Sparks Of The Light Of Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What kind of power is there in the sparks that fell into the worlds of Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya?

Answer: In these sparks is a need to attain bestowal because they are under the influence of the Upper Light and in themselves belong to the Light. But they cannot turn to the Elyon (Upper One) if they don’t attain equivalence of form with it, and this is possible only through connection between the sparks. In this way they awaken the Elyon.

Sparks Of The Light Of Bestowal
They gather together and then are connected between them to the degree of mutual concessions, nullification of their ego, their AHP, and to the degree of connection between them, the desire to connect with their Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE), arranging them in such a form that they become similar to the structure of the upper one and can awaken it to maturity.

These are not just some sparks that rise up from the fireplace. A spiritual spark is called this because in the meantime only to such a minimal degree do I discover myself regarding the system of Kedusha.

I must clarify and arrange my GE and AHP and want to use the vessels in order to bestow. For this I must begin to connect with others; a spark is called this because it doesn’t have power or direction yet.

When I begin to connect with the others on the material level, not in spiritual vessels, with this I construct a form that matches the upper one. Even though it is completely egoistic, in order to receive, it is already adjusted to the form of the upper one.

In order to connect with others, I must nullify my AHP and connect with the others in their GE. With this I carry out the conditions for the workshop: I contract my desire to receive and am ready to connect with the friends, with the others, in this way, I arrange myself in some kind of line, with ten complete Sefirot; above are the vessels of bestowal and below are the vessels of reception. That is how the vessels are arranged according to the importance that I give to them.

I begin to be concerned that the friends have their necessities. This means that I perceive the friend as higher than myself and am ready to connect and to be integrated with his AHP and am ready to support him with my GE. From this we arrange ourselves as dipoles in which each one is included with his GE in the AHP of the other.

In such a form we build Malchut from ourselves, like a backing for revealing the Light, like a plate, a Kli, in which there is both GE and AHP. When we are organized in this form, we become a kind of Partzuf in which there is the right integration between all of its parts.

In this form, we ask for help from above and awaken our Elyon. We depend upon its AHP and feel that we cannot get along without its help. We cannot be linked to its GE, for only its AHP is what interests us because we receive from it, and so we begin to awaken this AHP that fell into us, which is called MAN.

To the degree that we are connected to each other and become a vessel, the Elyon activates its AHP and brings us Light. Then we are connected with our GE to its AHP and we create a single Partzuf with it in a state called the first state of Gadlut (maturity). And in this form we acquire and attain our first spiritual level.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/8/14

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