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To The Creator With A Broken Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there a way to retain the mood through which we can attract the Light and look for the force of correction?

We hasten the “rewinding of the film” and strive to receive the Light without self-exertion. Our ego is not ready to make efforts; instead, it constantly demands results.

Answer: You should use a different approach: it doesn’t matter what state you are currently in. The important thing is how you attract the Light to any of your states.

This leads us to another question: “Does it mean that we should concentrate on troubles and ailments to find remedies against them?” Any state is given to us by the Creator. So, how do we reveal Him? By acknowledging the evil, we in essence blame the Creator, i.e., the force that actually sends us the state we are presently in.

The answer is that I act as an old man bent over who looks for something he lost. He is wise and knows what exactly he needs and takes advantage of the downsides associated with his present situation in order to transform them to his benefit. It’s like a guest who comes to a generous host with a big appetite and huge desires since he knows that it will please his host more than anything else.

That’s how we should use our deficiencies, needs, and problems. We tell the host: “Correct us! Fill us! Our problems are for a reason!”

Question: What do I do if instead of being a wise old man, I am just a silly little person who continues waiting for something good to happen despite numerous troubles?

Answer: You have friends and a teacher. They will remind you of the correct approach. At least once a day you should hear that everything that happens to you is for the better.

So, don’t leave the classroom without a clear understanding that safeguards you and securely ties you with the most meaningful thing in life.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Sparks from Ashes

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”: Now we can answer the question, “Why the Torah was given to the Israeli nation without the participation of all the nations of the world?”

Thus, because of their ancestral merit Israel succeeded, and over 400 years they developed and became qualified and sentenced themselves to a scale of merit. Each and every member of the nation agreed to love his fellow man. Being a small and single nation among seventy great nations, when there are a hundred gentiles or more for every one of Israel, when they had taken upon themselves to love their fellow person, the Torah was then given specifically to qualify the Israeli nation.

Thus, it is not at all about any “specific condition.” It’s about the same spiritual vessel that has developed as a result of the four stages of the Direct Light (HaVaYaH). Later, it was processed at each of the 125 steps in five worlds and then shattered into numerous particles.

Broken pieces revealed in ancient Babylon, but at that time only a small part of the Babylonians (those who had broken desires and properties) managed to wake up for self-correction. It was done under the influence of a very small Light that was attained and brought to them by Abraham. Only the purest Babylonian vessels, desires, managed to adhere to them. Why? It happened because the desires lacked the depth, Aviut.

Five thousand followers departed together with Abraham from Babylon. They began mixing with each other and this interaction generated a new developmental stage, a new thickness of desires that occurred during the Egyptian exile.

At that time, they acquired a huge desire for correction. During Babylonian times, it was enough for them just to leave, but later they had to rise above the four new layers that were personified by the four hundred years of exile. For that, they needed more Light.

Pharaoh brought the children of Israel closer to the Creator because the huge depth of the desires received from him required the Returning Light.

This is when the children of Israel were granted the Torah – the methodology of correction. The previous simple system of maintaining connections was replaced by a new type of work that involved ascents and descents. This work was based on constant self-analysis and a new type of thicker vessels that were acquired during the exile in the Pharaoh’s Kingdom.

Later, the sons of Israel attained correction that corresponded to the level of the First Temple followed by subsequent destruction and shattering.

Today, after the exile and collapse, the same vessels emerge again. These vessels still contain the sparks of the previous stages. The Light comes and raises us through our forefathers’ merits.

This explains why everybody who is attracted to the goal of creation is called Israel (meaning directly to the Creator (Yashar-El). These people must realize that they have the duty of attracting the Light to the entire world. If this happens, all 70 nations will receive the Light through their unity and will rise to the prior level of unity where humanity was before the shattering: the one we all have to attain.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Most Important Job In The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have entered a very peculiar stage of human development. Evolution brought us to a sensation that this world is uncomfortable, wrong, and unsuitable for us; it really doesn’t matter whether it is our fault or not.

To what extent are we to blame, I cannot say. After all, we only act the way we are able to. People are what they are! What can be done about it? Can we demand more from them? Should we make this world a better place or should we continue “rotating” together with it? In general, are we really capable of acting differently by going against our nature? We are governed by our nature; this is how we are built. Can we change anything?

We see that our life is difficult and uncomfortable; the future does not appear rosy to us at all. Is it in our power to alter our life?

