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Why Men Don’t Want To Become Fathers

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Leonid Maltsev, family psychologist): “Psychological unpreparedness for parenthood is a result of a distorted picture of marriage. People who grew up in dysfunctional families might have it because a decisive role in shaping the image of the family belongs to the mother and father. A person subconsciously perceives a model of parental family as an example.

“That’s why family pathologies (infidelity, divorce, abortion, single parenthood) often do not allow grown children to create a harmonious family. They are afraid to repeat parents’ mistakes; they did not see relevant examples in their environment and have been victims of social stereotypes.

“Many modern men are not in a hurry to acquire offspring because they are sure that children: are a burden, a hindrance to careers, and an obstacle on the road to success. The fear to look like a loser in the eyes of society is the result of an aggressive anti-family and anti-child propaganda, waged in recent decades.”

My Comment: Integral education in conjunction with the all its programs and infrastructure will deliver us from all these phobias and calculations. Population demographics will then be established by natural growth.

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Connection In The Face Of Evil

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why do we connect in times of adversity, when something bad happens, but when things calm down, everything reverts back to competition and separation?

Answer: Why do we have to wait for the blows in order to connect in the face of adversity and advance towards the Creator on the path of suffering? It is better to follow the path of “I shall hasten it” (Achishena) than the path of “in its time” (Beito).

Even now, if we hold workshops in circles after the kidnapping of the three boys, it is already the path of in its time, the natural path of evolution, and not the path of hastening time, the path of I shall hasten it. But if we don’t perform any actions of connection, it will be even worse, since we will not advance but descend.

We have received a negative blow (a minus) and if we make a circle now, which means if we draw the Light that Reforms and advance further ahead, to a better state, this path is called in its time, which means the natural path of evolution.

Connection In The Face Of Evil
But if we had made this circle and advanced without the initial blow, without the minus, it would have been the path of I shall hasten it, the path of the Light.

Connection In The Face Of Evil
However, if we receive a blow and don’t make a circle, but simply advance in a certain direction, we advance towards an even greater minus, as if we descend. On the path of in its time, we somehow still advance towards the goal, but here we don’t advance towards the goal at all.

Connection In The Face Of Evil
This means that even if we hold connection workshops now, after the tragic case of the kidnapping of the boys, it will still be the path of in it time.

We have been given a method according to which we can improve our lives in every way, no matter what happens. Now we only have to use it. We have all the means. We know how to summon, to draw, the good force that will automatically correct everything, that will spread and clean everything like water. We only have to draw it by workshops, discussions in circles, etc. Do you want to use it, fine, and if not, then don’t!
From the 5thpart of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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How Does One Find Favor In The Eyes Of The Community?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can satisfy the desire of the community, find favor in their eyes, only through heartfelt emotion. We will not succeed with anything else!

What we have is something unique. Every person deep inside feels that this is precisely what he needs. We need to awaken this feeling and sensation in him, direct and reveal it, like a child that we educate: “Look at this; do that. Oh! You see, did you feel it?”

Question: How can we get rid of the fear that we are not finding favor in the eyes of the community?

Answer: All of this is nonsense. If you know what state you need to bring them to, then you have no fear. You have turned on a precise knowledge of levels and states, an algorithm, which is a system of successive actions according to permanent laws and with a final result. You need to chew on this with them.

A Kabbalistic rule says, “The end of the action is in the preliminary thought.” For the Creator, the beginning and end don’t exist because everything is determined at the outset that conveys the final completion. That is the same thing we should aspire to in our actions. I need to precisely know the final result and how I lead people towards it and see the result in every step I take.
From the Sochi Convention 6/9/14, Lesson 1

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The Kidnapping Of The Boys Is Like A Knife In The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How must we begin to correct the situation? The event that is most worrisome these days is the kidnapping of the boys. What should we do?

Answer: The boys were kidnapped because we have not realized our role and have not connected as a people. Now, after these tragic events, the people have begun to connect.

But they are connecting because of trouble and not because they want to reach mutual bestowal. This is not the right connection.

Baal HaSulam wrote in the newspaper The Nation that Israel connects under the pressure of external factors like nuts in a sack. Understandably this also helps, but not much.

As long as we have not begun to hate our egoism more than anything else in the world, the correction will not begin. Direct all of your hatred for the kidnappers at your ego, then it will help. The solution is only in the fact that we don’t have anything to hate besides our egos. We must teach all of the people about this. We have no choice, for this is the only thing that will truly help us. The method was given to us for this.

All of the people are now enraged against the terrorists, blaming the poor boys who hitchhiked. But it is written: “I will place over you a king like Haman and against your will you will return to the good” (Sanhedrin 97b). This is what is done through the terrorists. Is there something that they can do through their own desire and not through the desire of the Creator?

Rabash told a story about how a school teacher gave a student who misbehaved blows, and the student had to kiss the stick. In this way, the student acknowledged that the problem was not with the stick, rather everything was found in the hands of the Creator. If you curse the terrorists, it is as if you are cursing the Creator, since indeed, all of the means are found with Him.

