The Teachers Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: During the breaks at the convention, there will be a presentation of books, the Internet, and so forth. Won’t this distract from the internal flow of the convention?

Answer: The fact is that we still must think about what we are coming out with to the world. A person leaves the convention, goes home, and what is next?

As our ascent depends on the dissemination breadth-wise, we must give everyone some knowledge about what it is in general that we do: the Internet, books, lectures, workshops, roundtables, and so forth. We must show all this to everyone. That is why there should be short fifteen-minute presentations during the breaks.

With what do we leave the convention? We leave with that which we need to take further into the world. Each of us should try to be a lecturer, an organizer of workshops, a distributor, and so on. I am addressing you, personally, everyone! The world will need the integral method; even now, it needs it, but it is not yet aware of this. And you will see in a couple of months that they will run after you; you will be in demand because no one except you will feel what should be done in any case to get the correct result, because you will think integrally.

You will be the teachers of the world, advisers to prime ministers and bankers and to ordinary workers because you will be able to see why this should happen, and not otherwise. This is what is called, “Come for a blessing.” You will be required and in demand. Thus, you still should be included in dissemination.
From a Virtual Lesson 7/29/12

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