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Unite Or Die

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Today there is a war; rockets are falling and Israelis are looking for shelter. This catastrophic situation is forcing many people, even those who are secular, to pray for salvation. This is happening on its own, naturally.

Answer: This is regular animalistic fear. A person wants to escape the threat, to save himself from misery, i.e., the lack of fulfillment, and the negativity that has been revealed. Essentially, if a person does not pray for unity, then he is no different from an animal, to whom it is also natural to strive to keep safe from disaster.

The addition of the human level is the ability to understand the cause of evil, ask for correction and a desire for unity with others. This approach is opposite to the usual egoistic state, and this will allow man to save himself from disaster. It can only be done through unity.

Question: The Creator says that He actually wins our wars, not us. What does this mean?

Answer: We do not have the strength to prevail over the current conditions and use them for the good. We only have enough strength to conquer, defy, and kill those who were assigned from Above to play the part of our enemies. However, this does not solve the problem or correct anything. If we succeed, it can raise our opinion of ourselves, make us more proud, and distance us further from the goal, which is self-correction. In this way, our success in a corporeal war does not lead to goodness.

But if after the combat, we use the lulls to “return to the source,” that is, to form the correct system of relationships between the people of Israel, as well as between them and all the nations of the Diaspora, then we will really use the war as intended.

But if we do not do this, then victory makes us live in a fantasy world and think that we are better than others. This will result in even greater disaster for us in the future, which will promptly follow.

Comment: The nations of the world blatantly criticize Israel for protecting their citizens from terror.

Answer: And this is just the beginning. Everyone in the world, including the Jews of the Diaspora, will eventually be against us. Everyone abroad fiercely despises those who live in Israel. And the people of Israel will divide.

Where does this kind of hatred lead? First of all, they will break all ties with us, and without them, it is impossible to exist in the modern world.

Then, they will demand that we do not touch the Arabs, and they will support them. And what will we do then? The global mass media do not forgive us for defending ourselves and they blame us for the death of innocent people. But when rockets fly at our civilians, terrorists are getting away with it.

Why is this? Because the world does not see us as innocent. They see us as guilty, even without any connection to the war. In essence, this is their message: “Either you correct the world or die. Otherwise, get out of here.” Moreover, I am not sure there will be a country willing to accept us. Who needs the Jews if they only bring misery to the world? Let them drown in the sea.

Comment: This looks like a war for survival.

Answer: This is a natural state, there is nothing new here. These laws were described to us a long time ago and we finally need to acknowledge them. Yes, we are die-hard stubborn and cannot be “broken,” but to what degree?

Question: Is there anything new about the current war? Does it attest to a new stage of development?

Answer: This new degree of development is in people beginning to feel helpless. Even if the current campaign gives us a break, there is no actual solution. The entire world is against us, all our neighbors are against us, and we will not even be allowed to fight them. There is no hope for a way out.

The Arabs, who lived here before our return, demand their land back, they disagree with this land becoming the home for Israel and ask, “What right did you have to kick us out of here 66 years ago? We disagree. This is our land.” Each of them can say this and will be right.

On what basis did we come here and exile them? Only doing it for their good can justify this action. And only the Upper Force gives us the basis to do this, because we must bring the entire world to correction. In this case, the situation is different because we act for the benefit of all the people, including those who lived here.

When we step on this path, we will see that they also see that we are right and will agree with it. And then,as the prophet Joshua said, the nations of the world will lift the sons of Israel onto their shoulders and carry them to Jerusalem. They will help us do everything.
Excerpt from “The Writings of Kabbalists. The Wars of Israel,” part 2, 07.18.2014

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A Pioneering Force That Lost Its Way

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is up to Israel to be the first to discover, show the way, and lead all the others. If Israel doesn’t carry out its task, it will feel pressure from all those who are detained behind it. The general system pushes everyone from behind, and then they press the pioneering force that lost its way and forgot about its mission.

This is the picture that we see today in the world. Most of the people of Israel have no idea of its special mission. Even though this is written in our books, the people don’t see this and don’t want to read it; they don’t understand that this is connected to them. Likewise the leaders of the people don’t show this to them.

