We Are Strong When We Are Together And We Are Weak When We Are Separate

Dr. Michael LaitmanSpecial Edition: Events in Southern Israel

History teaches us one simple fact: We are strong when we are together and we are weak when we are separate. This is the essence of our nation, to be responsible for one another, to be mutually responsible. The moment we violate our unity, we are attacked by enemies. This is our special fate: We are actually forced to be together throughout history.

The Temple was destroyed because of unfounded hatred. The disparity was the cause for pogroms and deportation every time. Even today we are not yet a nation. Our motto is that our flag is our unity. Unless we correct this “flaw” even ceasefires are given to us so that we have enough time to unite under easier circumstances.

The threats are growing, and we are surrounded by enemies who are becoming increasingly wiser and more decisive. On the whole, the external world is pressuring us constantly demanding more concessions from us. So if we want to survive here in the land of Israel, we have to understand what this land is. It’s impossible to survive here without unity. We have always known that it’s right to be together, so let’s return to our roots and then we’ll not only defeat our enemies but also will bring peace to ourselves and to the whole world.

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