Europe – Back In Babylon

Laitman_727Opinion (Mark Sandomirsky, Psychotherapist): “On the TV screens there aren’t pictures of suffering refugees. In fact, they are backed by the modern technologies for the manipulation of mass consciousness. They don’t just mislead people; they try to disturb their mental balance.

“The mass media are becoming a source of mental disorders, and an instrument of information warfare. War of the 21st century is in the arena of information and economics. Information—this is the arousal of concern and mass hysteria among the population. Economic—obtaining financial gain. And social networks are tools for the global manipulation of information. Do you believe that suddenly hundreds of thousands of refugees ‘spontaneously’ were released from detention camps and crossed several national borders? The refugees are suffering, but hundreds of millions of European citizens are still suffering.”

My Comment: Without a doubt everything is controlled; nothing is happening by chance. Everything is managed, but not by any conspiracy of manipulators, but by the higher program of nature (the Creator) to correct the universal egoism.

But it is not unconscious, as it was during our historical development, but namely due to our awareness that our nature, egoism, is evil will we develop the desire to be freed from it, the origin of all of our suffering, and even to correct it to the characteristic of bestowal and love (altruism).

What is happening in Europe is necessary for understanding the problems of Babylon, which will force us to agree to the correction of the ego, because the suffering from egoistic conflicts will become greater than the suffering from changing the egoistic nature to altruism.

We, humanity, are back in “Babylon” and we must complete the correction of our nature as was proposed to us by Abraham. And this also closes the circle of  Earth’s history.

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