“Governments Are Power Systems, Trying To Sustain Power”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Noam Chomsky, American linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, Professor Emeritus at MIT, author of over 100 books): “Governments are power systems. … So for instance, if you read technology journals you learn that in robotics labs for some years there have been efforts to develop small drones, what they call ‘fly-sized drones,’ which can intrude into a person’s home and be almost invisible and carry out constant surveillance. You can be sure that the military is very much interested in this, and the intelligence systems as well, and will soon be using it. …

“Of course, they’ve always played the security card. But I think one should be very cautious about such claims. Every government pleads security for almost anything it’s doing, so since the plea is predictable it essentially carries no information. If after the event the power system claims security, that doesn’t mean it’s actually a functioning principle. And if you look at the record, you discover that security is generally a pretext and security is not a high priority of governments. If by that I mean the security of the population — security of the power system itself and the domestic interests it represents, yes, that’s a concern.”

My Comment: The state cannot be better than the people, and the government is always worse than it, because the way to the top is possible only due to huge egoism. Only changes from below are able to force the authorities to change themselves and society, because they involve the upper force.

Within the same egoistic development, no change to a better government can take place because egoism cannot change itself for the better; it requires the influence of the Upper Light.

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