Adjusting To The Higher Tuning Fork

Dr. Michael LaitmanA group of Kabbalists is not built through a chance gathering of people. Rather, it is gathered from Above. The global nature builds everything, including the group around and within us.

It is up to me to relate to a group as a community of people from this world that are gathered following the influence of the upper power that creates unique conditions for us so that we will try to connect between us through a network of higher relationships. It is up to me to relate to a group as an offering from the Creator to insert me into a higher society, and don’t ever forget this.

So, it is up to me to accept everyone who comes to a group as a desired component, cultivating this relationship all the time, sharpening, and considering it more and more.

I have no other way of communicating with the upper force except through the group. If I want to speak with the upper level, it is up to me to turn to a group as a model that offers to be connected with me. Only through it I can explain it to the highest level, the “Creator” who created me, all of us, the entire world.

This relationship to a group is very important! It is to be understood that through it, I am speaking with the Creator. From here is our obligation to pray for the many, to turn through everyone to the Creator, to relate to others with love. In order to be directed to the next level, to the Creator, there must be relationships of equality between us, despite our differences.

We try to create a single whole from ourselves in which personal desires, intentions, yearnings, and connections don’t exist. Rather, everything is mixed into a single drop so much so that within it, we lose ourselves and acquire the intelligence of the next, higher level, its desires and thoughts with which we become a single whole.

According to the law, “ten turns into one.” Then it splits again into ten (the ego grows) and again is connected into one, and that is how it is in all 125 levels of our ascent.

This means that on every level a matrix is given to us, and if we work with it correctly, then we communicate through it to the Creator. This is not like what we do when we are communicating by telephone or through the computer. Rather, we rise to this level emotionally and are included in a direct connection with the level. So, the Creator, meaning the next level, begins to live within us.

The one difference is that on our level, in concealment, if we don’t feel the Creator, in the next level, we feel ourselves and the Creator as one whole, including the intellect of the entire universe, a general gathering of communication, the program of creation. This state is called “adhesion” to the Creator, and after it, there are 125 further levels in which adhesion with Him grows.

It is up to us to realize this possibility given to us in this incarnation of life, to relate seriously to a group and tune into the realization of our relationship to others permanently. Indeed, all the rest of our deeds are much less useful for ascent to the next level than what we can do in a group.

Even when we go out to the wider public with various activities, we require them only so that the need to connect will grow between us. Going out to humanity can be implemented through various communications media.

All of these are helpful since first and foremost, what is important to me is direct, clear, and correct communication with those friends who are gathered by the upper force, and it is up to me to work with them against my will. If this were given to me to decide, I wouldn’t ever choose them. I don’t know why I am required to attain the upper level, so they give me a group in which it is up to me to direct and arrange myself correctly.

Together with this, it is up to me to understand that all the rest are absolutely correctly directed, and I become a single string among a hundred strings that are tuned to the others. Yet, first, I sense myself tuned in the best way, and even though an awful, terrible sound comes out of me, it seems to me as something pleasant.

Like a mother who looks at her infant and he seems the most beautiful to her and the entire world is worth nothing compared to him, so I also relate to myself as the favorite. All of the rest seem to me not tuned at all, so much so that it is up to them to tune themselves to me.

However, in reality, our tuning must be completely the opposite. It is up to me to accept them all and each one as a completely tuned instrument or absolutely correct collection of characteristics. I am the only one who is not corrected, and this is not only in a group, but also in the entire world, in the entire universe. I am the only one who needs correction. So, everything was created for me. When the person relates to the world like this, he can say, “The world was created for me!”

Relationships like these in a group place us in the right state. I thank the higher power that brings me to a group. I am thankful that it shows me how I criticize everyone, and reject and hate them. I relate reasonably to part of them because I must be connected with other people, receive from them, so that I can feel myself better.

Gradually, I tune the string a little further and a little further. I bring it to the ideal sound in relation to the tuning fork. The tuning fork is the general movement of the group in which the higher sound has been felt already partially. When the general movement enters into harmony, the higher essence is revealed in it.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 3

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