Consequently, after having moved further and further away from our mission, we deteriorate more and more. We make our situation more severe and feel a growing negative attitude from the nations of the world in regard to us. The nations of the world are that part of humanity that is said to follow us on the way that we have paved.

Without us, humanity will not succeed in paving the way for itself. The order is that Israel is obligated to go first. We hope that we can explain this both to the pioneering force itself and in general to all the rest, not only the people of Israel, but also to all the peoples of the world.

In ancient Babylon Abraham spoke about creation, about the way that it must traverse, about the task of the person on this path, that he must be concerned about all of nature.

When Israel corrects itself, it also corrects the nations of the world, and through them it corrects the still, vegetative, and animate nature. It is up to us to be concerned about everything. The more we delay our correction, the more we cause greater chaos in nature, in the ecology.

It is up to Israel to feel the pioneering force itself and carry out its mission.

King David writes in the Book of Psalms: (Psalms 23:6) “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.” The pressure that is activated on us from all directions is called “goodness and mercy,” which follows us throughout life, for without it we would forget about the exalted mission that has been imposed upon us.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/23/14

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There Is Nothing More To Hide!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we organize a workshop in a circle, do we need to talk about the Upper Light, about the wisdom of Kabbalah, or is simple connection and unity enough?

Answer: Today it is possible to speak with people about everything that touches upon correction. There is nothing more to hide! It is possible to speak on the highest level. The problem is only in whether they will understand you. But nobody will be opposed. Don’t be afraid to reveal to people as much as you can of the true Torah, they will not reject you.

Your basis is evidence that is five thousand years old: beginning from Adam HaRishon, Abraham, Moses, all the patriarchs. All of the following generations of Kabbalists spoke about the same thing, about the correction of the world that Israel must carry out.

For thousands of years until today, we have been preparing for this moment, and now finally the time for correction has come! All of the Kabbalists wrote about our time: that at the end of the twentieth century we would be entering into the period of the end of correction.

All of this must be explained to people every time  in words that are understandable, depending on the audience. It is similar to the way science is adapted for children of various ages, accompanied by all kinds of games and exercises. The method of correction is like this, adapting this higher spiritual wisdom for every person to use.

At the time we begin to be involved with people, we are already carrying out a correction. It is specifically we who are realizing this correction and not them. Our organizing them in a circle already constitutes the correction.

We organize a workshop and provide questions for discussion through which people clarify the essence of everything that we are talking about now: What is the uniqueness of the people of Israel, its obligation to correct the whole world?And with this we are carrying out a correction.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/8/14

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Learn The Wisdom Of Bringing Hearts Together

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to explain to people what the Light that Reforms is? Nobody will believe me.

Answer: Involve them in an activity so they will feel this power themselves. Use fewer words, the main thing is that a person will get the sensation that is in the connection, that between us it is possible to create a good state. It is necessary to reach unity and closeness of hearts, and then people will feel that within this connection of the hearts there is a general higher force present for them that can control them and fill them to perfection.

If you give people an experience like this that they feel, then there will be no need to explain anything to them. You think that it is necessary to explain things like in a lecture at a university from the point of view of logic, but there is no logic here. This is something that is completely irrational.

An irrational phenomenon means that it is impossible to see a precise system that is active between the initial state and the result in it.  The system is hidden because we don’t have the senses and mind that would make it possible to see it.

This is an internal system of nature that is not seen by us. But if we near it, we begin to discern it and this world will appear transparent to us. The connections between all of its parts will be revealed and then we will see how we are connected: Israel, every human being, and all the events that are happening with us now.

Then it will be clear to us that we have no other choice in this situation: First and foremost we, as the ones who possess this method, must go out and begin to explain it to people. And we must explain that in this we are turning to the feelings of people, not their intellect, guiding them through specific states and performing exercises with them from which the understanding will come to them.

The people themselves will scrutinize all the answers by discussing our questions in circle. We don’t need to prompt them with the answer; they will find it by themselves, and that is how they will advance time after time.

