Who Is Responsible For Correction?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we are talking about the people of Israel, about the Jews, who are we talking about?

Answer: About Abraham’s disciples who left Babel with him and called themselves “Israel,” which means “straight to the Creator – Yashar Kel.” They also called themselves “Jews – Yehuda,” which comes from the Hebrew root “Yehudunity” because they wanted to unite. They called themselves “Hebrews- Ivrim – עברים,” from the Hebrew root “to transcend – maavar – מעבר),” because they wanted to transcend from one level to another. All the names are given according to the direction, the inclination and the yearning.

On the whole, there is a desire to receive. A small part of it is called Bnei Baruch (BB). Another bigger part is called the “Israeli nation in the land of Israel.” A bigger part is called the “Israeli nation in the diaspora.” Finally there is the part called “the nations of the world.”

Those who have a point in the heart (•) belong to the part called Bnei Baruch. The two parts of the Israeli nation are those who are in the meantime without a point in the heart, and the point of the heart doesn’t exist of course in those called the nations of the world. But those who “are in the land of Israel” have Reshimot (spiritual genes) from the point in the heart that they had before and is now concealed. Now an external pressure is being put on them. As for the Israeli nation in the diaspora, they have Reshimot, and a different kind of pressure is put in them—anti-Semitism.

The “nations of the world” have a point in the heart that is concealed even more deeply. It appeared thanks to the integration, when sparks of bestowal entered the vessels of receiving, except for the last part of the desire to receive called “the stony heart”. These are already called the “harmful of the harmful.”

This kind of division is possible on the corporeal level.

Who Is Responsible For Correction?
From a spiritual point of view, anyone who has a point in the heart belongs to Bnei Baruch, no matter what nation he belongs to in corporeality. Similar to the way it was in Babylon, a person enters a group if he yearns for the goal of creation. This is how we relate to reality according to the principle of Babylon.

Accordingly, people with a point in the heart feel that they have to correct themselves and the world. Those who refuse to acknowledge their mission, despite the Reshimot in them, feel an external pressure in the form of anti-Semitism or a threat to survival.

Today people are called “Jews” according to the external signs of appearance and ethnicity. These people also have to understand that they have to fulfill their role. All those who belong to the category of “Israel,” to the descendants of those who left Babylon and went through many reincarnations throughout history are responsible for the correction. Even if such a person doesn’t want to correct himself, if he isn’t interested in any kind of correction, no one is asking him. There is a Reshimo in his genes that awoke back in Babylon, and he has to fulfill it. If he doesn’t fulfill it, the whole world will demand the missing part in the correction from him.

People will simply react to the lack of fulfillment they have to receive through him, and no matter how “nicely he behaves” in this world, nothing will help. No one will take his nice behavior into account, since it only indicates one thing: He is not doing what he has to do.

“What do we need all your scientific discoveries and your medical breakthroughs for? We demand something else from you: the main thing.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/23/12, “The Role of the Israeli Nation” 

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