We harm ourselves with this even more, as it is forbidden for us to hate the people who bring troubles upon us since they are indeed doing the will of the Creator. We must direct all of this hatred at ourselves, our egoism.

As it is written: “Neither them nor their reward” (Berachot 5b). Why do we feel pain and then try to heal it if we could aspire to love and correct everything from the start? All of our problems would disappear immediately!
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/18/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Those Who Followed Abraham

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In what way is Israel different from other nations? Why do they have a special role?

Answer: The desires of GE (bestowal) are called Israel and AHP (reception) is called the nations of the world. The matter of creation is a desire to receive, but it is so small that it can only yearn for bestowal called Israel. Therefore it is written: “You are the fewest of all the nations.”

There was a man who lived in ancient Babylon called Abraham who wanted to reach a good life, to be free of the ego in which all the people of Babylon were immersed. The people decided to build the Tower of Babel, but their languages were mixed and they ceased to understand one another, so they lost contact with one another.

Abraham understood that the goal is actually to be connected and that by connection can we establish a system in which we will discover the upper force that operates and manages us. How many people followed Abraham? There were 5,000 men out of 3 million.After all, a person needed to have a special kind of purity.

The pure people who joined Abraham, according to their intention, their yearning to resemble the upper force that is absolute bestowal, are called Yashar- El (straight to the Creator). All the others who yearned in the opposite direction, in the direction of the ego, are called the nations of the world.

The goal of creation is, of course, to bring everyone to the level of Yashar-El, to a different level of existence. But in the meantime, it is only that small part of the population that agrees to such an ascent. Abraham led these people out of Babylon and guided them to Israel. They differed from others thanks to their vessels, which were the root phase, and phases one and two. These are vessels of GE that were ready to understand this idea and were attracted to connection.

We exist in a field that doesn’t operate on a certain individual but only through our connection. The moment there is a connection between several people, they summon the Creator’s influence upon them, the influence of the field, according to the connection between them above the ego. Then they feel that the upper force and the Light is revealed in them.

We are all in the field of the constant Light that is in a state of absolute rest. If we don’t connect, we don’t see it and don’t’ feel anything. But if we begin to connect with others, then even in a connection between two, and all the more so between ten people, we begin to perceive this field like “a radio receiver.”

This perception inside us is felt as the revelation of the Light and the Creator, of the upper force, as if we perceive a radio wave. This is what Abraham explained to the people of Babylon. There were those who understood him and followed him since it was clear to them that this was the only way to overcome the crisis that was developing in Babylon.

All the others didn’t understand Abraham and remained in Babylon to flow in the current with their ego. Since then, the whole world is divided into two parts: Israel and the nations of the world. It may seem strange that Israel is so important while it is only a nation of several million people, but it determines the essence of the process. We see that this division has been maintained throughout human history until these days.

It isn’t about a geographic location on the surface of the earth, but about a spiritual idea. There are people who follow Abraham’s idea, like Israel, and others who follow their own nature, like the people of Babylon.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Write It On Your Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn Moses’ time writing wasn’t customary. People learned everything by heart, which means in their heart. A person isn’t meant to write; he is meant to create in order to correct himself, “to write on his heart,” to make all of his desires a suitable vessel for the perception of the Light, for the perception of the essence of creation.

If we are part of a system that is ready, what is there to write? All the books that we write are a result of our lack of understanding, and so we want to express different feelings and sensations in the form of black and white. If the black and white complement one another there is nothing to write. Everything we write stems from a deficiency.

The Torah doesn’t require all the writings. People used to learn the Torah by heart until they actually fulfilled it. My vessels have to be corrected, my internal letters, the letters of my work, and not just the letters in the book.

I can rewrite a book ten times, but it won’t help. I have to actually change according to the letters.

Moses taught his students the whole Torah, which means how to reach correction. The Torah tells us about the process of correction that this group has gone through.

Question: Did these events actually occur in corporeality?

Answer: Some may have also occurred in the corporeal world, but not necessarily. It says “it happened in the land of Egypt…,” but the Torah tells us about inner, spiritual actions that take place inside the desire. It doesn’t necessarily have to take place in our world. The spiritual root has to somehow touch the corporeal root, but only to some extent. There can be just a minor touch in the corporeal world, but in the spiritual worlds these are great and very meaningful actions.

This means that archeologists may find something in their excavations that may prove that something happened in Egypt like the parting of the Red Sea, etc., but the Torah tells us only about what happens in the desire to receive that is in every person and which has nothing to do with the corporeal world, since this whole world is fictitious.

For those who begin to fulfill the Torah in its internality, which is called the Torah of truth, this world begins to look like a meaningless external picture. After all, a person sees the forces that are behind things and this is what he speaks about; this is where things are actually fulfilled.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Payment For The Revelation

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati #199, “To Every Man In Israel”: Every man of Israel has an internal point in the heart, which is considered simple faith. This is an inheritance from our fathers, who stood at Mount Sinai. However, it is covered by many Klipot (shells), which are all kinds of dresses of Lo Lishma (not for Her Name), and the shells should be removed. Then his basis will be called “faith alone,” without any support and outside help.

