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There Is Nothing To Envy

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we naturally want to receive the Torah as a kind of good, which we are “supposed” to receive?

Answer: And who said that the Torah, the method of correction, is perceived as good?

It is said: “I created the evil inclination, and I made the Torah as its spice.” The Creator created, on the one hand, evil, and on the other hand, a “spice,” against it, the force of correction. But what good is in it? What is good if I have a damaged car that needs to be fixed?

Look at the world. Who envies the Jewish people because they received the Torah? Except the people who are attracted to the purpose of creation, to correction, others can bring a variety of definitions of the Torah, and no one would name the Light that Reforms. No one will say that the essence of the Torah is the correction of evil in oneself and that we need to immerse ourselves in this process.

Our definition of the Torah as the Light that Reforms does not seem to bode well. We are talking about the force of correction which confronts all the evil that should be revealed in us. Revelation of evil is always very unpleasant, uncomfortable, and not gentle. This is something terrible: a grave illness and a cure for it.

It is no coincidence that children live through some diseases that will ensure their continued immunity. We need to experience every state on the path, discovering evil in each, suffering from it, and then correcting it.

So, who needs this? In the correct definition of this word, the term “Israel” promises sweet life to no one. If you look at the history of the Jewish people, then there is nothing to envy. Only a handful of people in the world are attached to Israel to share its fate. Perhaps they may have inherited their attraction from the Reshimot (reminiscences) of the lost tribes.

It is difficult to expect a mass influx there where we are working against egoism.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/9/14, “Unity of the People”

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The World As A Sci-Fi Movie

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If Israel is the engineer who is responsible for the proper functioning of the world system, what should they know in order to do their job?

Answer: Israel has to know all about the system—about the force that manages the system and the system itself—in order to properly connect it with the upper force.

The upper force is the next level above us, and right below it is Israel, and below it, the rest of the world. There are three levels, and this is what the system looks like.

Israel receives orders from the upper force and conveys it downward, adapting them for this transmission and acting like a head relative to the body.

Israel has to connect with the nations of the world and feel what they lack, and then raise their request upward to the upper, which is called MAN, a prayer. Then they have to adapt themselves correctly so that the upper force will be able to spread from the top down in the best possible way.

The Three Levels Of The System

This means that Israel has to act first and this will summon the next process in which the upper force will begin to operate.

This system includes all of reality: our desires, thoughts, and feelings. Our whole life changes, including our perception of reality and how we feel it. The world becomes a different place, like in a science fiction movie.

We begin to see the forces that operate in the world and the systems that are behind it. This world becomes a theater, guided and set in motion behind the scenes. Thus we perceive the control system. The external form is only necessary in order to allow us to connect to the internal system.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/18/14

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A Technician In Charge Of The Work Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I would like to have a scientific definition of what the unique role of the nation of Israel is in the general system. What forces operate here?

Answer: The nation of Israel is part of reality that advances towards the goal of creation under special conditions. In contrast to all the other parts of creation, every step they make forward can be done only according to their freewill.

The rest of nature: the still, vegetative, animate nature, and the nations of the world advance according to the fixed laws of nature that operate on them regardless of their desire. They must advance, while the nation of Israel has to consent to and understand every step that they make. They cannot advance unless they accept a certain step and want it.

But as a result, Israel begins to understand and feel how they advance, and discovers the force that helps them advance and where they are headed, to what form of existence, to what kind of world, and to which state. According to this understanding, Israel changes themselves, their form and their attitude towards the other parts of reality and first of all towards the other nations.

All of reality is a living, breathing system, which means a system that is constantly changing as it advances towards an ultimate goal. Israel however are the special part of the system that serve as a connecting adapter, as a link, a coordinator between the forces that manage the system and the parts that cannot come in contact with these forces by themselves since they have no freewill.

Therefore, Israel is obligated to take care of the rest of the system and serve as the link between the forces of the upper providence and the still, vegetative, animate nature, and the nations of the world.

