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Language Is A Biological Instinct

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Daily Mail): “Many animals can communicate effectively with one another but humans are unique in our ability to acquire language.

“Scientists have long questioned how we are able to do this and now a new study suggests that the sound patterns of human languages are the product of an innate biological instinct – much like birdsong.

“The U.S. research says that babies are born with the basic fundamental knowledge of language, which sheds light on whether nature or nurture is responsible for speech in humans.

“‘The results suggest that, the sound patterns of human languages are the product of an inborn biological instinct, very much like birdsong,’ said Professor Iris Berent of Northeastern University in Boston, who co-authored the study with a research team from the International School of Advanced Studies in Italy.

“To understand where this knowledge comes from and whether it is a universal linguistic principle or the sum of experience, the team looked carefully at how young babies perceive different types of words.

“The scientists saw that the newborns reacted differently to the two types of words in a similar way to adults.

“Young infants have not learned any words yet and do not even babble, yet they still share a sense of how words should sound with adults.

“The researchers believe that this finding shows that we are born with the basic, foundational knowledge about the sound pattern of human languages.”

My Comment: At the core of our nature of the “speaking human being” there is one language;  the language of the collective soul from which all languages originated, including the egoistic languages that are similar to computer languages, all of which are based on one fundamental principle.

There is an indication in the Bible in the story of how humanity was scattered from ancient Babylon. As we come closer to the correction of our egoistic nature and the integration of every one in every one else, we will feel the need to return to this unified natural base of communication.

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A Nation Of Kabbalists From The Smallest To The Greatest

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we develop sensitivity to the desires of the community?

Answer: The more that you go out to the public, the more Kelim (vessels) you will receive from them. Even if you are tough and insensitive and it is difficult for you to work with people, you will begin to be stimulated by them in spite of it all. Because you invest effort in them, the ego itself obligates you to fulfill them.

This is because they become your children. You invest in them and your effort is there. Part of you is already with them after you take care of them. So you will want to be integrated with their deficiencies and to fulfill them. The main thing is to work as much as possible in dissemination. The more rapidly we absorb the deficiencies of the public, the more rapidly we will advance.

And in fact, the lower level is not really lower to us, for indeed it is written: “For they shall all know Me, from the least of them unto the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:33), especially when we work with the wider public in the land of Israel, meaning with the desire that was once organized in ten Sefirot.

The nation of Israel attained the spiritual state and was shattered. So we must bring the method of correction to it. It is not enough just to connect the nation of Israel to us. Instead, we must make each one of them a Kabbalist with spiritual attainment.

If they won’t want to rise to a level like this, then we also will not rise. We must see them as people who are connected to us on the same level on which we exist. And we will see that they will reach us very quickly.

We must convey the method of correction to them by beginning with a short explanation followed with more and more. Everyone must be a master of the method so that he can explain it to himself and to others so that they will understand the thought of creation, the goal of creation, the mission of the nation of Israel and of the nations of the world, the reason for the crisis and the way to correct it.

After this, they will want to know what the Torah represents and they will be stunned by the discovery of what is concealed there. We must explain all of this, for without this, the nation of Israel will not fulfill its mission. After this, the entire world must do the same thing.

We need to teach and educate the whole world. This means to be a light to the nations. We are talking about a state in which each one will have some kind of free choice, which may not happen today. Otherwise a person has no place in the collective Kli (vessel). It is said: “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples” (Isaiah 56:7), meaning that every person will feel a deficiency for something higher.

The most important thing for us is to now begin to teach the community gradually, in waves. We begin with an introduction, then games and so on, gradually, so that people will begin to open their eyes. We must raise them and not just bring them some kind of infusion of a nourishing solution. This is not enough for the level of Adam (man, human).
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/08/14

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The Challenging Work Of The Priest

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What determines our ability to absorb the deficiencies and the pain of the public and raise this prayer to the upper?

Answer: Through this work you have to identify the pain of the concealment of the Creator behind the pain of the lower, of the people. The only thing missing in this world is the power of love and bestowal, which means the revelation of the Creator.

