Our Only Choice Is Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanSpecial Edition: Events in Southern Israel

Our nation is divided. The people in the south part of Israel feel discriminated against, and although many people express their willingness to host “refugees from the south,” actually not everyone understands what they are going through. Both children and adults find it hard to cope with the shelling. Our society has to offer real support to those who experience the blows.

There should be warmth and mutual empathy above all the interferences. No missiles or money will help today.

The collapse of the vast resources of the superpowers is yet to come. In fact we are all on the same “small planet,” in the same “sphere,” all interconnected. Without global balance, without homeostasis, we will reach total collapse.

However, even today, by the mutual guarantee among us, we can set an example to the whole world and help it overcome the crisis. After all, the crisis doesn’t end in terror, the economy, or finance. Natural disasters, for example, can be worse than wars. Today the world desperately needs the principle of mutual guarantee, which brings about harmony among us and harmony with Nature.

Unity is the law of nature. But where can we find the power to make even the first step to get closer to one another? Today all the “solutions” are temporary efforts to delay the collapse. Everyone understands this very well. There is simply no other choice but to connect. The nation of Israel can be an excellent example for that; it isn’t by chance that we are not considered a nation and our state is seen as being “in the process of formation.” This is actually true, since we are not yet a united nation; we haven’t fulfilled the condition we were given a long time ago. Everything is in our hands.

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