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Expand The Meaning Of Life

laitman_229Question: What would you advise a person who has lost the taste for consumption, science, and culture and subconsciously feels that he cannot find the meaning of life in that?

Answer: I can advise him to invest his energy in the next level of human evolution, to wave goodbye to everyone, get on the train that will take him to a new attainment, and detach from the platform of our world.

On this train he will undergo a serious internal correction and internal changes, and when he gets closer to the next level of existence, he will receive additional vessels for attainment and knowledge.

There are quite a few examples in human history of small kids who found themselves in a forest and grew up among wild animals, after which it was impossible to re-educate them.

They remained animals despite any efforts educate them and they couldn’t even learn human language. They slept and moved from place to place and behaved like animals.

The same thing happens to us. In the current social environment we are like animals and we cannot change ourselves, but subconsciously feel that we cannot remain in it any longer. But how can we leave it?!

Therefore, our task is to create small semi-enclosed settlements that would not be completely detached from the rest of society, but internally would operate according to a different principle of mutual help and connection. Thus people are educated to reveal new attributes of nature that are initially embedded in us but need to be developed.

However, since we were brought up among “animals” and therefore are such, we have to be placed among human beings so that we will become human. This is a great problem, but I think that it can be solved by using modern means of communication. The need for this is indeed gradually being revealed.

Today it is clear to everyone that we can easily reach corporeal satisfaction, but still a person fills a great emptiness inside that needs to be filled, and it is impossible to do so with the means we have. We cannot fill ourselves anymore, not by science, culture, or anything else.

We must understand what we are living for, and not only understand, but also reach the true meaning of life, which is above us and gives us the feeling of a whole eternal existence.

Below that there is only the corporeal existence, life inside the body. So begins the next phase. But first we have to pass through the new “Middle Ages” and only then will we be able to ascend to the eternal state. I cannot say exactly how it will all take place. But it is being born, just as any subsequent formation begins in the previous one.

Comment: You give a fairly optimistic message on the background of the universal despair.

Answer: This hopelessness is correct, positive. It actually provides a person with an urge to continue his evolution. It was the same in the Middle Ages and also before that.

Look at the different eras humanity underwent throughout our history: plagues, famine, migration of nations, climactic disasters, natural disasters, etc. Now everything is happening much more intensively, leading us forward faster. So personally, I am optimistic.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 8/19/15

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The Generation Of The Desert

laitman_747_01The Torah, “Numbers,” 16:1 – 16:3: Korah the son of Izhar, the son of Kohath, the son of Levi took [himself to one side] along with Dathan and Abiram, the sons of Eliab, and On, the son of Peleth, descendants of Reuben. They confronted Moses together with two hundred and fifty men from the children of Israel, chieftains of the congregation, representatives of the assembly, men of repute.

They assembled against Moses and Aaron, and said to them, “You take too much upon yourselves, for the entire congregation are all holy, and the Lord is in their midst. So why do you raise yourselves above the Lord’s assembly?”

The idea is that the leaders of the community wanted to attain the same level that Moses had attained, not to get rid of him.

Midrash Raba, the weekly chapter of “Korach”: What did the Jewish nation attain under your leadership? Because of you life has become much more difficult than in Egypt. We are paying a contribution to the priests and a tithe to the Levites and, in addition to that, the priests receive 24 different gifts from us. What is more every year 15,000 Jews die in the desert.

Isn’t it enough for you, Moses, that you have complete control? Why have you given your brother the post of the great priest! In the meantime, neither of you have any right to declare yourselves as the head of the congregation all of whose members are holy and among which Divinity dwells.

Korah and his men were so furious that they were ready to stone Moses and Aaron.

This is how the internal egoistic rebellion is revealed in a person. Attributes that say that it is possible to attain complete resemblance to the Creator appear, not through the attributes of Moses and Aaron, but in another way that is better and shorter, without any special efforts.

15,000 men die in the desert every year, and it is natural because all of the generation of the desert must die. Only the new generation born there will enter the land of Israel.

Therefore, a person’s desires—called Korah, Dathan and Aviram, etc.—believe that it is possible to follow a different path that is shorter and less tragic. If they begin to manage it, it will be a different path.