At this point, the wisdom of Kabbalah steps into the picture. This knowledge explores the entire reality and the human in it. Kabbalah’ exploration of nature is extremely deep, researching must deeper levels than all conventional sciences. This wisdom explains exactly what can be done to change our reality for the better.

In essence, we arrive to a very easy and obvious conclusion, which is not news to us: The problem is in our egoistic nature. We are driven by our egoism, the force of separation among us. Each one pursues one’s personal benefits and relishes being “superior” to others by making others “inferior.” People feel happy when they feel superior to their neighbors.

If we were not driven by this force, if we strived to unity and equality, we would feel much better. Mankind has always thought that they could achieve equality and justice. There have been many battles and revolutions throughout history, but we see that all of them were useless.

So Kabbalah teaches us how to live a good life. Besides many other benefits, it explains how to attain balance and similarity with nature. It shows how to avoid hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, cold and heat waves, global warming, extinction of plant and animal species, etc. People are the only ones who can balance out all levels of nature so that all of its parts (inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking) will achieve harmony and accord, thus living a good life in a state of homeostasis.

On top of that, our work on attaining a correct type of unity contains one detail: out of the entire humanity, this work is entrusted to a small group that from the Babylonian time, from the cradle of human history, demonstrated that it is capable of, interested in, and meant for this role. This group aspires to unity and in essence is ready to take care of the rest of humanity that is not concerned about things like that.

When this group emerged in ancient Babylon, it was named “Israel” meaning “directly to the Creator (Yashar-El).”  It aspires to attain unity. The Creator (El) in essence is “The One”—the unified reality.

Today, after three and a half thousand years, this group doesn’t match the role it was chosen for. However, similarly to ancient Babylon, in present Babylon there emerge people who also strive to unity. That’s why they too are called “Israel.” Implementation of their predestination is a must for them.

Besides, there are people who were a part of the group named “Israel” at one point in the history, but later they dropped their ideals. They also are obligated to participate in the quest for unity. Thus, there are several circles of people whose duty is to partake in the process of the world correction.

1. First of all, there are the parts of Israel who awakened on their own to fulfill this work. No matter what country they are born in, they are a part of the desire to save humanity.

2. Those who belong to Israel by the fact of their birth, by heredity. They also are involved into the process even though they don’t know it, don’t understand, and don’t want it.

3. The rest of humanity.

Today, unity turned into a universal heritage. All over the world, people who understand that only by attaining unity can we escape all disasters caused by our antagonism with nature; they are trying hard to find solutions to the crisis we are presently in. Gradually, sooner or later, they come to the wisdom of Kabbalah. It occurs that this knowledge is a source of correction and a cradle of understanding and energy.

Kabbalists wrote a lot about what exactly can and will save humanity. Moreover, the wisdom of Kabbalah explains that we should not run away from misfortunes as wild animals from a burning forest. On the contrary, our current state “hides” nature’s deep intention to elevate us to a higher level ,not just by sending us disasters to force us look for salvation. This scenario isn’t worthy of nature’s perfection.

The thing is that by self-correction and unification we rise to a new level of existence and go out to a broad and impeccable world, into the reality that exists above matter. We will see that our genuine life, our true bodies and souls, are there.

Kabbalists explains to us what the ways of awakening to the real life are. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah is meant for.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/10/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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If There Is No Communication, There Is No Peace

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are accustomed to perceive everything through the mind, rational proof, and explanations. Even if we are still in concealment, but there are some fragments between which there is something still unclear, it is already possible to assemble a picture and live with it. However, the general public does not need such explanations. Its perception is more emotional.

You just need to build on our history. Israel is a people organized by Abraham and Moses as a special community of people, living as one man with one heart, according to the laws of love for one’s neighbor as oneself. It is the condition in which the nation of Israel exists. If we fall from this level to unfounded hatred, then we come to destruction of the people and go into exile.

Now, by performing all the necessary conditions, we need again to strengthen our unity and become one man with one heart. Then, we will be called the people of Israel in the land of Israel.

Everything that happens around us does not matter. It comes only in order to compel us to fulfill this condition. All this should be brought gradually to people in sensation, through the heart. In essence, we explain on what conditions we can continue to exist.

All this is strange, illogical, and irrational. The people of Israel are a strange phenomenon in this world, and everyone knows that. However, this irrational community is more robust and stable than all the other nations that ever existed in history.

All this must be announced immediately and completely openly, without any breaks. People are ready for this, and every day their conditions will worsen. The new trend is that, today, the main control is in the broad public. The main weapon is a broad world view that requires each country to act according to it, and not otherwise.