Question: So, is Israel the technician who is responsible for the functioning of the whole system?

Answer: Yes, but Israel itself must change because otherwise they will not know how to take care of the system. They need to constantly grow: in their awareness of the upper force to call upon it to take care of the system,  in their recognition of all the other parts of the system, nature, and the nations of the world, and in communicating with them because they are the link between them.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/18/14

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A Spider Web of Trapped Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person gets tired and loses interest in his work, if he feels powerless and thinks that this path isn’t for him, it means that he hasn’t learned how to bring his separated parts, currently scattered around the world, closer to him. He doesn’t know how to grasp the empty vessels in which he can receive a filling.

After all, he is like a spider in the center of his web that catches desires,  which become part of his soul. from others in this network..

It is very important to understand that since we should constantly feel and yearn to be incorporated with the friends and absorb all their desires, I am like an egoist who constantly looks around with big greedy eyes for what else I can receive from the friends, which is an awakening, the importance of the goal, and connection!

I constantly envy them. I don’t disrespect them, but actually think that they conceal something from me. I am sure that each of them has something valuable for me, and that otherwise they would have no right to exist and I wouldn’t even see them. If I identify that someone exists, it means that he is a deficiency that I need in order to complete my soul.

This is how everyone should regard his friend. Therefore it says that everyone is meant to serve me, and by that I serve my Maker.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson /22/14

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The Systematic Approach Of The Wisdom Of Connection

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Integral education is not just games or pleasant encounters. Rather, this is a powerful, broad-minded, systematic method. What is needed for us to stop looking for solutions to problems only on an isolated individual level where we never find a solution, but to approach problems collectively, systematically?

Answer: The method of connection is a unique program for discovering the true reality through the development of our senses. We lack the tools for grasping reality. Physically, we have five senses—seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching—that work in particular ranges. If we were to extend our range of vision from minus to plus infinity, then we would see a different picture, and then this would no longer just be called “vision,” for we would perceive the world in the infrared and ultraviolet ranges, beyond the usual frequencies.

Hearing is also in waves, like everything that we feel. Suppose that it were possible to extend the range of audible waves from zero to higher frequencies without limit. Then, we would discover more wonderful phenomena which we are not conscious of yet. After all, we perceive what enters the range of frequencies that we sense, and, if the phenomenon is outside our frequency range, then we don’t see or hear it. Our senses of sight and hearing simply reject phenomena like these.

It is interesting that most of the neurons in our brain belong to the sense of smell. The entire brain is enveloped in cells responsible for the sense of smell. Apparently, once the sense of smell was an important function as it is with dogs where it is more important than hearing and even seeing. However, in the course of human evolution, the sense of smell lost its importance. Also, the sense of taste is more limited in people. A dog just needs to touch food to immediately determine if it is spoiled. An entire laboratory is working in a dog that gives him immediate results. However, a human is incapable of this. So, he is compelled to send samples to a laboratory and wait a week for the results. We have to train dogs to work in airports to find drugs or money by scent.

This means that humans lack sensations. But, even if we were to develop seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching, and opened ourselves to all the frequencies, we still would grasp only a small fraction of reality, because behind all the senses, stands our desire within which we perceive reality. The amount of desire determines the intensity of our perception.

The problem is that our desire is very small. How much do I want to see, to hear, to feel, and to taste? Just a little. That is, our perception is limited not only by the range of the senses, but also by the desire that stands behind them all.

However, the main limitation is that our desire makes it possible for us to perceive only what interests it, and we don’t pay attention to what doesn’t interest our ego. So, we don’t see the reality that is in front of us.

Of everything that is in front of me, I only see the small part that I am interested in or is useful or harmful to me. But if something doesn’t touch my desire from the point of view of its being good or bad, then I simply don’t see or perceive it.

Outside of me, there could be endless sources of influence, but they don’t interest me. I don’t want to pay attention to them, so I don’t discover them. I don’t feel them, and I live as if they don’t exist at all, and in the meantime, they influence me without my knowledge, just like radioactivity.

