A Spider Web of Trapped Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf a person gets tired and loses interest in his work, if he feels powerless and thinks that this path isn’t for him, it means that he hasn’t learned how to bring his separated parts, currently scattered around the world, closer to him. He doesn’t know how to grasp the empty vessels in which he can receive a filling.

After all, he is like a spider in the center of his web that catches desires,  which become part of his soul. from others in this network..

It is very important to understand that since we should constantly feel and yearn to be incorporated with the friends and absorb all their desires, I am like an egoist who constantly looks around with big greedy eyes for what else I can receive from the friends, which is an awakening, the importance of the goal, and connection!

I constantly envy them. I don’t disrespect them, but actually think that they conceal something from me. I am sure that each of them has something valuable for me, and that otherwise they would have no right to exist and I wouldn’t even see them. If I identify that someone exists, it means that he is a deficiency that I need in order to complete my soul.

This is how everyone should regard his friend. Therefore it says that everyone is meant to serve me, and by that I serve my Maker.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson /22/14

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