All of the public’s corporeal deficiencies have to be processed and turned into a desire for the revelation of the Creator to the created beings, to the revelation of the force of bestowal. Thus you raise your fallen AHP (vessels of reception) from the lower level, which means from the public, when you are I impressed by their suffering. But when you raise it to your level, you process their MAN (their prayer and demand) by your vessels of bestowal into the demand for the Upper Light, which is the only force that can works on  everything.

Then you turn to the AHP of the upper with a different request. People want cheaper food, cheaper housing, etc, while you demand the Light that Reforms, the Light of love and bestowal. This is your work, the work of the priests. You receive their corporeal demands when they all cry out like babies: “Give me, give me!” but you process their deficiency into the right deficiency of the upper level, which is why you are in the middle.

The role of the one in the middle is challenging. You are like a mother who hears her baby crying and who needs to understand exactly what he needs. She processes his cries into the right need. This is the challenging work of the middle level. On the one hand, you are made of the Creator, and on the other hand, you are made of the public by being between them. This is the role of the priests, the ministers of the Creator.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/08/14

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Awaken The Lower To Connect To The Upper

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you ask the Elyon (upper) for what is truly useful to you?

Answer: Ask the Elyon to let you know what it wants. This is the most certain, the most useful: “Make His desire your desire.” (Avot 2:4). But to make your desire like His desire, you must know what His desire is. So ask about this!

Question: But that doesn’t work!

Answer: I don’t know if you asked. Maybe you received, but didn’t understand that this was the answer.

Question: How do we identify the AHP de Elyon (vessels of reception of the upper)?

Answer: We begin to recognize the AHP de Elyon to the degree that we connect between us with our GE (vessels of reception). Then He gradually begins to be discerned. The AHP de Elyon doesn’t exist without the GE de Tachton (vessels of bestowal of the lower one), meaning without our connection. Only through our connection do we reach the concept of “One,” and accordingly we can create a link with the Elyon.

The Ten Sefirot on a lower level become one Sefira on a higher level. We must connect these ten into one.

Question: How do we make our GE want to connect?

Answer: Dissemination is required because this is mutual work. If you do not receive stimulation, a demand from below, then even though you have a spark, you can never awaken a connection with the Elyon.

As long as a man is not married, he still has not left childhood, he lives with his mother for pleasure, passes the time at a bar with friends or at the soccer field. But if he marries and has a child, then he has commitments, concerns, problems, and demands.

So in the same way, if we don’t go out to the Tachtonim (lower ones), to the community, and take them with us, meaning if we don’t produce spiritual children that require us to grow, then we’ll never want it. This is the order of the levels; they are all in GE and the AHP and fall to a lower level.

So if you want to connect to the Elyon, you must awaken the Tachton. Only the Tachton will compel you to connect to the Elyon; that is how this works. So The Book of Zohar was not revealed until our days, and the wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed because the time had not yet arrived for the Tachtonim to be awakened.

The moment that the Tachtonim become ready to be awakened, to the degree that we work with and awaken them, to this degree, we are required to rise to the Elyon. Otherwise there won’t be any demand on every level, only the GE, the Kelim (vessels) of bestowal.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/08/14

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Liberation From The Shackles Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does one make proper use of time: the past, present, and future? Should we hold on to the present moment to live here and now?

Answer: If we were to feel only the present moment and not the past, present, and future, then we would either be lifted above time or we would die. One of the two.

The dead are free from the sensation of time and don’t feel its changes, but this is not that freedom that a person is looking for. Animals and plants feel the past, present, and future to a particular degree, and even an inanimate stone has a record of what happened to it in the past.

Even though we are not aware of this sensation, the stone feels external influences on itself and somehow seems to perceive the past, present and future in some manner, according to its resistance to external influences.

So feeling only one of the three times indicates a loss of the sensation of life. This is not what is interesting, but rising above the feeling of past, present and future, and taking control of them is, meaning managing and controlling the processes that go through me. I need to clarify how I can manage and control the past, present, and future in the form of influences on me from an external source.

