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Within A Single Spiritual Force Field

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe must build a system of active connection between all people in the world. However, this is not the Internet, virtual or physical system, rather it’s an internal system. We must yearn to create a feeling between us like a mother regarding her infant whom she can feel, even across great distances.

They say that with animals, this instinct is even stronger. This is demonstrated in the movie about the little dinosaur that was taken far from its parents by humans. The adult dinosaurs went wild looking for the baby, crossed an ocean, and found him through instinct.

Specifically, a connection like this has to be among us. At a distance of thousands of kilometers from each other, despite the distance, we have to feel ourselves as existing in a single spiritual force field. All kinds of changes in each must necessarily be felt by all the rest. We must try to attain contact like this and feel inner changes at every moment, which then becomes our inner life.
From lesson 4 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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The Source Of Strength

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Suppose that I understand that in order to add the feeling of the importance of unity in a group, it is necessary to make additional efforts, but I don’t have the strength for this. Where can I find it?

Answer: It’s only with the friends! It is possible to receive strength only if you bow your head before your friends, see them as more important, stronger, and more understanding, as connected more strongly with each other than you with them. Then you can receive something from them.

The group has to help a person so that he will feel its sympathetic and good attitude toward him, the love.

It only seems to us that it is impossible to get strength from the group. So from their side, there has to be methodical work directed toward this, only it shouldn’t become routine for routine eats all emotions. In the spiritual world, there is no habit. It disappears because there, only changes are considered, only consequences and not speed. Therefore, one has to be in constant movement.

Question: But can a person take the first step? He understands that now the group is in such a state that he can exert effort. However, he has no strength to do something to elevate the group, to integrate himself into it, and rise. The understanding is there, but not the strength.

Answer: There is no energy. This means that there is no true need. Some kind of detachment, apathy, is holding us: I could help, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

How should one act in a case like this? I would conduct a workshop, sit everyone in a circle, give a subject, and gradually try to introduce special questions that bring people back to their senses a little bit, awaken them.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 4

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Picking Up The Signs Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When differences of opinion appear in a group, this extends over everyone all at once. To resolve the problem of confrontation, representatives of both sides gather into a small group and reach agreement and unification. How is it possible to extend this unity to everyone?

Answer: I think that it is necessary to organize a shared circle in which everyone sits together, and the initiator group appears as the force of peace that tries to unite them all.

Even with different people, among large family clans, it is customary to gather together with former foes who understand that it is necessary to unite. They reconcile, reach agreement, and after that, invite everyone to a large circle, where they discuss all of this and prove the necessity to rise above all the previous differences in opinion. This is the right position.

We said that the Creator wants to establish connection with us. He places between us and Him this whole world and portrays in our emotions and thoughts all kinds of symbols and images so that we begin to understand His language. We shouldn’t forget this!

The group has to perceive everything that is outside the framework of the common connection, the shared love, the common agreement, the unity, all that from the side of the Light could be called spirituality, we can relate to all of that, to all lack of focus that He gives us, as to the signs of the Creator given to us so that we will come again to the single whole in which we dissolve completely: emotionally, mentally, and intellectually, complementing each other all the time.

In this manner, ultimately, we will find a common language with Him, and impressions and understandings will constantly accumulate in us.

Imagine how a child perceives the world that is totally unfamiliar to him: without knowing anything, without understanding, without having any feelings and emotions! He grasps it, grasps it, and gradually the world accumulates within him: ground, mixed, and constantly renewed all the time, and the child begins to understand it. This means that his mind formats itself in the right way.

The heart and the mind begin to understand how to work with the reality in which he finds himself. After all, he can find himself in a reality that was two or three thousand years ago, or the reality of today, or it can be the reality that will exist in another one or two hundred years.

So, the child only has to yearn to perceive the real world in a form like this: with an open mouth! We also need to do the same thing in regard to the spiritual world, according to the laws that the Kabbalists described for us. In other words, we discover ourselves in it, and that’s it!

I have to be in unity and mutual love all the time. This means that I discover my spiritual senses. However, if my senses are not like these, this means that they are not spiritual. I don’t perceive this world. I have to change myself so that I relate creatively to all the problems that arise.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 4

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