Unity Of Israel: Time Is Running Out

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: From the sources we know that the Creator has always been involved in all of our wars. He is the one who is in charge, depending on whether we fulfill our role or not. All of the victories and losses of the people of Israel were determined by Him, according to our success or failure in realizing our main goal.

Answer: It seems that the Creator is not connected at all with His Mitzvot (commandments). Similarly, a person doesn’t want to listen to doctors who advise him about the right nutrition. He says: “It isn’t important. I know by myself what I am should eat.”

But then troubles and diseases begin and the person doesn’t understand why this is happening to him. So the doctors say: “But we warned you that not all food products are beneficial for health. You caused the trouble yourself.” He replies “What all are you saying? I didn’t do anything! How could I have known?”

There is no reason to justify yourself by saying that you didn’t see the obstacle. The law is the law. If I eat something toxic now, I am could become ill, or die from it.

All of nature is a system of absolute laws. If I know how to use them, it is good for me, and if I don’t, ignorance of these laws doesn’t ease my fate.

So let’s show maturity and understand that if we are constantly faced with various problems, this means that we are not aware of the laws of the system. Nature is a scientific matter, it is wisdom, it is a complex of forces that connect and work together on various levels, whether it is the macrocosms, chemical reactions, or human relations. Systems operate everywhere, and if we don’t recognize the laws of their operation, then we constantly invite all kinds of troubles upon ourselves.

As a result, we all suffer. And our main problem is that we don’t learn from our mistakes. We constantly monitor a little child so he won’t get into trouble. And nobody is following us and we are making all kinds of mistakes. How does the higher power handle us?

The higher power is the general universal law of nature that includes all of the particular laws. This comprehensive law explains to us how the system of creation works. And today, thanks to the crisis, we are gradually beginning to discover it.

First, in the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, we see that all parts of this system are connected and interdependent. They complement and support each other, all of them except for humans. And now we personally understand that we must keep the right and good interconnection, otherwise we cause the same crisis in all kinds of areas, whether it is in education, the family, work, commerce, industry , etc.

Everything that we have built, all of the systems of relationships that we have created since coming down from the trees and becoming human beings, is all egoistic. The ego encourages us to profit at the expense of one another. Basically we don’t resemble the integral analog system of nature. Humanity is not adjusted to it.

So we are constantly receiving blows, especially in our present stage of development. And it is no wonder: Throughout the entire length of the process our ego has constantly been growing, and as a result, the blows are stronger.

On the other hand, the Creator is the general law that connects all parts of reality into one complete system. What does it lack in order to be complete? It lacks a humanity that exists according to the same laws. People must understand the need for good connection,empathy, and love. In fact, this is saying that it is necessary to become like one person with one heart. This is the condition.

Question: Is this a condition for all people?

Answer: Right. But among all of the peoples there is one unique group of people, it must be the first to fulfill this condition and after that to provide an example to all the rest. As long as it doesn’t’ provide this example, everyone hates it and blames it for all the problems.

Question: Does this mean that the world is not balanced today because of Israel?

Answer: Yes, the Jews are not giving the world the right example to show them how to organize the good life. We must be teachers, or to using the words of the Torah (Exodus 19:6) “a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation” (Isaiah 49:6), a “Light to the nations.”

And the wars, including the current standoff, testify to the imbalance of the system in which the Jews are not fulfilling their role. Moreover, this is only the beginning; we are facing more difficult ecological problems if we don’t begin to equilibrate with one another.

From the first immigration to the land of Israel, a particular time was allocated to the Jews to organize themselves correctly. But we have not done so, and at the moment a very difficult period is beginning. We must begin to connect and show the world that this is for its own good. And then people will understand this, they will feel a need for us and will help us.

The time has arrived to loudly annouce: “Yes, we understand that we must serve as an example of the right connection between people for everyone, that we must live according to the principle of bestowal: (Isaiah 41:6) “They helped every one his neighbor,” (Shabbat 31a) “Don’t do to your friend what is hateful to you,” (Leviticus 19:18) “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” we must become “one person with one heart.” Yes, we must become one whole, as it is written: “All of Israel are friends.” We are beginning to work on this, and we promise you that we are making all efforts and will be a good example to you, so that everyone, the whole world, will reach this.

If without shame we proclaim this before everyone, suddenly they will begin to understand us. Even the greatest anti-Semites will understand from where their inner drive comes: “This is the reason that I hate them… .”

Question: How does the wisdom of Kabbalah explain our relationships with the Creator, that is, the primary factor causing the consequences in the fate of the people and the world?

Answer: The wisdom of Kabbalah makes it possible for us to understand and to feel the entire system. It gives us the sense of the laws of nature. When we begin to study this system, we begin to discern its facets: This is good and that is bad, this must continue, and that should be avoided. We see how it is necessary to be integrated into a society correctly; how the society must be integrated into humanity; how humanity must be integrated with the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate of the universe; how we can go outside to feel the upper worlds; and how to live in all of these worlds.

All of humanity must reach this. This is the general correction for which we are responsible.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write: The Wars of Israel” 7/18/14

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