The only solution is to switch to a different form of perception, not egoistic. In other words, it is up to me to perceive not what is interesting or harmful to me, but to open myself to all of the reality that is in front of me, without knowing what it is.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/20/14

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The Beginning Of The Unity Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe oneness of the people of Israel is derived from the source that we call the wisdom of Kabbalah. The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the whole, the unified system and its laws. This system is nature, divinity. The law of the Light and Kli (vessel) operates in it, and everything is derived from it.

In relation to us, this system was created long ago. We were the last who were created within it and we must learn how to use it to bring ourselves to the first state of wholeness: the goal of creation. That is what we must attain.

In this system there are forces that act and parts that are acted upon. It is very complex. Thanks to its influence and the forces that act upon us, we develop.

As a result of this development we reach a state that is indicated by the wisdom of Kabbalah. Beginning with us and moving outward, we become active parts that can even activate the system. If we don’t do this, the system will influence us so that we still will want to use it properly.

After all, we live through feeling good or bad. Ultimately, this is all of our existence: We are between a good feeling and a bad feeling and we constantly try to get as close as possibly to the good and as far as possible from the bad. This is how the system motivates us.

In our development not all of us are equal. If we were equal, we would be one block and not many parts. Each part has its purpose, its cause, its source, as well as its process of correction and final form. Every part must carry out what is imposed upon it, what the system expects from it as an active part that needs to be in its place to realize its obligation.

In relation to all the parts of the system, humans are divided into two categories:

• Those that receive the opportunity for spiritual work, meaning, the opportunity to get to know the system and to work consciously within it through feeling and intellect, as they are obliged to come to self-realization.

• Those who still have not accepted this opportunity and will accept it much later, as is written,  “For they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:33).

This process gradually spreads out and includes everyone.  Also, we are also not the first. Before us there was Adam HaRishon (the first man), and Kabbalists in every generation. And we are active in our era. Therefore each one must learn about the source of his soul, know and comprehend it.

Those who receive spiritual awakening, to the extent of its implementation, are called Israel,  Yashar-El, directly to the Creator. And those who have not yet received an awakening are called the nations of the world. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have the possibility that was given to Israel; it simply hasn’t as yet been realized.

As a result of this, special work has been imposed upon Israel not only in regard to themselves, but also in relation to the nations of the world. And if among the nations of the world there are people who have accepted this message from Israel, then to that extent, the work of connection, help, support, encouragement and so on is also assigned to them. These two parts must work together, requiring unity among everyone so that they will interact correctly..

Further, Israel is also divided into parts: Cohanim (priests), Leviim (musicians, singers, teachers of Torah),  and Yisraelim (Israelites), who differ in their work. Among the nations of the world, there are seventy latent sources that also put a stamp upon their individual parts. But all of this will become clear on the way.

Today, in the present stage of development, everyone has received an awakening, an “invitation,”a call, a push, an opportunity for correction and for participation in the process. For some people, this call comes in a more conscious and focused form, pulling them forward. Others are not attracted as much and it pushes them from behind through blows, and “kicks.” One way or another both of them are moved by various kinds of suffering. There are “sufferings of love,” and there is a great variety of different kinds of suffering.

But in general, the present stage of historical development is characterized by everyone beginning to feel more or less, that we are living in a unique time and that humanity must pass through major changes. This is especially in matters of self-perception: What is it itself and what is the world? Here, of course, we are helped by various sciences.

A unique time has arrived which Kabbalists spoke about in advance. And all of the development of the people of Israel was intended specifically for this time; from the Babylonian era they passed through all kinds of stages of preparation, elevations, breakdowns, and exile so that today, they will be ready for their true, final role.

After all, Israel is a unique group in humanity that received direction, yearning, knowledge, mind, and feeling, everything necessary, to correct all of humanity.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/03/14, Lesson on the Topic “Unity of the People”

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The Judge’s Sentence: A Prescription For Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The justice system is designed to determine which activities are correct and which are not, to differentiate between good and evil, to protect our society, and encourage positive behavior. How should we properly build the justice system and what is its function in society?

