Payment For The Revelation

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati #199, “To Every Man In Israel”: Every man of Israel has an internal point in the heart, which is considered simple faith. This is an inheritance from our fathers, who stood at Mount Sinai. However, it is covered by many Klipot (shells), which are all kinds of dresses of Lo Lishma (not for Her Name), and the shells should be removed. Then his basis will be called “faith alone,” without any support and outside help.

If a person has an inclination to the upper force, it is because he has a spiritual gene, a Reshimo (reminiscence), that is called “an internal point in the heart.” This point awakens and draws a person to the source of Light, and he therefore is called IsraelYashar-El (straight to the Creator).

He is given a chance from Above to reach the root of his soul. This is done when he removes the Klipot, which means the dresses that cover this Reshimo.

This Reshimo is shattered, which means that, in the past, it wasn’t just a Reshimo, but a connection with all the other parts of the general Malchut. However, now, the force of separation resides between them, and in order to attain the Upper force, one must first attain the force of separation. Our exertion is actually the payment for the revelation.

These Klipot grow thicker each time and increase the force of separation that operates inside a person. To the extent that he removes the Klipot and can connect to others, he becomes a vessel for the upper force.

The work of removing the Klipot that interfere with the attempt to adhere to the other parts of the vessel is called God’s work since it is done by help from Above when a person becomes a partner of the upper force and thus gets to know it, gets closer to it, until he reaches adhesion.

This is the work we must engage in since it is only by that that we fulfill the Reshimo that is invoked in us. The moment the Reshimo is invoked, it is referred to as the moment the Creator puts a person’s hand on the good fate, and a person must make sure that this Reshimo doesn’t disappear, that it isn’t covered, but that it is fulfilled.

If he doesn’t make enough effort to fulfill the Reshimo, the Reshimo disappears and arrives in a different way at a different time, perhaps not even in this lifetime, since a person didn’t manage to cope with the external conditions and therefore will receive the Reshimo under different conditions, until he fulfills it.

As it is written, “Every man of Israel has an internal point in the heart, which is considered simple faith.” Simple faith is when a person cleans his spiritual Reshimo from all the corporeal dresses, from the intention of in order to receive, until only this simple point remains, and “This is an inheritance from our fathers,” from higher levels, “who stood at Mount Sinai,” and could overcome the hate that separated them.

However, it says that the point “is covered by many Klipot (shells),” which means forces that are against connection, “which are all kinds of dresses of Lo Lishma (not for Her Name), and the shells should be removed.” Then, his basis will be called “faith alone,” which doesn’t require anything for oneself and is ready to work for others “without any support and outside help,” which means that he doesn’t need anything for himself and is ready to work only for the sake of the society.

To the extent that a person acquires simple faith, he has the power to connect to others and to bring everyone to the level of faith. This is actually the correction of the vessel. There is faith that is the level of Bina, and there is complete faith that is the next level, when Hochma is dressed in Bina.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/15/14

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