Turn History Towards A New Horizon

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What exactly helps to come to a warm feeling of connection in a circle?

Answer: Everyone perceives themselves equally. There are not those who are higher or lower, all want to connect, and this connection is possible only between equals. I accept everyone’s opinion, all hearts, all thoughts. It is important to me to be integrated into them and disappear there, to enter there and dissolve.

And that is what everyone thinks. Within a feeling like this we build one heart as one person. At the same moment when we attain a connection like this, we feel within this shared heart a unique power, an intelligence called the Torah. For we maintain the conditions of receiving the Torah: We have become like one man with one heart.

And so we feel that we have become one desire and one thought. This common desire and thought become for all of us a feeling of an elevated state, higher and loftier than our present corporeal life. This raises us above our families, above this land, above all material life.

We have already begun to feel that power that intentionally arranges for us an uncomfortable form like this in this earthly life, with incessant problems and wars, so that we will rise to His level. If from this moment on we continue by awakening ourselves to an even stronger connection and discover the higher force even more, we can advance without any external disturbances.

On the contrary, we are going on the good way all the time with “I will hasten it” (Achishena), in the way of the Light. And by raising ourselves upwards we attract all of the people of Israel after us and after them the whole world as if we are dragging a net behind us: Everyone joins in and rises.

Question: This is truly so, but the moment that I go out of the circle and look at the news, I immediately forget about the feeling of connection in the circle…. How is it possible to hold onto it and disseminate to all of the people of Israel?

Answer: Again it is necessary to gather for workshops again and again, and outside of your circle there will be thousands of other circles. Each one of them, through its action, influences the others and they influence it.

And so we discover that we can change the world only through such action of connection. We truly become the masters of our fate. But it is impossible to correct the situation through the elimination of a few terrorists and the destruction of their bases. We don’t change history with this, it repeats itself. Our connection is the only means for turning history towards a new horizon.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/8/14

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