If There Is No Communication, There Is No Peace

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are accustomed to perceive everything through the mind, rational proof, and explanations. Even if we are still in concealment, but there are some fragments between which there is something still unclear, it is already possible to assemble a picture and live with it. However, the general public does not need such explanations. Its perception is more emotional.

You just need to build on our history. Israel is a people organized by Abraham and Moses as a special community of people, living as one man with one heart, according to the laws of love for one’s neighbor as oneself. It is the condition in which the nation of Israel exists. If we fall from this level to unfounded hatred, then we come to destruction of the people and go into exile.

Now, by performing all the necessary conditions, we need again to strengthen our unity and become one man with one heart. Then, we will be called the people of Israel in the land of Israel.

Everything that happens around us does not matter. It comes only in order to compel us to fulfill this condition. All this should be brought gradually to people in sensation, through the heart. In essence, we explain on what conditions we can continue to exist.

All this is strange, illogical, and irrational. The people of Israel are a strange phenomenon in this world, and everyone knows that. However, this irrational community is more robust and stable than all the other nations that ever existed in history.

All this must be announced immediately and completely openly, without any breaks. People are ready for this, and every day their conditions will worsen. The new trend is that, today, the main control is in the broad public. The main weapon is a broad world view that requires each country to act according to it, and not otherwise.

In this way, the Creator governs us through parts of humanity. The force of weapons solves nothing now. The war is going to another level: the confrontation of opinions. In fact, this is a media war. Everything is determined by who rules in the media and what type they are. As a result, we need to understand that if there is no communication between people, there is no peace!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Shamati #68

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