How Does One Become Eternal?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: As a young person, what can I learn from an old person?

Answer: A young person can learn a different attitude towards life from an old person. That is, he can understand that the achievements that seem important to him now are not important at all, and it is worthwhile for him to fill his life with what will allow him to leave his footprints behind him forever. This is specifically what an old person and someone approaching old age wants.

And then we come to integral education whose task is to explain a system of eternal connections exists among us. Within it we can express ourselves and remain in a form filled with a new spirit of bestowal to others.

During the time of our egoistic reception we cannot do this, and then we die, such that nothing is left of us at all. But if I connect with the others in bestowal, then I acquire an eternal power that acts by itself and doesn’t require reception from others. And so this power operates all the time. If I am included in this power of bestowal and love that fills all of reality and go along with it, then I increase this power through my desire.

That is how I am included in this field of power and begin to live in it. And I will never die! This is my “self” that succeeds in becoming mixed with the power of bestowal in an eternal manner, for this altruistic power itself is eternal.

For this it is only necessary to change my psychological perception. Now I perceive myself as living and existing according to what I get. To the degree that I have aged, my egoistic powers weaken and dissolve. I age, and gradually lose all desire until I die. This means that the force of my needs dies as it becomes smaller and smaller, until it disappears completely.

Among us this is called “death.” But if I develop the power of bestowal and love within me, then I will not feel death. I will see how the power of bestowal fills the world, and with my new desire, I am included in this power and add intensity to it. I let this power of bestowal be revealed through me as if it is clothed in a new body. In this manner, I acquire a new life that is spiritual and not physical!

This body is beastly and I feel that formerly I was living with a single egoistic spirit, and now I live with a completely different spirit, which is the spirit of bestowal. And with this spirit of bestowal the angel of death has no control over me.

This spirit of bestowal is revealed to the people who are surrounded by it, and so it transforms them into very useful members of society. It is possible to gather people of retirement age, who already feel that they are approaching the end of their life, and explain to them how they can become eternal. And then we don’t end life along with this physical body because we don’t identify ourselves with it; instead we build a new body, a body of bestowal instead of egoistic reception.

So if a person doesn’t want to feel aging as a gradual decay until his lamp is completely extinguished, it is necessary for him to attain bestowal and discover the system of integral connections in which he will feel his eternal existence before his physical body dies.

Question: What kind of conclusion must the young person make from life being constructed such that eventually his or her time will inevitably end?

Answer: From a young age it is necessary to teach a person that this life is an ascent until the age of 30, and after that it is a descent and death. And therefore we must use all of this life to make a constant ascent from it that will never end!
From the program “A New Life” 4/22/2014

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