That is the game! That is the way a small child learns about life. It is possible to explain it to him a thousand times, but this won’t help until he tries himself, trying to do it one way or another, and in the end it succeeds for him. In this manner he learns. It is impossible to get by without effort, without investing energy in something that we don’t know. That is how we learn and grow.

We organize a workshop in a circle and ask questions, and within the circle it is necessary to attain such a connection that within this state of unity there will be a clear answer for everyone. This is natural and true learning, like a child does. In this way we open ourselves; we develop and grow without frivolously repeating the words and opinions of someone like a mantra. Only in this way does a person grow. Despite the state of emergency and the missiles, we must go to every place where they can hear us, even in the shelters, and do everything that is required of us at this time.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel,” 7/8/14

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Following Instructions Of The Torah

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the difference between the balance in relationships between people and the balance of each one with nature?

Answer: It is one and the same because the system within which we exist is integral. We all are included in one another in all possible variations: with the still, vegetative, and animal natures, and among ourselves. This enormous multi-level system is so interdependent and multilayered that we cannot grasp it on our own.

The only thing we can do is to work with it trying to be integrally interconnected through correct directions that the Torah gives us (Torah is from the word “Ora’a” –  “instructions” or “guide”). By following its guidance, we will begin to feel how this system is correctly influencing us and we influence it, and a mutual correspondence between us and the Creator appears.

In other words, in our relationships, a sense of eternity, perfection, and harmony appears, and we, by balancing our relationships with each other and the nature around us, uncover the possibility for the revelation of unity, which is called the Creator.

The Creator does not exist outside our connection. This is why it is said not to create an image for yourself because the Creator does not have a guise.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of Eternal Book” 2/18/14

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Unity Of Israel: Time Is Running Out

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: From the sources we know that the Creator has always been involved in all of our wars. He is the one who is in charge, depending on whether we fulfill our role or not. All of the victories and losses of the people of Israel were determined by Him, according to our success or failure in realizing our main goal.

Answer: It seems that the Creator is not connected at all with His Mitzvot (commandments). Similarly, a person doesn’t want to listen to doctors who advise him about the right nutrition. He says: “It isn’t important. I know by myself what I am should eat.”

But then troubles and diseases begin and the person doesn’t understand why this is happening to him. So the doctors say: “But we warned you that not all food products are beneficial for health. You caused the trouble yourself.” He replies “What all are you saying? I didn’t do anything! How could I have known?”

There is no reason to justify yourself by saying that you didn’t see the obstacle. The law is the law. If I eat something toxic now, I am could become ill, or die from it.

All of nature is a system of absolute laws. If I know how to use them, it is good for me, and if I don’t, ignorance of these laws doesn’t ease my fate.

So let’s show maturity and understand that if we are constantly faced with various problems, this means that we are not aware of the laws of the system. Nature is a scientific matter, it is wisdom, it is a complex of forces that connect and work together on various levels, whether it is the macrocosms, chemical reactions, or human relations. Systems operate everywhere, and if we don’t recognize the laws of their operation, then we constantly invite all kinds of troubles upon ourselves.

As a result, we all suffer. And our main problem is that we don’t learn from our mistakes. We constantly monitor a little child so he won’t get into trouble. And nobody is following us and we are making all kinds of mistakes. How does the higher power handle us?

The higher power is the general universal law of nature that includes all of the particular laws. This comprehensive law explains to us how the system of creation works. And today, thanks to the crisis, we are gradually beginning to discover it.

First, in the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, we see that all parts of this system are connected and interdependent. They complement and support each other, all of them except for humans. And now we personally understand that we must keep the right and good interconnection, otherwise we cause the same crisis in all kinds of areas, whether it is in education, the family, work, commerce, industry , etc.

Everything that we have built, all of the systems of relationships that we have created since coming down from the trees and becoming human beings, is all egoistic. The ego encourages us to profit at the expense of one another. Basically we don’t resemble the integral analog system of nature. Humanity is not adjusted to it.

So we are constantly receiving blows, especially in our present stage of development. And it is no wonder: Throughout the entire length of the process our ego has constantly been growing, and as a result, the blows are stronger.

