The Last Warning Of Kabbalists

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Will the military operation in Gaza to stop the firing at Israel help? We always start this operation but never bring it to the end. Maybe now it is finally time to complete it?

Answer: When I came to Israel more than forty years ago, there was a popular song, “I promise you, my little girl, it is the last war.” I even then thought of it as naive. Don’t the people understand what the last war is?

There has never been such war in human history; we still need to reach it. The last war is the one that we conclude with the perfect state. But is it possible to achieve perfection by destructive military actions? Everyone knows that a military operation cannot lead to peace.

Besides that, the opponent has to justify his own death. They are ready to die, and even wish to do so! They bless death. A mother doesn’t cry about a killed son! Because she believes that he immediately goes to heaven. Is it possible to fight against such an ideology and achieve success by military action?

As a result, we spend a lot of money, are nervous, many more people will leave the country, and nothing will change. Everything will remain until the next time, which could be very soon.

We are standing not against an external enemy, but against our internal one. All these terrorist organizations are not our true enemies, but are only puppets. It is said: “The hearts of ministers and kings are in the hands of the Creator.” It is us who activate those terrorists by our good or bad actions.

Question: How can we switch from the external enemy to the internal one? The external enemy is clear: There is a list of terrorists; the organization that manages them is known.

Answer: It is not limited to only Hamas. In Iraq, there are terrorist organizations much worse than Hamas that are waiting for their turn to wage war against us.

In general, the entire world is against us: Look at what is happening in Europe, in America. It is clear there is a global problem that we are in the center of, and we need to solve it. The science of Kabbalah talks about the structure of the world and explains why this is so.

Humanity in its development must achieve a certain form, and it can only reach it under the condition that the people of Israel will take it upon itself to be a leader in the process of correction. But it does not want to be a leader and escapes this. It wants to be like all other nations, but it is not allowed to live this way.

It is naïve to believe that we can achieve something through external actions. Against whom are we fighting? We are approaching a state where we will have not a single ally. Europe and Russia no longer support us, and more recently, America has ceased to support us.

We will be left alone, without allies. Through the upper mercy, we are allowed to hold out for some time, but that’s all. So, it is impossible to continue if we do not switch to the true path along which we will go towards correction, not trying to win by our own forces, but by using the forces of nature and their correct arrangement.

The wisdom of Kabbalah has been talking about this for a long time. Baal HaSulam started shouting about this even a hundred years ago, warning of the dangers of World War II and the Holocaust. But nobody listened. I hope that at last we will be listened to.
From KabTV’s “The Mission of the People of Israel” 7/8/14

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