Answer: The justice system is a system with an educational function. The role of the judge is to explain to people the essence of what happened in each case, the positive and negative aspects of the event regarding the individual and society, in relation to animals, plants, nature, and the Creator. Judges must explain the essence of this action or another.

The action can be realized in a desire, in a thought, or actively, with respect to the person himself, his relatives, and the nation. The judge is a person who understands the deep meaning of creation, the laws of nature, and explains the perverseness of a person’s internal and external behavior that he must correct.

Why is the justice system necessary? The fact is that still, vegetative, and the animate nature operate instinctively, managed by an internal system that doesn’t ask about their desires and doesn’t provide them with any freedom of choice. They act according to the form of the system that moves them.

We cannot blame the lion when he attacks the deer, for this is his nature. This is neither bad nor good; this is simply instinct. However, about a person, we can say that he does good or bad things. We can judge his thoughts, desires, and actions.

For this reason, people need information and education. They should be taught about everything in life. In contrast, animals don’t need to learn anything; it’s enough to feed them and they grow, and along with the addition of kilograms, they get the right attitude toward their environment and will be able to survive.

No animal sends its offspring to school. Only humans need this. After all, the human was intentionally created this way so that he needs to fill the empty space nature left within him. Filling this empty space in a human is to raise him. This is the task of the family; society transmits the information a person lacks from nature.

So, throughout history, humanity developed schools of many kinds that were designed to teach children everything an adult human needs to know in order to survive and become a good member of society.

If, after learning all this, a person still behaves incorrectly in relation to the standards of his society, he is judged in order to clarify what is to be done with him in order to complete the education that he didn’t receive in childhood.

Suppose that I had the flu and I didn’t go to school on the day that they taught us that stealing isn’t allowed. So I grew up without knowing about this prohibition. And then a few years later, I have the opportunity to steal; I take someone’s wallet and they catch me.

I am shocked and don’t understand what they want from me. The wallet was simply lying there and I took it, and so they complete for me the education that was lacking. After all, I really didn’t know about the prohibition. So, the judge says, “These specific actions can fix this person and complete the education that he lacks.”

The person who explains which actions and in what way it is necessary to fill the gaps in my education is called a judge. It is clear that a person cannot correct himself. A complete system of correction stands behind him. In the US, a prison is called a “correctional institution.”

A person goes to prison for correction. This means that the court must scrutinize precisely what a person lacks in order to become a worthy member of society at large, for all of the people, and by what means the deficiency can be filled.

It could be that he needs to be given some special work or to be sent to a zoo to take care of animals, and it could be that he must be sent to study in a school with little children if he lacks the necessary knowledge. The court must find the right solution.

As it is written, “Put up judges and guards for yourself at every gate.”  This refers to a gate leading to the formation of a person. That is how we complete the person and transform him into a useful member of society.

If the transgressor has gone through the correctional system chosen by the judge and returns to crime, then one must ask the judge! Apparently, he made a mistake and didn’t make the right observation regarding the person’s problem and how to correct it.

The judge gives a verdict like a doctor writes a prescription. Due to the imposed “punishment” a person should recover. Punishment is a correction, not locking someone in prison. According to the Torah, there was no punishment like a prison, and we see that prison doesn’t help. A person goes through correction through being assessed fines, doing special work, and filling the gaps. If the person doesn’t succeed in undergoing correction, then it is necessary to “correct” the judge.

The goal of the judge is to understand why the person committed the crime, what the educational deficiency was that caused this bad behavior, and how to fill the deficiency so that he will not transgress like this again.

The judge must be a psychologist, know human nature, and understand how the environment influences people. A person shouldn’t be put into prison where he will find himself in a terrible environment and will only learn how to be even worse. If we put a person in prison, you cannot ever free him from there. In fact after completing his sentence, the transgressor will be worse. Prison is a school for criminals.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/17/14

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