Liberation From The Shackles Of Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does one make proper use of time: the past, present, and future? Should we hold on to the present moment to live here and now?

Answer: If we were to feel only the present moment and not the past, present, and future, then we would either be lifted above time or we would die. One of the two.

The dead are free from the sensation of time and don’t feel its changes, but this is not that freedom that a person is looking for. Animals and plants feel the past, present, and future to a particular degree, and even an inanimate stone has a record of what happened to it in the past.

Even though we are not aware of this sensation, the stone feels external influences on itself and somehow seems to perceive the past, present and future in some manner, according to its resistance to external influences.

So feeling only one of the three times indicates a loss of the sensation of life. This is not what is interesting, but rising above the feeling of past, present and future, and taking control of them is, meaning managing and controlling the processes that go through me. I need to clarify how I can manage and control the past, present, and future in the form of influences on me from an external source.

If I unite with this source and learn about it, then I will begin to control the three different times and become the master of time, the master of my life. I can move freely from the past to the present, to the future, and back from the future to the present and the past. I can completely rise above them and not be dependent upon them at all anymore.

I will change time myself and time will not change me. And all of this depends upon how I will be able to overcome my desire to receive, that organ through which I feel the changes of time. If I rise above my egoistic desire and become completely free from it, then I stop feeling the past, present, and future as my life.

The question can be asked, with what do I associate myself? I must know the entire timeline of the development of my desire: how it is created, how it is changed, and what form it must attain. To discover all of this, I must rise to another level called the plan of creation.

Every object in the world has its past, present, and future, meaning its cause and effect. I need to always refer to the cause, and then I will be able to easily investigate and see all the consequences. If I know the cause, then even though I don’t see the result as yet, I will already know what will happen. The future forms of all its results are already latent in their cause.

In this manner I reach the most important question about life: “Where is its origin? Where did I come from? What is a person? By whom was I created? What kind of force manages me and towards what goal does it lead?”

If I could answer all of these questions, I could manage and control my life and be liberated from the shackles of time.
From the program “A New Life” 4/17/2014

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