The World As A Sci-Fi Movie

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If Israel is the engineer who is responsible for the proper functioning of the world system, what should they know in order to do their job?

Answer: Israel has to know all about the system—about the force that manages the system and the system itself—in order to properly connect it with the upper force.

The upper force is the next level above us, and right below it is Israel, and below it, the rest of the world. There are three levels, and this is what the system looks like.

Israel receives orders from the upper force and conveys it downward, adapting them for this transmission and acting like a head relative to the body.

Israel has to connect with the nations of the world and feel what they lack, and then raise their request upward to the upper, which is called MAN, a prayer. Then they have to adapt themselves correctly so that the upper force will be able to spread from the top down in the best possible way.

The Three Levels Of The System

This means that Israel has to act first and this will summon the next process in which the upper force will begin to operate.

This system includes all of reality: our desires, thoughts, and feelings. Our whole life changes, including our perception of reality and how we feel it. The world becomes a different place, like in a science fiction movie.

We begin to see the forces that operate in the world and the systems that are behind it. This world becomes a theater, guided and set in motion behind the scenes. Thus we perceive the control system. The external form is only necessary in order to allow us to connect to the internal system.
From KabTV’s “The Meeting of Worlds” 6/18/14

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