Unite Or Die

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Today there is a war; rockets are falling and Israelis are looking for shelter. This catastrophic situation is forcing many people, even those who are secular, to pray for salvation. This is happening on its own, naturally.

Answer: This is regular animalistic fear. A person wants to escape the threat, to save himself from misery, i.e., the lack of fulfillment, and the negativity that has been revealed. Essentially, if a person does not pray for unity, then he is no different from an animal, to whom it is also natural to strive to keep safe from disaster.

The addition of the human level is the ability to understand the cause of evil, ask for correction and a desire for unity with others. This approach is opposite to the usual egoistic state, and this will allow man to save himself from disaster. It can only be done through unity.

Question: The Creator says that He actually wins our wars, not us. What does this mean?

Answer: We do not have the strength to prevail over the current conditions and use them for the good. We only have enough strength to conquer, defy, and kill those who were assigned from Above to play the part of our enemies. However, this does not solve the problem or correct anything. If we succeed, it can raise our opinion of ourselves, make us more proud, and distance us further from the goal, which is self-correction. In this way, our success in a corporeal war does not lead to goodness.

But if after the combat, we use the lulls to “return to the source,” that is, to form the correct system of relationships between the people of Israel, as well as between them and all the nations of the Diaspora, then we will really use the war as intended.

But if we do not do this, then victory makes us live in a fantasy world and think that we are better than others. This will result in even greater disaster for us in the future, which will promptly follow.

Comment: The nations of the world blatantly criticize Israel for protecting their citizens from terror.

Answer: And this is just the beginning. Everyone in the world, including the Jews of the Diaspora, will eventually be against us. Everyone abroad fiercely despises those who live in Israel. And the people of Israel will divide.

Where does this kind of hatred lead? First of all, they will break all ties with us, and without them, it is impossible to exist in the modern world.

Then, they will demand that we do not touch the Arabs, and they will support them. And what will we do then? The global mass media do not forgive us for defending ourselves and they blame us for the death of innocent people. But when rockets fly at our civilians, terrorists are getting away with it.

Why is this? Because the world does not see us as innocent. They see us as guilty, even without any connection to the war. In essence, this is their message: “Either you correct the world or die. Otherwise, get out of here.” Moreover, I am not sure there will be a country willing to accept us. Who needs the Jews if they only bring misery to the world? Let them drown in the sea.

Comment: This looks like a war for survival.

Answer: This is a natural state, there is nothing new here. These laws were described to us a long time ago and we finally need to acknowledge them. Yes, we are die-hard stubborn and cannot be “broken,” but to what degree?

Question: Is there anything new about the current war? Does it attest to a new stage of development?

Answer: This new degree of development is in people beginning to feel helpless. Even if the current campaign gives us a break, there is no actual solution. The entire world is against us, all our neighbors are against us, and we will not even be allowed to fight them. There is no hope for a way out.

The Arabs, who lived here before our return, demand their land back, they disagree with this land becoming the home for Israel and ask, “What right did you have to kick us out of here 66 years ago? We disagree. This is our land.” Each of them can say this and will be right.

On what basis did we come here and exile them? Only doing it for their good can justify this action. And only the Upper Force gives us the basis to do this, because we must bring the entire world to correction. In this case, the situation is different because we act for the benefit of all the people, including those who lived here.

When we step on this path, we will see that they also see that we are right and will agree with it. And then,as the prophet Joshua said, the nations of the world will lift the sons of Israel onto their shoulders and carry them to Jerusalem. They will help us do everything.
Excerpt from “The Writings of Kabbalists. The Wars of Israel,” part 2, 07.18.2014

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