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Korah–A Desire To Advance

laitman_527_02The Torah, “Numbers,” 16:8 – 16:10: Moses said to Korah, “Please listen, sons of Levi. Is it not enough that the God of Israel has distinguished you from the congregation of Israel to draw you near to Him, to perform the service in the Mishkan of the Lord and to stand before the congregation to minister to them? He drew you near, and all your brothers, the sons of Levi with you, and now you seek the kehunah as well?

The problem is that we perceive the Torah as a fascinating novel, while it refers only to one person and tells us what happens inside him, while he must determine who Moses, Aaron, Korah and the rest of the people in him are.

He must clarify which desires and which attributes these are in a person, why they are so opposite from one another, what exactly is revealed in this oppositeness, and in what way Korah is better or worse than Moses.

The Torah explains that everyone must undergo these states, so I want to reveal them inside me. Suppose I undergo a state in which I turn to Moses within me, “I can guide and lead the people better than you. Okay, we have agreed. Please come and bring the pan with the burning incense.” But why should I listen to him? After all, I say that I understand the motion better, but for some reason I still concede to the attribute of Moses. This raises many questions since a person’s internal world is in a complete muddle.

On the one hand, it is as if I object to Moses, and on the other hand, I surrender to him for some reason when I listen to what he tells me.

If we delve into this, it is clear that Torah speaks only about the fulfillment of a certain state, and not about the complete overtaking of Moses’ level since it is a level of absolute Bina, complete connection with the Creator. This is the reason, of course, that Korah has no pretentions about taking it over.

The point is that, if I am on the level of Bina, I may detach myself from Malchut and draw away from the people. Therefore, Korah was right in some sense. I see that all other non-egoistic desires that are already corrected also understand that there is no connection between Bina and Malchut here. Although Moses can be in command here, something in his commands, in this attribute, doesn’t work with my ego.

The Torah tells us that we don’t have any negative attributes. It isn’t wickedness, but simply the attribute of Korah that aspires to advance as much as possible. The whole Torah is only about how to give more, to bestow, to ascend, to imagine everything in adhesion with the Creator, and to hasten this path.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/20/15

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Planetary Tsunami

Dr. Michael LaitmanAny Disaster is Israel’s Misdoing

Question: Some people are happy that Europe is now overwhelmed with Muslim refugees. They think that Europe deserves it. What is your attitude toward it?

Answer: One shouldn’t gloat other’s afflictions. Besides, any troubles will eventually be turned against us.

It somehow happens that any suffering in this world is blamed on us and only us, and the same will inevitably apply to the current refugee crisis. Only we will be blamed for it. Africans, Asians and Europeans will approach us and say, “You are guilty of causing our disasters. This is how we feel.”

Current world events are just a preparation to attack Israel. It doesn’t matter where events take place and who is involved in them. A storm of disasters, a sense of bitterness, despair, and helplessness are around the corner. They will hit us very soon unless we prepare a remedy against the disease.

Cards on the Table

Kabbalists warn us that we have to be ahead of the upcoming paroxysm. We must notify humanity, lay our cards on the table, and together turn into one man with one heart.

There is no alternative; it comes from nature, the upper force. And there is a methodology that can improve our relationship that exists with nature. It is called the science of unity, the wisdom of Kabbalah. We should implement it in life and take advantage of it to everybody’s benefit.

The whole of humanity is one family, descendants of ancient Babylonians. Let’s act together, otherwise things will get worse while we continue gobbling each other up.

It’s impossible to do nothing and just watch others suffer. We have to take responsibility, if only because there is no chance for us to avoid it.

The overall interdependence is obvious today. We can’t get rid of our common nature, even if we were to attempt to hide somewhere on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean. Very soon, the waves of a devastating tsunami would hit the entire planet.

Welcome to Africa?

In addition, we don’t take into account potential natural disasters and financial catastrophes. And yet, they can affect the entire world and leave us all in the position of living in standards lower than the current Third World countries.

Today, the Third World countries are at least entitled to ask for help and get some assistance from other countries. However, global economic collapse might devalue all monies and there would be no one to turn to.

A family that huddles in a hut together with a goat and a tiny piece of land will somehow survive, but what will a European do without a job and source of income? It is even worse poverty, since westerners will be incapable of anything.

It is written: “I created the evil inclination and the Torah as a spice.”  In the end, planetary tsunamis such as we see today will rid us of the old world, “the evil inclination,” so that we start using “the spice” as the means of correction, thus moving to a new, happier world.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/28/15

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Once Again Everyone Will Become A Single People

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (  “This revolution, many researchers call a demographic catastrophe, as the European region stopped the reproduction of its population. By 2050, excluding immigration, instead of the current 728 million, the European continent will number 600 million. That is equivalent to the loss of the population living today in Germany, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland combined. The last time such a significant reduction in the population was observed in Europe was only during the plague years 1347-1352. …

“Naturally, this leads to the inability of the EU to maintain the integrity of the existing social structure: the labor force will soon be too small, which already puts into question the very preservation of the social security system. While the many generations who were born in the demographic boom after World War II are still working in Europe, when they retire, the system will change radically. …

“The most important condition to prevent it is a constant and growing influx of immigrants. …

“As a result of these processes in the countries of Europe, there is a deep ethnocultural restructuring, in which it is increasingly becoming like a ‘melting pot’ (the concept of total blending of nations and races …). Europeans are being replaced by other ethnic groups, which are mixed with each other, and are forming a ‘nation of immigrants’ or ‘new nomads.'”

