The Beginning Of The Unity Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe oneness of the people of Israel is derived from the source that we call the wisdom of Kabbalah. The wisdom of Kabbalah speaks about the whole, the unified system and its laws. This system is nature, divinity. The law of the Light and Kli (vessel) operates in it, and everything is derived from it.

In relation to us, this system was created long ago. We were the last who were created within it and we must learn how to use it to bring ourselves to the first state of wholeness: the goal of creation. That is what we must attain.

In this system there are forces that act and parts that are acted upon. It is very complex. Thanks to its influence and the forces that act upon us, we develop.

As a result of this development we reach a state that is indicated by the wisdom of Kabbalah. Beginning with us and moving outward, we become active parts that can even activate the system. If we don’t do this, the system will influence us so that we still will want to use it properly.

After all, we live through feeling good or bad. Ultimately, this is all of our existence: We are between a good feeling and a bad feeling and we constantly try to get as close as possibly to the good and as far as possible from the bad. This is how the system motivates us.

In our development not all of us are equal. If we were equal, we would be one block and not many parts. Each part has its purpose, its cause, its source, as well as its process of correction and final form. Every part must carry out what is imposed upon it, what the system expects from it as an active part that needs to be in its place to realize its obligation.

In relation to all the parts of the system, humans are divided into two categories:

• Those that receive the opportunity for spiritual work, meaning, the opportunity to get to know the system and to work consciously within it through feeling and intellect, as they are obliged to come to self-realization.

• Those who still have not accepted this opportunity and will accept it much later, as is written,  “For they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:33).

This process gradually spreads out and includes everyone.  Also, we are also not the first. Before us there was Adam HaRishon (the first man), and Kabbalists in every generation. And we are active in our era. Therefore each one must learn about the source of his soul, know and comprehend it.

Those who receive spiritual awakening, to the extent of its implementation, are called Israel,  Yashar-El, directly to the Creator. And those who have not yet received an awakening are called the nations of the world. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t have the possibility that was given to Israel; it simply hasn’t as yet been realized.

As a result of this, special work has been imposed upon Israel not only in regard to themselves, but also in relation to the nations of the world. And if among the nations of the world there are people who have accepted this message from Israel, then to that extent, the work of connection, help, support, encouragement and so on is also assigned to them. These two parts must work together, requiring unity among everyone so that they will interact correctly..

Further, Israel is also divided into parts: Cohanim (priests), Leviim (musicians, singers, teachers of Torah),  and Yisraelim (Israelites), who differ in their work. Among the nations of the world, there are seventy latent sources that also put a stamp upon their individual parts. But all of this will become clear on the way.

Today, in the present stage of development, everyone has received an awakening, an “invitation,”a call, a push, an opportunity for correction and for participation in the process. For some people, this call comes in a more conscious and focused form, pulling them forward. Others are not attracted as much and it pushes them from behind through blows, and “kicks.” One way or another both of them are moved by various kinds of suffering. There are “sufferings of love,” and there is a great variety of different kinds of suffering.

But in general, the present stage of historical development is characterized by everyone beginning to feel more or less, that we are living in a unique time and that humanity must pass through major changes. This is especially in matters of self-perception: What is it itself and what is the world? Here, of course, we are helped by various sciences.

A unique time has arrived which Kabbalists spoke about in advance. And all of the development of the people of Israel was intended specifically for this time; from the Babylonian era they passed through all kinds of stages of preparation, elevations, breakdowns, and exile so that today, they will be ready for their true, final role.

After all, Israel is a unique group in humanity that received direction, yearning, knowledge, mind, and feeling, everything necessary, to correct all of humanity.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/03/14, Lesson on the Topic “Unity of the People”

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