It Isn’t Rational, But It Is A Fact

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should understand that we have no choice: The ball is in our court, those who have the method, and we have to act. No one but us knows what to do in this situation.

Eventually, everything depends on the art of organizing a circle because there is no other way to awaken the feeling of unity in people.

If we organize a circle and unite, we actually draw the Light that Reforms upon us and thus serve as an infusion of good energy to the world.

The debate continues about issues which seemingly make no sense: about the history of the Israeli nation, about its uniqueness, about why our name is constantly in the headlines, and why all the other nations have been focusing on us throughout history, why such a small state is the origin of all the religions and faiths in the world?

We speak about such facts that make no sense, but are true! The world sees it and is turning more and more against us. This doesn’t make sense, but we have gotten used to this and think that it is the norm, not that there is any rationale.

Question: But every nation has problems concerning its inner unity, why do we have to work on our unity in addition to taking military actions?

Answer: We shouldn’t discuss military actions at all. This conflict has no military solution. The solution is actually in the society. We have to become as one man in one heart, and thanks to that, the whole world will also unite into one heart. All of humanity will become as one man! This is how it works.

Question: What should we do if there are people who understand this but others who don’t?

Answer: We need integral education here. When you started school you didn’t know high mathematics, history, and geography, but you were gradually taught all that. This is called education, which is a continuous process. We have to keep it up and continue.

Question: Will we see how one collective opinion is starting to spread among us?

Answer: We will not just see how one opinion spreads among us; it will also become our common opinion. After all, we will establish our collective desire and opinion, which means a common heart and mind. It makes no difference whether we know how this happens because it is fulfilled by the upper force. We sit in a circle, we speak, and suddenly we begin to feel that we are becoming round and that we merge in the center of the circle.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/08/14

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