In this way, the Creator governs us through parts of humanity. The force of weapons solves nothing now. The war is going to another level: the confrontation of opinions. In fact, this is a media war. Everything is determined by who rules in the media and what type they are. As a result, we need to understand that if there is no communication between people, there is no peace!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Shamati #68

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Diagnosis: You Are In Good Health

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When I started studying Kabbalah I started seeing the egoism within myself and within other people. As a result I feel negativity towards myself and others. Is it normal?

Answer: This is absolutely normal! In the beginning of your Kabbalah studies you will feel worse and worse. This is a good sign. It means that you are advancing. I will explain why. First of all, you begin to see our world deeper: how everything is tied around egoism.

Second, you still exist at a small egoistic level: inanimate, vegetative, animal, levels of nature, and human. However, you have to be raised above this level and your egoism has to be developed to the next rung so you could start transforming it into the property of bestowal, into altruism.

Therefore, when you begin your Kabbalah studies, you feel worse about yourself and about the surrounding world. Every person goes through this period. It has to take place.

As an example, students who study medicine feel that they have all the diseases they study in school. The same happens with us.

In reality the egoism is not growing within you, but you begin to study it and you become engaged in it. As a result, you see it in brighter shades: how egoistic you are and how you don’t like and hate yourself and others. This is precisely because you study this disease called “egoism.” Therefore, everything is fine; you are in good health.
From the International Summer Camp in Bulgaria 7/12/14, Lesson 4

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So That All Are Well

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We conducted ten meetings on the subject of the wisdom of connection (Integral Education). As a result of them, five to seven active members were participating in the circles every time. They tried to conduct meetings like this by themselves, but they didn’t succeed. So, they understood that they couldn’t do anything without us. What else can be done for them?

Answer: You must teach them the method of integral education and information, and the wisdom of Kabbalah. Then, they won’t have problems. It is necessary to give them basic information about how the Upper Light manages the world: through Tzimtzum Aleph (the first restriction), a Masach (screen), five worlds, Partzufim, and Sefirot.

Question: But they don’t want to study Kabbalah. They simply want things to be good for them at home and at work.

Answer: Kabbalah speaks about how to realize the desire of the Creator, which is to give pleasure to His creatures, for He is good and does good, and providing benefit for people means raising them to His level.

Things will not be good for us as long as we haven’t attained the upper Light. And, in the system Kabbalah speaks of, all five worlds are what are found between us and the upper Light. Until we create a structure within us that includes them, until we correct our whole internal mess, all the division and fragmentation, so that there will be one straight line between us and the upper Light in all five levels, five worlds, five levels of Aviut; we will not feel well.

It cannot be otherwise! Even if people start another war, it will not solve anything. So, it is necessary to tell them about the inner structure of the world, but in the meantime, using other words. Tell them about the ego, about the possibility of fulfilling it. Conduct integral circles. Without them, it is impossible to disseminate our method.

People need to understand why our unity works. Because it has a power that doesn’t exist in our world; it is much higher.

Question: But a need is created in people to conduct the circles by themselves.

Answer: It doesn’t matter! In children, as with apes, there is always a need to imitate the adults. The child looks at what his father is doing and tries to repeat it by himself.

There are objective laws in nature that cannot be bypassed. If there isn’t any internal connection of the active members that you mentioned before with us and with you with the other groups, then nothing will come of this either. Only this connection works. This is because we also cannot do anything without our groups. Everyone must be together. So, those people who want to work must feel that they are a part of us.

Question: Does this mean that we are above them, that we will never be equal?

Answer: Never. The hierarchy will remain a hierarchy forever. Your Reshimo will be discovered before theirs, and so this chain reaction is permanent. I always will get spiritual advancement from my teacher Rabash, and you will get it from me. However, my connection with you produces a circle. I don’t have one student. Rather, there is a central circle. It is amazing how everything is happening in our generation.
From the Sochi Convention 6/09/14, Discussion on the Conclusions from the Activity in Sochi

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A Picture Of Reality Not Distorted By The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe don’t see all of the reality that is in front of us only because we don’t want to see it. So, how can we acquire such a desire if we don’t have it? In front of me now are billions of people, but I only want to figure out what I can get from them, if it is useful or harmful, and other than that, they don’t interest me at all. If it is possible to exploit them somehow, then I will do it. But, if I see that they may harm me somehow, then I remove myself from the danger or eliminate it. That is all that interests me.