My Comment: All this is completely compatible with the trend of all matter merging into a single whole, into the image of Adam (Man), as described in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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A Dangerous Delay In Preventing Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Seed Of Our Fault

Question: It is clear that no European countries are capable of coping with the current refugee crisis.  Do you think that a joint solution to the problem can be found?

Answer: There is no solution! Europeans will seek a way out, but they won’t find it. The nature of the problem and the peculiarities of the European mentality will reverse the situation against us and they will blame Israel for their problems.  

We have already dealt with this kind of claim. They even blamed us for the tsunami in Japan, not to mention the tragedy of the Twin Towers or the creation of ISIS. Some believe that the Jews wish evil things to occur in the world and that disasters and natural catastrophes are the handiwork of Jews. 

But there is a seed of justness in their accusations. Of course, we don’t cause the evil, but neither do we prevent it. There is a cardinal difference between their traditional accusations and the current claims. The difference is that we really are capable of preventing hardships by immediately explaining the wisdom of Kabbalah to everybody, but we are already lagging behind in this work.

Kabbalah is, in essence, a science of unity. With its help, humanity will unite. When it unites, it will rid itself of all troubles. So, their claims really contain the seed of our fault. It turns out that their allegations of our fault contain a seed of truth.

Do Not Procrastinate Until the Last Moment

Question: How can an ordinary person arrive at the conclusion that we need a qualitatively different solution, not a habitual one? How can common Israelis understand that the solution really depends on them?

Answer: Among other things, the conclusion should result from our work with them. Above everything, we have to explain to the Jewish people what their purpose is and why we bear the name Israel – “Yashar-El” (directly to the upper), and why we are called Jews – “Yehudim” that originates from the word ”Yihud” – unity.

We should decipher the notion of the word “upper.” What is the upper force, the one, the only, the unique? It is a force toward which we should seek to be like after we attain unity.

Our people have the responsibility of bringing the entire world to global unity and love in accordance with the principle of “love thy neighbor as thyself.” All these principles have to be explained to the people of Israel and to other peoples of the world.

Of course, we have to take into consideration the inertia of thinking, that it takes time for this message to be accepted, understood, and experienced. We must start acting now! Otherwise we’ll get to the point when other nations will demand an answer from us, but it will be too late to explain, as they won’t perceive a thing!

That’s why in his article, “Messiah’s Shofar,”  Baal HaSulam writes that the revelation of the wisdom of Kabbalah to wide masses is a mandatory condition of Israel’s deliverance.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 8/28/15

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“German Mayor Blames Israel For Syrian Refugee Crisis”

Dr. Michaell LaitmanIn the News (Jerusalem Post): “The Social Democratic mayor of Jena, Albrecht Schröter, on Friday accused Israel of partial responsibility for the Syrian refugee crisis and called on Germany’s foreign minister to ‘show less restraint’ toward the Jewish state. …

Schröter told the Thüringische Landeszeitung newspaper, in connection to the Syrian refugee crisis: ‘The US policy of hostility toward Islam bears its fruits.’ He called on his party and its Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier ‘to change the role of Germany in the Middle East conflict. Germany must break with restraint toward Israel as an occupying state.’ …

“The otherwise obscure mayor in Jena, a university town with nearly 110,000 residents, caused controversy in 2012 when he urged a sweeping boycott of Israeli products. He joined the anti-Israel Pax Christi Catholic aid organization in a petition calling for goods from Israel to be boycotted. Kevin Zdiara, the then–deputy representative of the German-Israel Friendship Society in Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia state, where Jena is located, said Schröter’s action recalled the Nazi slogan: ‘Don’t buy from Jews!’

“The Post sent a press query to Schröter seeking a comment.

“In 2012, Schröter said, ‘I firmly reject the malicious accusation of anti-Semitism  against me.'”

My Comment: There is no doubt that all problems, from small to great, will be directed towards Israel and the Jews for one reason: The world situation depends on our unification into a single whole, and the method of unification of the world is the wisdom of Kabbalah. The people of Israel mastered this wisdom more than 3,500 years ago. So the moment that it is bad for the world, they instinctively blame the Jews. And to correct this is possible only through using the method of unity, beginning amongst the Jews themselves and after that, spreading to all the nations of the world.

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The Role Of Instructors

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Towards what should an instructor direct his students?

Answer: An instructor has to demonstrate a developmental vector to his students. Evolution made us human and brought us to the level of preoccupation with a question about the purpose of life. But on top of this general philosophical quest, we have to explain to our children why they live in this world and belong to the generation into which they are born. Each generation has their unique mission, potential, possibilities, and goals. All these things have to be explained to teenagers and youngsters as a part their preparation for life so that they can correctly implement them.

Question:  Toward what achievements should the instructor direct his students?

Answer: It so happens today that at best they teach a child how to earn as much money as possible and disregard all others. This is called “succeeding in life.”

In order to orient the young generation to a higher achievement, we have to learn what nature expects from us. We all live in the system of nature, and it is impossible to teach young people things that are completely irrelevant to the laws of nature. If we understand the evolutionary vector, we see where to direct a young person to avoid obstacles and hindrances that might spoil or ruin their lives. Youngsters have to understand how normal society should appear, thus, they won’t make mistakes that originate from a totally useless opposition to nature.

If instructors aim their students in the right direction, they can be called “teachers.” To a certain degree, this responsibility has to be divided among teachers of all subjects taught at school.

Question: How is school education different from parental education?

Answer: Parents and teachers have to stick to the same concepts and direct children toward one goal. In essence, there should not be much of a difference between teachers and parents, and children should not see parents and teachers in opposition. Schools, classrooms, and teachers should be as close as possible to what children experience at home.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/17/15

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