A Nation That Does Not Exist

Dr. Michael LaitmanLet’s speak about the Jewish people in first person.

We have to rise to the common basis that connects us; we cannot keep the mutual connection among us like other nations; we need the connecting force, which means the upper Light. The people of Israel cannot exist without the Creator that is revealed among them. In the past, the moment the upper force disappeared, we were shattered and dispersed all over the world and ceased to be a nation, since a “nation” is a collective vessel.

As for nations in general, the evolution period “shuffled all the cards.” There is no longer an accurate division; there are no clear roots. So any person who wants to join and to participate in the fulfillment of the principle of “Love thy friend as thyself” belongs to the category of “Israel,” which means that he yearns for the Creator (Yashar—El, straight to the Creator). All the others belong to humanity in general.

Today after this general mix when the world has become a “salad,” only the upper Light differentiates between us. Like a magnet, it draws upwards individuals who belong to Galgata ve Eynaim from the masses. The others remain below, in AHP. It is the Light that reveals the vessels and then we have to work in these parts.

So in order to fix among us the connection that is typical of a nation, we have to be on a spiritual height. Otherwise, without the Light, this connection will simply be impossible. It isn’t by chance that Baal HaSulam speaks about the special education that we need, in the newspaper HaUma (The Nation). Other nations don’t need such a thing.

So we have to connect into a group that works in order to become one whole “as one man in one heart.” This is the condition for the existence of the people of Israel. We cannot keep this connection on the corporeal level, on the basis of our common history and geography. On the contrary, it’s been ages that the history and geography no longer connect us. The only thing that can unite us and bring us to mutual love and connection is the Light that Reforms. It isn’t just any connection but a spiritual connection.

We are simply not made for corporeal connection, since we don’t belong to AHP but to Galgalta ve Eynaim. We cannot be like other nations; we don’t have the forces needed for that, we don’t have the matching inner attribute. We cannot take an example from them. The only option is to correct ourselves.

This is because we live by opposite laws: When the shattering is among us, we fall into unfounded hatred instead of brotherly love. There is no such thing among the nations of the world. We, however, feel repulsion towards one another. If it weren’t for the hatred that we feel from our neighbors and from the whole world, we would keep ourselves as far apart as possible from one another. We wouldn’t get married and we wouldn’t want any colleagues. The shattering force would operate among us

Only the general hatred towards us brings us together, like nuts in a sack, like a herd that still has hope to be saved. Otherwise we would be ready to dissolve, to assimilate in a distant place where we could live a good and comfortable life.

So we cannot compare ourselves to other nations. After all, they were not on a spiritual level; they were not shattered two thousand years ago and did not fall to the corporeal level. It is a false hope that we will unite like all the others and become a nation. What we call the “State of Israel” exists only temporarily, in order to enable us to reach true connection. Otherwise, there is no reason for its existence.

Everything that seemingly connects us today comes from the outside and will easily fall apart. Give people a chance and they will easily settle somewhere else. They may have some sentiments, but there is no connection. This is because we have not corrected the shattering, so there is no way we can connect. We need a special education, but instead we are descending lower and lower…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/13/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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