Armistice Between The People Of Israel, Not Outside Of Them

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are you trying to say that rockets will not cease until I begin to love every Israeli like my own child? This means that this situation is absolutely hopeless because there is no chance that this condition can be carried out.

Answer: What if you suddenly discover that all the people of Israel are as close to you as your own children, that they are that closely connected to you and you to them? Suddenly, your vision would expand to such an extent that you would feel that they are a part of you and far more inseparable than your own children. If a miracle happens and a perception of this connection suddenly appears within you, would it be hard for you to love them?

Now, you love your children so much that they are more dear to you than your own life. However, suddenly, a feeling appears in you that you begin to feel other people, all the Jews living in Israel, like your own dear children. You would feel that they are closely connected to you, and depend on you and you on them.

It would be impossible to break this connection because they became closer to you than your own children. Also, you would always worry about them like they were your children. You would want to always be connected to them with your entire heart and soul. This situation simply would force you always to think about them and care for the love and connection so that everyone would be happy.

Today, you are driven by your love for your children, which was given to you by nature. Similarly, nature will beget a love for your entire nation within you, and you will care for every one of them and want to do well by everyone. At the same time, you will receive an opportunity to help everyone, and you will relax.

Every person will feel this way toward everyone else because they will perceive the others as a part of them. The fact that everyone is in his own body will not matter. Your children also have physical bodies, but you still care for them like for yourself. You want them to be happy and you will perceive everyone else the same way, in other words, to feel like they are even closer than that.

No one expects that you will make this happen immediately, but do not think that it is impossible. If our connection suddenly becomes revealed, this will become possible.

Question: However, human nature dictates that there is no one closer to a person than himself!

Answer: This is exactly why you will care for them once you feel like they are an inseparable part of you. Obviously, this is not a natural state, but it can happen just like when a woman births a child and begins to care constantly for him since he becomes her most dear part and more important than her own life.

Nature makes it happen, and it can make us love everyone else like our own self. This definitely will happen one day.

We must understand that the only way to end the Qassams is though the connection between us. Our unity will relax our neighbors and even turn them from enemies into our most loyal and closest friends, and the entire world, which is now standing behind them and will not allow anyone to touch them.

You soon will see how we will be required to cease fire and stop in the middle of this operation. We will not be able to complete it. The threat will remain, and tens of thousands of rockets will be aimed constantly at us.

However, if we unite, the entire world will change and say that they feel that we are their closest friends and that they want to be with us and will connect to us with their heart and soul. Through unity, we become the Light to the nations. We show them how to rise above their egoism, which never stops ruling over everyone and does not let go of entire nations and countries, this entire planet.

We can show everyone an example through our unity and teach them how to rise above their egoism. Then, our life will become peaceful and happy, and we hold the key to this life.

The nations of the world understand this subconsciously, and they blame Israel for bringing harm to the entire world and are to blame for all the world’s problems. The people of Israel do not see the connection, but other nations feel that this connection exists. To them, it is clear that Israel is the source of evil. This is their way of saying that Israel can be the source of all goodness, but is not carrying out its responsibilities.

The only way to disarm Hamas is by uniting between us within the nation of Israel. This way, we will stop supplying the world with an evil force. The entire world is blaming us for causing them harm. We are the channel through which bad energy flows out into the world.

People who have had no connection to Israel, who are on the opposite side of the world and do not share any borders with Israel, insist on this. They feel this subconsciously. This is their way of saying that Israel can be a source of good energy. If you want the wars to stop, to become the source of goodness, do good to the entire world.

The world only lacks connection, a friendly attitude toward other people: love. At least, do not do the things that you hate to others, and only Israel can bring this attitude to the world, under the condition that they follow it first. Let us begin with not wishing bad things to our neighbors!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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