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The Good Ones Spreading Like A Good Virus

Laitman_201_01Question: HaTovim (The Good Ones) a grassroot movement from Kabbalah La’Am, already have been widely recognized. Hundreds of volunteers are protecting kindergartens throughout Israel in order to restore the sense of security in children and calm parents in the midst of the wave of terror we are facing.

Thousands of people already have responded to this initiative and expressed their readiness to take part in it.

In addition to that, more than a million people have learned about the Good Ones on Facebook, and the news is spreading quickly like a virus of goodness. How does a ray of light suddenly spread throughout our society that is totally divided?

Answer: This initiative brings the upper force into the system because it stems from love, and love is the upper force.

It brings the connections between people to life, and they feel a vital spiritual energy of holiness. This holiness is love, connection, mutual thoughtfulness, and a non-egoistic desire to make everyone feel good.

It all depends on the nice and good relations and connection between us. If the whole of the Israeli nation joined such activities of mutually helping one another, we would not only put an end to this Intifada, but we also would attain complete peace with our neighbors.

We need to see the conflict with the Arab states and the Arabs living in Israel as an example of the inner conflict between us and the division between Jews. This is the only reason, and the Torah tells us about it. If you read it correctly, you understand that it is only by correcting the connection between Jews that we also correct the connection between Jews and Arabs.

All the holy books speak first and foremost about love of others, and this love should be first among the nation of Israel. This is the precondition for our correction. If we begin to fulfill it toward one another, we would immediately feel how all the evil forces in the world calm down.

It is because we produce them by the division and the bad relations between us. A positive attitude toward one another, on the other hand, is the remedy for all the problems and will lead to the world to peace and tranquillity. It simply works.

The Torah speaks only about the relations among the nation of Israel. If we corrected our relations for the good, they would affect the entire world, which would align with it. After all, “Israel” means “Li Rosh” (my head), and the rest of the world is the body, and whatever is in the head spreads throughout the body. This is the law of the spiritual system.

And so everything depends on the Israeli nation that determines the state of the entire world. This is the reason that the peoples of the world blame Israel for all of their troubles, and these accusations are justified. The whole Torah verifies that when it tells us that everything depends on the relations between the Jews who determine the state of the world.

We should internalize what the Torah says and what the peoples of the world are telling us, and decide that it is time to start our correction. All we must do is to attain love among the nation of Israel. The love of Israel is connected to the love of the created beings, which is connected to the love of the Creator.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/18/15

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The HaTovim (The Good Ones) Initiative: Unity Between Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanA new movement called HaTovim, the Good Ones, sponsored by Kabbalah La’am, started last week in Israel. This movement has a Facebook page and call center in Israel.

Question: This morning, my friend and I went to Afula to guard a kindergarten, according to the instructions of the Good Ones. Is this the fulfillment of mutual guarantee?

Answer: Of course! These are actually the actions that we should perform, every individual for the sake of others and all the people of Israel.

Through such actions we get closer and care about one another in mutual guarantee, in unity and connection between us. That is how we summon the good force that undoubtedly neutralizes all of the evil forces. Then not one individual in the world would rise against another.

Question: What would happen, theoretically speaking, if all of the Israeli citizens joined the HaTovim movement?

Answer: The entire world would be peaceful, beautiful, and good. This is what the Torah and the wisdom of Kabbalah promise us.

Question: Hundreds of volunteers joined this movement on the first day, and dozens of kindergartens called the Good Ones, asking for volunteers to guard the kindergartens and to restore their parents’ sense of security.

Answer: Even not too many people (according to the sources 600,000) making these actions will have a great effect, the world will become paradise.

The problem is that we don’t have enough volunteers to guard all the kindergartens because people work. Therefore, we invite all those who can dedicate even a few hours to join this initiative.

Question: The phone number of our headquarters is 1-700-509-209 (Israel), but the easiest way is to go to  HaTovim Facebook page, enroll,  and you will be contacted.

Answer: It is such actions, although performed under the pressure of sufferings, fear, and problems, that help us greatly and bring us closer to one another. So, let’s begin to unite more! Unity and connection between us is the war against the Intifada.

