Awaken The Lower To Connect To The Upper

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you ask the Elyon (upper) for what is truly useful to you?

Answer: Ask the Elyon to let you know what it wants. This is the most certain, the most useful: “Make His desire your desire.” (Avot 2:4). But to make your desire like His desire, you must know what His desire is. So ask about this!

Question: But that doesn’t work!

Answer: I don’t know if you asked. Maybe you received, but didn’t understand that this was the answer.

Question: How do we identify the AHP de Elyon (vessels of reception of the upper)?

Answer: We begin to recognize the AHP de Elyon to the degree that we connect between us with our GE (vessels of reception). Then He gradually begins to be discerned. The AHP de Elyon doesn’t exist without the GE de Tachton (vessels of bestowal of the lower one), meaning without our connection. Only through our connection do we reach the concept of “One,” and accordingly we can create a link with the Elyon.

The Ten Sefirot on a lower level become one Sefira on a higher level. We must connect these ten into one.

Question: How do we make our GE want to connect?

Answer: Dissemination is required because this is mutual work. If you do not receive stimulation, a demand from below, then even though you have a spark, you can never awaken a connection with the Elyon.

As long as a man is not married, he still has not left childhood, he lives with his mother for pleasure, passes the time at a bar with friends or at the soccer field. But if he marries and has a child, then he has commitments, concerns, problems, and demands.

So in the same way, if we don’t go out to the Tachtonim (lower ones), to the community, and take them with us, meaning if we don’t produce spiritual children that require us to grow, then we’ll never want it. This is the order of the levels; they are all in GE and the AHP and fall to a lower level.

So if you want to connect to the Elyon, you must awaken the Tachton. Only the Tachton will compel you to connect to the Elyon; that is how this works. So The Book of Zohar was not revealed until our days, and the wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed because the time had not yet arrived for the Tachtonim to be awakened.

The moment that the Tachtonim become ready to be awakened, to the degree that we work with and awaken them, to this degree, we are required to rise to the Elyon. Otherwise there won’t be any demand on every level, only the GE, the Kelim (vessels) of bestowal.
From the preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/08/14

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