However, this way, I don’t recognize people. I don’t see them and don’t discover them. Around me is a whole universe, but who knows what is in it? Surely, I don’t understand it and don’t pay attention to it.

However, there is a more correct perception of reality that the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches, a science for perceiving the world that makes it possible to feel all of reality. For this, I must change my feelings. Instead of being concerned about myself (if it is good for me or bad for me, harmful or useful to me), I go outside of myself to the outer world and begin to be concerned about it.

That is, I am searching for how I can serve its benefit or, at least, not harm it.

Because of this, I acquire a sixth sense. In addition to seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching, I begin to feel what is happening outside of me. So, I feel what is really happening, without any interference from my side. I no longer insert all the information inside, process it, and adjust it to fit my interests, as now we look at everything from the point of view of the benefit or harm that it brings to us.

However, if I go outside of myself, then I will see the outer world as it is. I develop the external sense independent of my feelings. If we learn to develop this sense organ, then we reveal the world in which we already exist today but don’t see. Of all of reality, we perceive only a tiny portion called “this world.”

When we just expand our physical senses and produce more developed telescopes and microscopes, it doesn’t change the picture significantly. After all these sensations is the same small, limited egoistic desire. Instead of a desire to receive, I must acquire a desire to bestow that acts for the good of the world outside.

If I act for the good of the other, then I always am absorbing desire from the outside, from all of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, and people, and from all the spiritual forces that are not yet unknown to me: Malachim (angels), Heichalot (palaces), Chayot HaKodesh (sacred animals) and the corrected souls of the great Kabbalists. I take all of the desire from them in order to bestow to them, and, in this way, I increase my Kli in height, width, depth, and intensity; and that is how I encompass all of creation.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/20/14

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Our Own Judges

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we be the judges in a conflict between two people when each one thinks that he is right?

Answer: In such a dispute we should complement the deficiency of each side. Both need to complement their education. It isn’t an individual who has committed a crime against humanity any more, like theft or rape, but two people who have a dispute. And so they have to go to court and see what each one lacks in order to reach an agreement between them. The court fills each one to such an extent that they can become a corrected beneficial part of society.

Question: Does that mean that the judge can raise a person to a higher level of participating in social life? Does that mean that eventually everyone will have to be on that same level or will each one remain on his own level?

Answer: Everyone has to be under the continuous influence of the education system that educates a man. After all, our ego is constantly growing and there will constantly be disputes between people. We have to intensify our integral education, that is, learn to connect between us in a better way with the growing ego.

This issue has to be in the center of public concern and in the media. We have to constantly learn the proper interaction, like our children who go to school every day. When we graduate, we cannot gladly throw away our books and think that we are free.

There is no freedom from society! I am part of the society and I have to know how to be incorporated in it correctly, every day and every moment, in the workplace, on the road, at home with the family, with the children, with the husband or the wife, with friends, with everyone. I have to constantly improve my ability to do so.

Thus we will not need judges and a judicial system, because in the constant system of the integral education we will be able to clarify every case between us, will be our own judges, and will also carry out the verdict. The judge will become an educator and a guide. The whole country needs to be divided into regions according to work places and residential areas, and by using the media everyone has to be incorporated in this system. As a citizen I have some responsibility to the state and have to be incorporated in this system. For example, I have to study half an hour each day in my work place through the Internet or in the local community center, and to be under the supervision of a guide and the right environment.

At first I listen to lectures about the need to connect and to be mutually incorporated, and then we have a workshop where we can clarify what we understand from the material and implement it in the connections between us. Everyone has to do this without an exception. Then the education and the judicial systems will merge into one system.

In the past everyone was religious and it was customary to go to the synagogue or to the church every day and even several times a day. This is exactly how we should engage in integral education. This is how the Israeli nation lived two thousand years ago, but after the destruction of the Temple the whole system fell apart.

Question: It appears that in a corrected society every citizen regardless of his age, whether he is a young child or an elderly person, has to work on connection and on the right attitude towards others every day?

Answer: Absolutely. This is necessary even for the oldest people. If it is difficult for them to leave home, we should arrange for them to study at home. As long as a person is alive he has to constantly improve his attitude towards society. This is how the corrected society operates.

Question: Will there be a judicial system in a corrected society?

Answer: When everyone studies according to the integral education everyone will learn how to be judges, how to implement a verdict, and how to fulfill this decision on themselves and on others. All this will be generated in the circles when we gather to clarify and to listen to the right laws concerning the global integral connection among us.
From the program “A New Life” 6/17/2014

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 07.21.14

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