On the other hand, the Creator is the general law that connects all parts of reality into one complete system. What does it lack in order to be complete? It lacks a humanity that exists according to the same laws. People must understand the need for good connection,empathy, and love. In fact, this is saying that it is necessary to become like one person with one heart. This is the condition.

Question: Is this a condition for all people?

Answer: Right. But among all of the peoples there is one unique group of people, it must be the first to fulfill this condition and after that to provide an example to all the rest. As long as it doesn’t’ provide this example, everyone hates it and blames it for all the problems.

Question: Does this mean that the world is not balanced today because of Israel?

Answer: Yes, the Jews are not giving the world the right example to show them how to organize the good life. We must be teachers, or to using the words of the Torah (Exodus 19:6) “a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation” (Isaiah 49:6), a “Light to the nations.”

And the wars, including the current standoff, testify to the imbalance of the system in which the Jews are not fulfilling their role. Moreover, this is only the beginning; we are facing more difficult ecological problems if we don’t begin to equilibrate with one another.

From the first immigration to the land of Israel, a particular time was allocated to the Jews to organize themselves correctly. But we have not done so, and at the moment a very difficult period is beginning. We must begin to connect and show the world that this is for its own good. And then people will understand this, they will feel a need for us and will help us.

The time has arrived to loudly annouce: “Yes, we understand that we must serve as an example of the right connection between people for everyone, that we must live according to the principle of bestowal: (Isaiah 41:6) “They helped every one his neighbor,” (Shabbat 31a) “Don’t do to your friend what is hateful to you,” (Leviticus 19:18) “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” we must become “one person with one heart.” Yes, we must become one whole, as it is written: “All of Israel are friends.” We are beginning to work on this, and we promise you that we are making all efforts and will be a good example to you, so that everyone, the whole world, will reach this.

If without shame we proclaim this before everyone, suddenly they will begin to understand us. Even the greatest anti-Semites will understand from where their inner drive comes: “This is the reason that I hate them… .”

Question: How does the wisdom of Kabbalah explain our relationships with the Creator, that is, the primary factor causing the consequences in the fate of the people and the world?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah makes it possible for us to understand and to feel the entire system. It gives us the sense of the laws of nature. When we begin to study this system, we begin to discern its facets: This is good and that is bad, this must continue, and that should be avoided. We see how it is necessary to be integrated into a society correctly; how the society must be integrated into humanity; how humanity must be integrated with the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate of the universe; how we can go outside to feel the upper worlds; and how to live in all of these worlds.

All of humanity must reach this. This is the general correction for which we are responsible.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: The Wars of Israel” 7/18/14

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 9

From the book, The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

The phenomenon of Kolobok [(]

How would an honest taxpayer react if in the middle of the native or non-native town, on the main square, on the central billboard, he suddenly saw information about yourself? The most innocuous. Let’s say, his name, hobbies, and a few photos of his family and friends.

It’s hard to imagine that this fact would fill a person with pride. Most likely, he would try to have this information removed from the billboard and the perpetrators punished.

But these are toys in comparison to what is happening on social networks. Information about each of us that is “open” on the web and that we have voluntarily provided was available only to special services only a decade ago. Now everything is different.

There is no anonymity, accept this!

Beginning from any starting point, you can make a complete dossier on anyone. It does not matter where you start: Social Security numbers, MAC-addresses, email addresses, or license plates. This information can give you everything about anyone.

By the way, if there is a lack of information about someone, you don’t need to look for witnesses and dig in archives. Everything is much simpler. Contact the right person through a social network directly, just be sure to back up the request by a smiley – a small picture with a jaundiced Kolobok.

For this Kolobok, your client not only will gladly provide you with all you need, but even will thank you, that is, will click on “Like.”

Amazing things are happening in the world.

Using the Internet and mobile technologies in the Obama campaign proved the real power of online social networks. (Christakis, N and Fowler, J. Connected: The Surprising Power of Our Social Networks)

We have to admit that something is happening in the world. A nation, or rather nations, quietly, and clearly not deliberately, are drawn to collective values.

Here are some interesting data about the world’s most popular social network Facebook:

More than 1 billion people are registered on Facebook.