In other words, he can bring all of his desires called “the nation” to work more efficiently with the intention of in order to bestow to the entire world and, through them, unto the Creator, as compared to the ideology and the method that he received with the attribute of Moses.

Now, he sees that there is another force with which he can advance and thus begins to have doubts.

Question: What does it mean that 15,000 men die in the desert?

Answer: 15,000 multiplied by 40 years (levels) is 600,000, which means the entire generation. All of the 600,000 attributes must die. There is a complete renewal; the previous level totally disappears.

The slaves cannot become freemen to live in desires that previously were enslaved. Egoism  used to go wild in those desires—hatred manifested, Mt. Sinai—and they could use them to bestow by correcting them from hate to love, but now it is impossible. First, you must undergo states in which you totally annul yourself, and this is a feeling of death.

Korah wanted the generation of the desert to skip these levels and enter the land of Israel. This is a problem we have along the entire way of the spiritual path. The sons of Aaron, Nadav, and Avihu and all the others also wanted to skip this level.

And they would do it if they weren’t afraid of the giants that the spies had told them about. Then, they could have entered the land of Israel immediately. But in order to do so, they had to ascend to the level of faith above reason. But they couldn’t ascend to that level and, therefore, they are correcting it now.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/20/15

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The First Economic World War Has Begun

laitman_547_06In the News ( economy): “The United States made good money in the Second World War selling weapons to all the countries in the world.  It sold to Russian exclusively for gold. …

“Now the situation is different altogether. Wreaking havoc and insecurity around the world, the United States still received a backlash. Something that Americans feared most – a joint war between Russia and China against the dollar. …

“First, China devalued the yuan, which led to the collapse of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index … . Then China began to actively intervene in the currency market, using its reserves. In a short period Peking sold fantastic amounts of US bonds and this has affected the profitability of bonds. …

“In just two weeks, China has sold bonds more than $ 100 billion. On August 24th they have already announced Black Monday.

“In this situation, the United States has to pay more attention to domestic problems and minimize its external presence. …

“A small victorious war to save the ranking Democrat in the elections, the US has not engaged. …

“A World War II with guns and tanks will be gone. Black Monday, August 24, 2015 has become a kind of economic Pearl Harbor, and is likely to go down in history as the beginning of the first world economic war.”

My Comment: This is the way, through two reins of leadership, the left and the right, the Creator is mobilizing humanity to recognize the need to wake up and pay attention, to learn and to study the world in which we are found, and not to play games.

When we understand the world, we understand the need to find a method to change ourselves, to be permanently in a successful situation, resembling nature, the characteristic of bestowal and be in full mutual connection. We will be forced to rebuild the system of socio-economics and religious relationships—this we will have to do in our coming allotted in this world. And after that we will find ourselves in a new world!

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Europe – Back In Babylon

Laitman_727Opinion (Mark Sandomirsky, Psychotherapist): “On the TV screens there aren’t pictures of suffering refugees. In fact, they are backed by the modern technologies for the manipulation of mass consciousness. They don’t just mislead people; they try to disturb their mental balance.

“The mass media are becoming a source of mental disorders, and an instrument of information warfare. War of the 21st century is in the arena of information and economics. Information—this is the arousal of concern and mass hysteria among the population. Economic—obtaining financial gain. And social networks are tools for the global manipulation of information. Do you believe that suddenly hundreds of thousands of refugees ‘spontaneously’ were released from detention camps and crossed several national borders? The refugees are suffering, but hundreds of millions of European citizens are still suffering.”

My Comment: Without a doubt everything is controlled; nothing is happening by chance. Everything is managed, but not by any conspiracy of manipulators, but by the higher program of nature (the Creator) to correct the universal egoism.

But it is not unconscious, as it was during our historical development, but namely due to our awareness that our nature, egoism, is evil will we develop the desire to be freed from it, the origin of all of our suffering, and even to correct it to the characteristic of bestowal and love (altruism).

What is happening in Europe is necessary for understanding the problems of Babylon, which will force us to agree to the correction of the ego, because the suffering from egoistic conflicts will become greater than the suffering from changing the egoistic nature to altruism.

We, humanity, are back in “Babylon” and we must complete the correction of our nature as was proposed to us by Abraham. And this also closes the circle of  Earth’s history.

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