Soaring Above Earthly Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it worthwhile for a husband and a wife to live separately during the Convention?

Answer: I think it is better to live separately to completely disconnect yourself from any earthly connections. You should leave in a way that no strings are left attached to become included into this spiritual action and that’s it! So men and women should, perhaps, stay in different rooms the way it is usually done in the army, in a boarding school, or any other similar facilities.

Question: And what about the animal desires?

Answer: There will be no animal desires as they will be neutralized by the enormous power that will rule over everyone. You will get disconnected from all earthly desires.

If the convention is good, you won’t feel the need in anything besides the feeling of connection. You will feel disgusted by everything else. You will repel everything that distracts you. If the convention is serious and strong, it will happen this way.
From the Virtual lesson 7/29/12

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