If I unite with this source and learn about it, then I will begin to control the three different times and become the master of time, the master of my life. I can move freely from the past to the present, to the future, and back from the future to the present and the past. I can completely rise above them and not be dependent upon them at all anymore.

I will change time myself and time will not change me. And all of this depends upon how I will be able to overcome my desire to receive, that organ through which I feel the changes of time. If I rise above my egoistic desire and become completely free from it, then I stop feeling the past, present, and future as my life.

The question can be asked, with what do I associate myself? I must know the entire timeline of the development of my desire: how it is created, how it is changed, and what form it must attain. To discover all of this, I must rise to another level called the plan of creation.

Every object in the world has its past, present, and future, meaning its cause and effect. I need to always refer to the cause, and then I will be able to easily investigate and see all the consequences. If I know the cause, then even though I don’t see the result as yet, I will already know what will happen. The future forms of all its results are already latent in their cause.

In this manner I reach the most important question about life: “Where is its origin? Where did I come from? What is a person? By whom was I created? What kind of force manages me and towards what goal does it lead?”

If I could answer all of these questions, I could manage and control my life and be liberated from the shackles of time.
From the program “A New Life” 4/17/2014

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Sparks Of The Light Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of power is there in the sparks that fell into the worlds of Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya?

Answer: In these sparks is a need to attain bestowal because they are under the influence of the Upper Light and in themselves belong to the Light. But they cannot turn to the Elyon (Upper One) if they don’t attain equivalence of form with it, and this is possible only through connection between the sparks. In this way they awaken the Elyon.

Sparks Of The Light Of Bestowal
They gather together and then are connected between them to the degree of mutual concessions, nullification of their ego, their AHP, and to the degree of connection between them, the desire to connect with their Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE), arranging them in such a form that they become similar to the structure of the upper one and can awaken it to maturity.

These are not just some sparks that rise up from the fireplace. A spiritual spark is called this because in the meantime only to such a minimal degree do I discover myself regarding the system of Kedusha.

I must clarify and arrange my GE and AHP and want to use the vessels in order to bestow. For this I must begin to connect with others; a spark is called this because it doesn’t have power or direction yet.

When I begin to connect with the others on the material level, not in spiritual vessels, with this I construct a form that matches the upper one. Even though it is completely egoistic, in order to receive, it is already adjusted to the form of the upper one.

In order to connect with others, I must nullify my AHP and connect with the others in their GE. With this I carry out the conditions for the workshop: I contract my desire to receive and am ready to connect with the friends, with the others, in this way, I arrange myself in some kind of line, with ten complete Sefirot; above are the vessels of bestowal and below are the vessels of reception. That is how the vessels are arranged according to the importance that I give to them.

I begin to be concerned that the friends have their necessities. This means that I perceive the friend as higher than myself and am ready to connect and to be integrated with his AHP and am ready to support him with my GE. From this we arrange ourselves as dipoles in which each one is included with his GE in the AHP of the other.

In such a form we build Malchut from ourselves, like a backing for revealing the Light, like a plate, a Kli, in which there is both GE and AHP. When we are organized in this form, we become a kind of Partzuf in which there is the right integration between all of its parts.

In this form, we ask for help from above and awaken our Elyon. We depend upon its AHP and feel that we cannot get along without its help. We cannot be linked to its GE, for only its AHP is what interests us because we receive from it, and so we begin to awaken this AHP that fell into us, which is called MAN.

To the degree that we are connected to each other and become a vessel, the Elyon activates its AHP and brings us Light. Then we are connected with our GE to its AHP and we create a single Partzuf with it in a state called the first state of Gadlut (maturity). And in this form we acquire and attain our first spiritual level.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14

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The Mission Of Nadav And Avihu

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Midrash says, Chapter “Shemini“: “Aaron had four sons and two of them Nadab and Avihu were not only beautiful but also had exceptional capabilities.

Beauty refers to the receiving of the Light of Hochma (the Light of life) in order to bestow.

