to it from above.
From the World Zohar Convention, Day One – 2.5.14, Lesson 2

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Secrets Of The Sacred Books

Laitman_137Question: How is it possible to understand what the secrets are in the Torah?

Answer: If we want to understand what the Torah says, you need to start with studying the wisdom of Kabbalah. The wisdom of Kabbalah teaches the method for reading the sacred books. They are called “sacred” because they were written on the level of the upper spiritual world.

So to understand them, we must learn a special language and concepts to know what the words “Adam” (Man) and “soul” mean.

Every word and every sentence in the Torah then will look completely different. It is said that “The Torah speaks in the language of men” (Sifre Bamidbar 112), which means in the “language of the branches.” It uses the words of our world, but is directed toward the roots of everything that is happening, that is, forces that are active in the upper world.

The Torah is called sacred, but in our world there is nothing sacred. Sacred means separated from our world. So, during a wedding, the groom says to the bride, “Behold, you are sacred to me,” meaning distinguished from the entire world and relevant to me only. In that sense, the Torah is also called sacred because it is relevant only to the upper world.

This means that, first of all, we must learn the language in which the Torah is written. Then we will understand all of its stories and see that these are not legends or history. It is a special guidebook that directs us toward a correct perception of reality. The Torah is not talking about events from the distant past but about forces that act on us now.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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In What Way Is A Kabbalist Different From A Psychic?

laitman_281_02Question: In what way is the “sixth sense” that a Kabbalist acquires different from the abilities of a psychic?

Answer: There are some people in our world that are more sensitive than others. And they are called psychics because they can disclose various material phenomena that are invisible to others.

But Kabbalists are not involved with this. A Kabbalist won’t predict the future, manufacture amulets, or give blessings.

He is only concerned with the correction of the entire creation so that the forces that come into our world will act more favorably for everyone. If he were to be concerned about someone according to his choice: yes for some and no for others, this would no longer be bestowal and love for others.

A Kabbalist is concerned about everything being better for the entire world. He won’t allow himself to do something special for his relatives and for himself and forget about the others.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 8/16/15

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The “Mosaic” Of The Earth Is One Of A Kind

laitman_746_01In the News ( “The mineral composition of the Earth is one of a kind. The special distribution of the minerals is not found anywhere else in the universe.

“The original material of the solar system was composed of ten primitive minerals. Later, the planets, their moons and the asteroids of the solar system were formed from them. Now on the face of the Earth there exist more than 5,000 minerals known to science. The scientists traced the evolution of the minerals for 4.5 billion years with the help of a computerized statistical model. The simulations showed that the depths of the Earth are a mosaic of unique elements. The great diversity in the mineral world is explained by the fact that two-thirds of the minerals appeared thanks to the activities of microorganisms. So a complete planetary clone of the Earth will never be found.”

My Comment: Because all of nature, and not only our Earth, are adapted to the specific role for humans!

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