If a person has an inclination to the upper force, it is because he has a spiritual gene, a Reshimo (reminiscence), that is called “an internal point in the heart.” This point awakens and draws a person to the source of Light, and he therefore is called IsraelYashar-El (straight to the Creator).

He is given a chance from Above to reach the root of his soul. This is done when he removes the Klipot, which means the dresses that cover this Reshimo.

This Reshimo is shattered, which means that, in the past, it wasn’t just a Reshimo, but a connection with all the other parts of the general Malchut. However, now, the force of separation resides between them, and in order to attain the Upper force, one must first attain the force of separation. Our exertion is actually the payment for the revelation.

These Klipot grow thicker each time and increase the force of separation that operates inside a person. To the extent that he removes the Klipot and can connect to others, he becomes a vessel for the upper force.

The work of removing the Klipot that interfere with the attempt to adhere to the other parts of the vessel is called God’s work since it is done by help from Above when a person becomes a partner of the upper force and thus gets to know it, gets closer to it, until he reaches adhesion.

This is the work we must engage in since it is only by that that we fulfill the Reshimo that is invoked in us. The moment the Reshimo is invoked, it is referred to as the moment the Creator puts a person’s hand on the good fate, and a person must make sure that this Reshimo doesn’t disappear, that it isn’t covered, but that it is fulfilled.

If he doesn’t make enough effort to fulfill the Reshimo, the Reshimo disappears and arrives in a different way at a different time, perhaps not even in this lifetime, since a person didn’t manage to cope with the external conditions and therefore will receive the Reshimo under different conditions, until he fulfills it.

As it is written, “Every man of Israel has an internal point in the heart, which is considered simple faith.” Simple faith is when a person cleans his spiritual Reshimo from all the corporeal dresses, from the intention of in order to receive, until only this simple point remains, and “This is an inheritance from our fathers,” from higher levels, “who stood at Mount Sinai,” and could overcome the hate that separated them.

However, it says that the point “is covered by many Klipot (shells),” which means forces that are against connection, “which are all kinds of dresses of Lo Lishma (not for Her Name), and the shells should be removed.” Then, his basis will be called “faith alone,” which doesn’t require anything for oneself and is ready to work for others “without any support and outside help,” which means that he doesn’t need anything for himself and is ready to work only for the sake of the society.

To the extent that a person acquires simple faith, he has the power to connect to others and to bring everyone to the level of faith. This is actually the correction of the vessel. There is faith that is the level of Bina, and there is complete faith that is the next level, when Hochma is dressed in Bina.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/14

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How Does One Become Eternal?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As a young person, what can I learn from an old person?

Answer: A young person can learn a different attitude towards life from an old person. That is, he can understand that the achievements that seem important to him now are not important at all, and it is worthwhile for him to fill his life with what will allow him to leave his footprints behind him forever. This is specifically what an old person and someone approaching old age wants.

And then we come to integral education whose task is to explain a system of eternal connections exists among us. Within it we can express ourselves and remain in a form filled with a new spirit of bestowal to others.

During the time of our egoistic reception we cannot do this, and then we die, such that nothing is left of us at all. But if I connect with the others in bestowal, then I acquire an eternal power that acts by itself and doesn’t require reception from others. And so this power operates all the time. If I am included in this power of bestowal and love that fills all of reality and go along with it, then I increase this power through my desire.

That is how I am included in this field of power and begin to live in it. And I will never die! This is my “self” that succeeds in becoming mixed with the power of bestowal in an eternal manner, for this altruistic power itself is eternal.

For this it is only necessary to change my psychological perception. Now I perceive myself as living and existing according to what I get. To the degree that I have aged, my egoistic powers weaken and dissolve. I age, and gradually lose all desire until I die. This means that the force of my needs dies as it becomes smaller and smaller, until it disappears completely.

Among us this is called “death.” But if I develop the power of bestowal and love within me, then I will not feel death. I will see how the power of bestowal fills the world, and with my new desire, I am included in this power and add intensity to it. I let this power of bestowal be revealed through me as if it is clothed in a new body. In this manner, I acquire a new life that is spiritual and not physical!

This body is beastly and I feel that formerly I was living with a single egoistic spirit, and now I live with a completely different spirit, which is the spirit of bestowal. And with this spirit of bestowal the angel of death has no control over me.

This spirit of bestowal is revealed to the people who are surrounded by it, and so it transforms them into very useful members of society. It is possible to gather people of retirement age, who already feel that they are approaching the end of their life, and explain to them how they can become eternal. And then we don’t end life along with this physical body because we don’t identify ourselves with it; instead we build a new body, a body of bestowal instead of egoistic reception.

So if a person doesn’t want to feel aging as a gradual decay until his lamp is completely extinguished, it is necessary for him to attain bestowal and discover the system of integral connections in which he will feel his eternal existence before his physical body dies.

Question: What kind of conclusion must the young person make from life being constructed such that eventually his or her time will inevitably end?

Answer: From a young age it is necessary to teach a person that this life is an ascent until the age of 30, and after that it is a descent and death. And therefore we must use all of this life to make a constant ascent from it that will never end!
From the program “A New Life” 4/22/2014

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