There Is Nothing More To Hide!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we organize a workshop in a circle, do we need to talk about the Upper Light, about the wisdom of Kabbalah, or is simple connection and unity enough?

Answer: Today it is possible to speak with people about everything that touches upon correction. There is nothing more to hide! It is possible to speak on the highest level. The problem is only in whether they will understand you. But nobody will be opposed. Don’t be afraid to reveal to people as much as you can of the true Torah, they will not reject you.

Your basis is evidence that is five thousand years old: beginning from Adam HaRishon, Abraham, Moses, all the patriarchs. All of the following generations of Kabbalists spoke about the same thing, about the correction of the world that Israel must carry out.

For thousands of years until today, we have been preparing for this moment, and now finally the time for correction has come! All of the Kabbalists wrote about our time: that at the end of the twentieth century we would be entering into the period of the end of correction.

All of this must be explained to people every time  in words that are understandable, depending on the audience. It is similar to the way science is adapted for children of various ages, accompanied by all kinds of games and exercises. The method of correction is like this, adapting this higher spiritual wisdom for every person to use.

At the time we begin to be involved with people, we are already carrying out a correction. It is specifically we who are realizing this correction and not them. Our organizing them in a circle already constitutes the correction.

We organize a workshop and provide questions for discussion through which people clarify the essence of everything that we are talking about now: What is the uniqueness of the people of Israel, its obligation to correct the whole world?And with this we are carrying out a correction.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/8/14

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