The Israeli Nation In The Modern World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What rules the Israeli nation today? What state is it in?

Answer: Now concealment rules the Israeli nation. There are no false philosophical perceptions, but there is no truth as in the wisdom of Kabbalah; there is nothing but the animal mind and feeling to fill themselves somehow without any spiritual element or at least its human parallel.

I am not saying that things are any different in the world, but the values there are also different. We measure the Israeli nation in comparison to the times when it was in the height of spiritually, whereas today it is on the lowest corporeal level. There is no spirituality and no yearning for it; everyone is confused, and at the same time they are sure that they are not confused, that everything is clear.

It is perfectly clear to people that this whole world is material and they don’t need anything more than economic prosperity and success in this ordinary life. There is no connection, no relationship, no contact with the nation’s spiritual role and its duty towards the world. People are not aware of these things, and they don’t know about them. The nation is in a state of unconsciousness, like a patient lying unconscious in bed while a group of doctors discuss how they should treat him.

I am speaking about the Israeli nation living in the land of Israel. It is because the assimilation in the outside world has reached such a state that it has lost the external form of the nation. In fact we cannot call these people “Jewish” anymore. It may be that some of them go to the synagogue in order to say Kadish on Yom Kippur or give charity, but the young ones have cut off this chain. There is no more “Israeli nation” outside the state of Israel.

On the contrary, the Israelis and the Jews in the diaspora are separated. It is enough to look at the American Jews who are dispersed both physically and morally; they don’t worry about Israel, only about themselves. What’s more, they want to show that they have no interest in the state of Israel, that they are “just like everyone else in America,” dedicated only to the country they live in. Once they were proud of their roots, but this has disappeared.

They not only show the breach with their own people, but even more than that, they show disrespect towards Israel. Some prefer that Israel didn’t exist at all. It isn’t by chance that Obama has so many Jewish aides. The Jewish vote for the presidential elections is also very meaningful. Under such conditions, the term the “Israeli nation” becomes very theoretical and actually doesn’t exist at all.

This means that the name the “Israeli nation” refers to those who experience the shattering, the general global destruction, and who begin to emerge from different places in the world to connect to a group that is aimed at the CreatorYasharEl.” This is called the “Israeli nation.” In other words, it is our whole organization with all of its participants who have come together from all over this modern, human Babylon.

It is a new situation and it shouldn’t be underestimated; today we must at least worry about the Jews who live in the land of Israel since they share the same corporeal fate. It isn’t by chance that they found themselves in one place since it is also organized by Providence. We have to treat them as those who carry the Reshimot (spiritual genes) from the shattering, from the previous state. During the time of the Temple they were in the spiritual height and have already fulfilled their potential. This is why we have to evoke them since we are obligated to awaken them as Baal HaSulam says in the articles “Matan Torah” (The Giving of the Torah) and “The Arvut” (Mutual Guarantee).

So there is an “Israeli nation” in the spiritual sense according to the intention of “Yashar – El” (straight to the Creator), which are those who join our global group, and there is the “Israeli nation” in the general accepted meaning, who are Jews from birth, who have Reshimot from the previous spiritual states, and who have better chances of awakening to correction than members of other nations.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/24/12, “The Wisdom of Kabbalah and Philosophy“

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