More than 2.5 billion photos and 14 million videos are uploaded by users every month.

Online are more than 1.6 million active pages, and if you add up all the fans, you get a figure of 5.3 billion (one user can be a fan of many pages).

There are more than 1.6 million active pages, and if you add up all the fans, you will get a figure of 5.3 billion (one user can be a fan of many pages).

Facebook has been translated into more than 70 languages.

Over 300,000 users helped translate Facebook.

U.S. psychologists presented a new diagnosis – Facebook-dependence (FAD).

A recent survey of 500 U.S. colleges revealed that 10% of admissions departments viewed profiles on Facebook to assess applicants. Members of admissions committees said that what they saw created a mostly negative impact on their opinion.

One user’s post on Facebook has led to kidney donation.

It’s hard to ignore these facts, and you cannot explain this by nostalgia for favorite classmates. By the way, these and other data, among other things, suggest that the average user, i.e., the user, has acquired unheard-of possibilities. With the help of social networks, an ordinary student can become a billionaire, and an ordinary student is able to have hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets. And it’s not funny.

This is about the student.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s creator) is the youngest billionaire in the world.

The estimated value of Facebook has grown to US $ 50 billion. (The New York Times (

And this is about another student.

Between 350 to 450 thousand people were gathered on the 3rd of September, 2011, in various cities of Israel. Several sources called this demonstration “the most massive in the history of Israel.”

The protests were initiated by 25-year old student Daphne Leef. (Wikipedia, “The 2011 Social Justice Protests”)

The most interesting thing is that all these above-mentioned trends somehow correlated with the Jews. Whether they like it or not. At least in this form.

– Take a lesson from Zuckerberg!

– What Zuckerberg?

– Any Zuckerberg!

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Light Channel System

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What are the ways of adding the intention to the seminars that are conducted for the general public?

Answer: The common thread of any seminar should be the thought that if we want to feel good there is no other way but realizing that we all are a part of one unified system and are totally interconnected.

It means that if we act as equals, as if we were members of one family, we’d be able to lead good lives because we’d be compatible with nature.

At this time, nature doesn’t require us to be “anti-egoistic,” nor does it want us to elevate above our ego. So far, nature wants us to realize the fact that we are all “tied” to each other, depend on each other as gears in one mechanism, and have to “rotate” in mutual harmony. This is what nature demands of humanity as a whole

However, humanity that now numbers seven billion has an internal part in; the role of this internal part is to serve as a conductor of the mutual force that can synchronize our moves in a “common dance.” In fact, it is the power of the Light. Only the Light can arrange all seven billion to consider each other and interact in a harmonious manner. It is the Light that creates coherence and originates reciprocal, mutual sensations in us; the Light influences everybody in an integral and unified way, thus bringing the entire system to act.

However, in order for the Light to descend and do its job, we need an “adapter” between it and humanity. The part that fulfills this job is called Israel. Our role is maintaining connection with the Light. It means that among us, in our little Bnei Baruch group we need to establish not just a family type of connection, but something much broader than that.

We have to be similar to the Light in our intention to bestow to each other so our friends become more important to us than we are to ourselves so that all our actions benefit and serve our friends. It is not enough to live as a common family in an “ant hill.” I exist only to bring benefit to all of Bnei Baruch. This is the real work for the sake of bestowal.

This is how the Light manifests itself; it happens because our joint desires are similar to the Light in their qualities, then the Light reveals in us and through us to the rest of seven billion.

However, the Light acts quite differently in the rest of humanity. First, only on the principle of bringing people together: “Don’t do to others what you hate for yourself.” Then, the Light gradually people reach “loving their neighbor as themselves.” So far it is due to mutual interdependence. Only after this level is attained do people approach the level of “loving the Creator.”

Accordingly, there are three steps that are defined by the Torah as commandments:

1. Do not do to others what you hate for yourself.

2. Love thy neighbor as thyself.

3. Love the Lord your God.

All of the above refers to unity among people within one spiritual system.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/14, Shamati #60

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Convention In Colombia “Day Three” – 07.27.14

Convention in Colombia “Day Three,” Lesson 4

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