Question: As it is written, “All of Israel are responsible for one another.” This means that when we are together, we see only good. The process that began this morning inspires hope.

Answer: We depend only on ourselves! You join the Good Ones now, and that’s it! It is enough for you to participate in such activities like protecting babies and small children. What could be better?

With this you already create good relations between people—parents, educators, and among the whole Israeli nation. It is a wonderful, warm, and good example for everyone. Let’s begin!

Question: So, you go to the HaTovim – הטובים (Good Ones) Facebook page, and there are two options there, either to ask for help or to offer help. If you are educators or parents of kindergarten children and don’t have the money or the municipal resources to hire a guard, you can call us, and we will send our volunteers to guard the kindergarten.

If you want to help and have a couple of free hours on the way to work or during your break, we really need you. Register on the site or call 1-700-509-209, and you will be connected with those who need your help.

You cannot do it alone—but only together! If each of you finds the point of the nation of Israel inside himself, the point of goodness, we would be able to connect all the good forces and get rid of all the evil.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM 10/18/15

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A “Dead” Terrorist Comes To Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (Haaretz): “Palestinian Teen Terrorist Released From Israeli Hospital”
“Israel released images of 13-year-old Ahmed Mansara after Palestinian President Abbas claimed he was ‘executed’ by Israel.

“Ahmed Mansara, a 13-year-old boy who took part in stabbing attack in Jerusalem, was released Sunday from the hospital and passed over to a detention facility after a court ruled he would remain in custody for an additional eight days.

“Ahmed and his relative, 17-year-old Mohammed Mansara, carried out a stabbing attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Pisgat Ze’ev on Monday. The attack left two Israelis wounded: A 13-year-old boy, who was riding his bicycle was critically wounded, and a young man in his 20s, who also suffered severe wounds….

“The attack’s victims are still hospitalized, with the 13-year-old still in serious but stable condition, and is currently on life support, thought the hospital said his condition had slightly improved.

“On Wednesday evening Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accused Israel of ‘executing’ Ahmed, even though he was still alive.

“On Wednesday, the Prime Minister’s Office released a video of the attack in Pisgat Ze’ev with captions in Arabic. The Prime Minister’s Office on Thursday released photos of Mansara in the hospital to the local and international media. A senior Israeli official said the move was meant to refute Abbas’ claim that Mansara was executed by Israeli soldiers.”

My Comment: Our stubborn reluctance to clarify the cause of hatred that people feel towards us and burying our heads in the sand leads to increasingly greater sufferings.  Perhaps we shouldn’t be so stubborn after all and shake off this question for thousands of years. Isn’t it better to find out why the whole world is against us? (See my articles: “Who Are You, People of Israel?” and “What We Jews Owe The World.”)

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Program Of Life, Part 3

Dr. Michael Laitman

Pass To The Future World

Question: What qualities do we have to change in order to enter a new, unlimited world? After all, each of us has different properties.

Answer: We all have one common quality—the egoistic desire that makes us constantly pursue pleasure.

We live in this quality and do not want to change it because we don’t know anything other than the desire to fulfill ourselves. We envy other people’s content and we want the same. This is how we advance.

Actually, this is how this world advanced in the past, but today it is coming to an end. We have no desire to advance, because we see this development is aimless. What is the point in this endless race for new pleasures, like hamsters on running wheels?

People are disappointed in life, seeing they are just being used. They don’t know why they live. That’s why antidepressants and drugs are so popular nowadays. In the future, this awaits all of humanity unless a new goal and new possibilities are suddenly revealed.

Then we will rejoice that we became disappointed with this old world and saw that it wasn’t worth anything. Kabbalah offers us an opportunity to enter another world. Our lives for the last several dozens of years were only for us to want to rid ourselves of it. Today, we are in hell, but there is another world called paradise.

And we can enter this paradise, it’s very simple. We just need to open our hearts to others and connect with everyone. And now, not  yet with everyone, but only with the people who also want to enter this new wonderful world.

Question: What does it mean to open our hearts to others?

Answer: It means to become as one man with one heart, to connect our hearts. This is the condition of entering the world of the future. This is the only property that we have to change in us: opening our locked hearts.
To be continued
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/8/15

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