The Role Of Instructors

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Towards what should an instructor direct his students?

Answer: An instructor has to demonstrate a developmental vector to his students. Evolution made us human and brought us to the level of preoccupation with a question about the purpose of life. But on top of this general philosophical quest, we have to explain to our children why they live in this world and belong to the generation into which they are born. Each generation has their unique mission, potential, possibilities, and goals. All these things have to be explained to teenagers and youngsters as a part their preparation for life so that they can correctly implement them.

Question:  Toward what achievements should the instructor direct his students?

Answer: It so happens today that at best they teach a child how to earn as much money as possible and disregard all others. This is called “succeeding in life.”

In order to orient the young generation to a higher achievement, we have to learn what nature expects from us. We all live in the system of nature, and it is impossible to teach young people things that are completely irrelevant to the laws of nature. If we understand the evolutionary vector, we see where to direct a young person to avoid obstacles and hindrances that might spoil or ruin their lives. Youngsters have to understand how normal society should appear, thus, they won’t make mistakes that originate from a totally useless opposition to nature.

If instructors aim their students in the right direction, they can be called “teachers.” To a certain degree, this responsibility has to be divided among teachers of all subjects taught at school.

Question: How is school education different from parental education?

Answer: Parents and teachers have to stick to the same concepts and direct children toward one goal. In essence, there should not be much of a difference between teachers and parents, and children should not see parents and teachers in opposition. Schools, classrooms, and teachers should be as close as possible to what children experience at home.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/17/15

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