Beauty refers to the feminine part of the soul (the left line), to the desire to receive that can work in order to bestow. But in the case of Nadav and Avihu it was revealed on the right side, since they were the sons. This means that it is actually about a mistake that is typical of youth. But youth refers to the acquisition and the initial stages of getting used to the new level.

“If we add their well known innocence and integrity, then it is clear that they should have become the future leaders of the nation. Even their names indicate greatness: ‘Nadav’ means that he is worthy of a sublime role (stemming from ‘Nevidut’ the Hebrew root ‘generosity’), and ‘Avihu’ indicates that he is worthy of becoming the father of the Jewish nation ( stemming from the same Hebrew root ‘father’).

Not only others noted their uniqueness, but they also recognized it. One time Nadav said to Avihu: ‘When Moses and Aaron are gone, we will take their place.’ And the Creator answered him: ‘We’ll see who will bury whom.’”

Question: What does it mean “when Moses and Aaron are gone, we will take their place”?

Answer: It means that the sons can ascend higher than the level of the fathers,

There is no death in spirituality. When we pass the level of Moses and Aaron, we will certainly be higher than they are and will be in their place.

Moses and Aaron are two lines, two levels, one below the other, even on the middle line. Aaron is more to the left line and Moses is more to the right line, and so they work together on the middle line. It is the same with Nadav and Avihu.

On the whole, Nadav and Avihu are really on a higher level than Moses and Aaron, but their mission is to actually signify the revelation of evil. So eventually they die, but by that they fulfill their mission. These are actually two attributes that have to be revealed on the next level above Moses and Aaron.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/15/14

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World Outlook Through The Prism Of Spiritual Actions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Once, you gave us the task of translating the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale into spiritual language…

Answer: There is nothing but spiritual forces in the universe. You can take any story you want and translate it into the language of spiritual actions.

Let’s say, in the story about Little Red Riding Hood, her (grand)mother denotes Bina. The wolf represents the ego (Klipa) that wants to take advantage of the grandmother. At the same time, the wolf helps Little Red Riding Hood find the way to her grandmother.

The little girl’s questions: “Why are the wolf’s eyes, ears, and teeth so big?” show a gradual, step-by-step appearance of the evil in us, which is impossible to clarify in advance.

The hunter represents the Surrounding Light that cuts the wolf’s stomach and releases the grandmother safe and unharmed.

You can take any story and convert it into the language of spiritual actions because all of them are just external clothing on the internal processes. Any imaginary story that comes to our mind, no matter how fantastic or improbable, still has a spiritual root that describes this phenomenon.

The exercise of “Little Red Riding Hood” is based on viewing the actions that exist in this world and trying to find their spiritual roots that control the materiality. I want everybody to recognize the spiritual forces that govern everything there is.

Question: On the other hand, you constantly reiterate that everything that happens to us in the present can only be explained after we attain the spiritual roots.

Answer: If we regard this world the way I mentioned earlier, we’ll attain the spiritual roots, trying to see the spiritual forces behind every action that happens to us.

But it is not that important. What really matters is that we should combine the aspiration to reveal the spiritual forces with our efforts to connect with each other. When we start sensing that we are getting closer to our friends, that we replenish each other, connect in our intentions and thoughts, and unite in mutual support, we’ll begin controlling our feelings and relationships. Accordingly, we’ll regard the actions that take place in this world at our level as mechanical.

In fact, this is what we call the revelation of the Creator, when we govern Him, as it is said: “My sons have defeated me.”

Question: Do you think that if we regarded this world as a place that is ruled by spiritual forces we’d penetrate deeper into these issues?

Answer: Once, we were returning from a walk with my teacher Rabash, and were close to his home. There was a garbage can with a lid that opened by pressing on a foot-pedal. A horse approached the can and pressed the pedal, the can opened and the horse started eating discarded food.

When I saw this picture, I froze, but my teacher said: “Do you see it? It’s an angel.” Rabash automatically recognized the spiritual forces that rule the protein, animal bodies.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 1/15/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 06.16.14

Writings of Rabash, “Shlavei HaSulam,” “They Helped Every One His Friend”

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