Turning On The Light For The Whole World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we are talking with people, they agree that the whole problem is lack of unity and lack of connection. But they don’t believe that it is possible to attain connection and reach peace. What can be done with this remarkable lack of faith?

Answer: Everything is attained in the form of “from your deeds we shall know you.” If during a discussion in a circle, a feeling of warmth, closeness, a new feeling that was never felt before, is awakened, then we see a new force being born here. So why can’t it warm the person at least for a few hours or days, obliging him to relate differently to other people, to the reality that surrounds him?

This is called, “from your deeds we shall know you.” The Creator shows us his presence, even though in the meantime this is concealed and limited. But we already feel that He exists within our circle: born and revealed.

People don’t believe that this is possible, whereas we prove this is possible by moving them through these feelings. Come, let’s make an exercise and prove with this how this force begins to act. It must be like a laboratory experiment leading to this discovery.

That is how every scientific discovery is achieved. Before, this phenomenon was unknown to us, and now we discover that it is known, and thus we see it. With the help of a unique instrument called a “circle,” we discover a new phenomenon in nature. And if we use this new force correctly, then we can succeed in everything, correct everything.

This is to the way that electrical power was discovered: First they discovered that amber can be electro-statically charged by rubbing it with wool, and then small objects would be attracted to it. But look at what kind of results we have reached through rubbing some amber? Electricity is around us everywhere now.

Such advancement was attained through the discovery of a force that a few hundred years ago was unknown, and after that we began to work with it. Today, it is already impossible to live without electricity.

But we don’t see this force itself, rather only the results of its activity. The same thing happens with the Creator. Don’t call this force “Creator” if it confuses you. This is simply a force that appears within the connection between people. This is called a true Creator (Boreh), meaning Bo ve Reh (come and see). As with electricity, there is no mysticism in this. The Creator is concealed like electricity, nothing more.

The difference is only in that to discover the force of the Creator, the emotional participation of the person is required. In the meantime we can become emotional only about troubles, negative pressure, and through force. So let’s invite positive emotions into us. If one evening the entire nation were to sit in unification circles, then we could create such a power station for the higher power, that tomorrow all of life would be different.

Come, let’s try it! We would have such an intense power station like one that gives electricity. Through this force we could change the whole world: We would turn on the light all over the world. This is in our power, in our hands, and we don’t have the right not to use possibilities like this.

This succeeded with Abraham, also with Moses, so why wouldn’t it succeed with us? It is said, “When will my deeds reach the level of the deeds of my ancestors?” Well, then, we simply need to realize it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Shamati #68

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