A People Or A Bunch Of Refugees?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is to be done in this situation where missiles are flying and a siren is blaring all the time? How must I act so that a rocket will not hit me?

Answer: In order for missiles not to hit us, it is necessary to influence it somehow, and, first of all, it is necessary to scrutinize what kind of a force is sending it. Certainly, everything is sent by the upper force. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains that only one system operates in the world, that is directing us toward correction.

From the days of ancient Babylon, from the days of our father Abraham who began this process, until our day, we are advancing toward correction, and the correction is to connect into a single whole.

Abraham began this correction from a small group of people who called themselves “Israel,” Yashar-El. He taught them how to reach unity, bestowal, and love. For some time, the people of Israel maintained a state of unity like this—during the Egyptian exile, the wandering in the wilderness, the First and Second Temples, until hatred toward each other was discovered in us.

From the level of brotherly love, we fell to unfounded hatred, and since then, we have been living within this hatred, separated in mutual loathing. This state is called “exile,” and we have lived in this state until today.

Close to a hundred years ago, we got the opportunity to return to the land of Israel and to begin living in it again as the people of Israel in its own nation. However, the people of Israel can exist in the land of Israel only on condition that love of others as yourself permeates there: All of Israel are friends connected with mutual guarantee, and it is impossible to do to another what is hateful to you.

However, we are not carrying out these conditions, and so we are not approaching a state in which it is possible to call us the people of Israel living in the land of Israel. In the meantime, this is just a gathering of exiles and refugees who settled in this place thanks to temporary conditions given to us by nature.

We have no merit to be living in this land like this. The Kabbalists wrote about this in every generation, and today we must understand that everything that was written by them truly is being realized in us in our day. Either we accept the conditions upon ourselves according to which the people of Israel must live in the land of Israel—in other words, connected and unified—or we will have no place, not only on the soil of Israel, but no place in the world at all.

For the nations of the world, suppose that, existing like this, we are causing damage to the entire world. We want missiles not to fall on us, that we should be respected all over the world and related to as all other peoples. However, it won’t happen this way, and it will never happen.

We cannot be like everyone else because we must be greater than everyone else because this is how nature is built, that specifically through us, the higher power reaches this world and calms it down, gives it fulfillment. If we become a Light to all the other peoples, the matchmaker that connects the upper force with the whole world, then we can be high and respected. However, if we don’t behave like this, then all kinds of unpleasantness can be expected for us which, in the end, will oblige us to carry out our mission.

Do you want a ceasefire? We have one solution: to be a conduit between the upper force, which is good and benevolent, and the whole world. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains how to implement this. We must actively transform to become “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation”; in other words, to educate ourselves and teach the world how to be bestowers, connectors, loving each other.

No one is to blame, no person in the world, including our most terrible haters who blame us from all directions. We have no one to blame, except ourselves, for our negligence, our laziness, our delay in the correction that we must bring to the world. This is because, beginning from the time of the Ari and on, we are in an era of correction, and it is specifically we who must bring it to the world.

All of the Kabbalists, beginning from the Ari, wrote about our generation, about our day, as being about the revelation of the upper force in the world, and this revelation is done through a simple action: the unification of the people of Israel.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel” 7/8/14

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  1. Thank you Dr. Laitman, I know you’ve discussed this issue before but it was extremely helpful for me to have your perspective on what is happening currently, why this is happening and how the people of Israel can resolve it. I admit I have had a feeling of anger and separation from those who are trying to bring harm to Israel and it’s citizens, it is very challenging to hear the news and not react, but I know now it’s about moving my thoughts back to and keeping them on unification and love as the answer. Thank you, Shalom~

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