One Big Workshop Throughout Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A thousand people are praying together for the return of the kidnapped boys. Isn’t this enough to save them?

Answer: No, this is not enough; this prayer has not been organized correctly. I would suggest organizing nationwide roundtables, a common workshop. Come, let’s get ready and gather one workshop throughout the whole nation some evening. People who are ready for this will participate in this event, except for children, the frail elderly, and nursing mothers who cannot leave their babies; let’s say 80% of all the people.

If we aim to connect in order to discover within that the power of mutual bestowal through which we want to give contentment to the Creator, with this we awaken the Light that Reforms.

And the Light will already carry out the work. Only this will help, because it will influence the Light that Reforms. This is because we prepare a place, a deficiency, upon which the Light can bestow. All of our work is to prepare the place, and for this we need many people who are arranged and organized in circles, who know the general rules of the workshop and the laws of conduct in it, and who talk about the necessity of connection.

There is a formula, it is only necessary to activate it and make it work. Do you understand this formula? So please, realize it.

Question: Do the people gathered around the roundtables have to be people who have spiritual attainment?

Answer: No, they have to be the most ordinary and simple people. Indeed Baal HaSulam writes that a farmer who plows a field to feed others is doing more important work than the High Priest in the Temple. After all, this work is closer to others, is more understandable and more noticeable, and belongs to lower, more mundane desires, so certainly it will work.

The lower the desires we work with are, meaning the closer and more understandable they are to a person, the greater the Light that we awaken, according to the general rule of the inverse order between Lights and Kelim.

Only if the High Priest included all the desires of the people—including them within himself and raising with them, like Moses, the leader of the people, in that he made a Zivug de Haka’a (striking interaction) with the Light—is this considered a high action. But if he doesn’t take the desires of the people but enters into the Kadosh HaKadoshim (sanctuary) with his egoistic desires, then he dies by being struck by the Light, from a Pulsa de Nura (whip of fire).

So come, let’s organize one big workshop throughout the country together. I don’t guarantee the final result, but simply use the formula, a condition, which we can carry out in order to awaken the Light that Reforms.

Nobody knows what the result will be, but surely it will bring good changes thanks to the Light that we have drawn through our actions. The Light will advance us towards the good, towards correction. How this will be revealed in the world, I cannot say, but without a shadow of a doubt, the situation will be better because of the Light that Reforms.

This is called the prayer of many. We have no other means.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/18/14, “The Mutual Guarantee”

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